NCIS Los Angeles “The Frozen Lake” Promo

They became more than partners… but what is the price for crossing the line ??

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  1. Evi

    Ok, suddenly I find it hard to breath but let’s concentrate on the promo and leave the comments on the episode for the picture recap.

    The moment I saw the promo I thought of Sabatino’s quote from last season.

    “If you were my partner, I’d end up falling for you. Hard.Then what would I do? Good partners are hard to find. I need someone I can trust to have my back.I wouldn’t want to lose that. On the other hand,you’d also be the person I cared about more than anyone else in the world. And I’d never want to see you in jeopardy. So you couldn’t possibly be my partner. It’s a dilemma.”

    That’s exactly what happens here. Kensi expects from Deeks to act as a professional and take the necessary risks in order to take down the bad guys. Like Kensi did on the premiere even though we blames her for that.

    Obviously, his feelings get in the way and it becomes a problem. I hate that Kensi backs down so easily. She doesn’t even seem to fight for their relationship. Too bad cause I had faith in her!

    I noticed that Deeks is carrying a different gun when he is calling her name, than the one his is pointing at the bad guy later on.

    Anyway, it is going to be a really long week!!!!

    1. Kim

      There’s that mind reading thing again. I thought of Sabatino’s speech, too! Great bit of foreshadowing, NCIS:LA writers.

      I think this will be extremely hard on Kensi. I mean, it looks like she’s crying in the promo. I don’t think for a second that she wants to hit the brakes on this new relationship she and Deeks have started. But I do think she knows it’s necessary. Deeks is an emotional guy, but he’s never had a problem taking the shot before. But being in a relationship changes things. He’s not only putting Kensi at risk, but also Sam and Callen. The team needs to be mission ready and if Deeks can’t compartmentalize (to a point), then the team will suffer. They can’t go into a hostile situation wondering if Deeks is going to be able to do the job. There are obvious risks with being a federal agent. I think it’s valid to ask if Deeks is going to do anything incredibly risky and put everyone in danger because he’s dating Kensi. I think it’s realistic, which is why I’m ok with this storyline (unless Sabatino turns into a love interest for Kensi; then I will revolt). It’s not like Deeks killed her boyfriend in self defense and Kensi ended up being sent on a suicide mission by her father (coughNCIScough). I don’t think Kensi wants to put the brakes on things with Deeks. I think it will hurt her tremendously. But the safety of the team is important. And it looks like that will be in question. I also don’t think Kensi will choose to leave. I can see Hetty reassigning Kensi (temporarily) until she’s confident that things are ok on the whole. And Kensi has to follow orders. Beyond how Kensi and Deeks feel about each other romantically, they are stellar partners. Neither wants to give that up. The nagging question is can they work together and be together? Also, can the damage of one misstep be undone?

      I agree on the Hetty point someone made below. To me, she hadn’t really encouraged the relationship until the “sunshine and gunpowder” note. Before that, not much was said either way (except for the close quarters undercover op speech when they went undercover as a married couple in the ‘burbs). So the continuity is off a bit. Hetty vaguely brought up Deeks and Kensi to Nate, but still. It seems odd that she would seemingly push them toward each other/give her blessing in typical cryptic Hetty fashion, only to separate them later on.

      And yeah. Sam and Michelle. He was such a loose cannon when she was under with Siderov. But Hetty did try to stop him, and she was angry and disappointed with his actions. But Michelle doesn’t work with Sam every day, so…. Bit of a double standard.

      It’s going to be an uphill battle for Kensi and Deeks. I’m hoping no random love interests will be introduced. Too soap opera-ish for me. Unless it’s Jack, Kensi’s former fiancé. I think Kensi could use some closure with that. I guess we’ll see what happens. I have to say, though I think it’s realistic and well done to this point, I’m not jumping up and down over this reassignment and whatever story lines come with it. I just don’t want anyone to pop up and ruin things for them. I think there’s enough drama and enough things to figure out with Sabatino putting the moves on Kensi or something. Kensi responding to said moves would totally ruin her character for me.

      1. Evi

        Haha great minds think alike!

        You are absolutely right about Sam. He has done some risky things throughout the series on order to protect his wife. Last time he escaped from the hospital ( yeah yeah I know Deeks followed him but he did it to get closure. It was different).

        I also agree that Kensi doesn’t want to hit the breaks. I try to keep my expectations low cause I’ve siad before I expect this kind of behavior from Deeks. Ι can’t explain why….I just do.

        But if Kensi does hit the breaks it better be for a damn good reason or else I am going to be pissed at her.

        The first time I got the impression Hetty was “shipping” them was during season two. In the episode where she told her that she should consider retiring at some point since she might want to go home to more than a collection of weapons. Then she tols her about men, “sometimes you find them, sometimes they find you. You just have to keep your eyes open”…and in walks Deeks.

        THAT was the moment for me.

        Cintia don’t worry. I don’t think anything is going to happen between Kensi and Sabatino. It would be completely out of character and against her beliefs.
        On the other hand, Jack is the one we should be worried about.Like someone said Kensi needs and deserves closure!

        I am really curious to see who gives up on their relationship and whose decision it is to split them.

        1. Kim

          I didn’t love how last season focused on Sam. I’ve enjoyed his character more this season, though (Excluding the first episode when the first thing he asked Deeks when the cavalry showed up was if he gave up Michelle. Um, hello. Poor guy was just tortured. Maybe you could’ve led with a “are you ok?” before accusing him of giving up your wife.). But it has been shown in the past that Sam loses his mind when it comes to his family. I guess it’s different when you work together every day, though.

          I totally forgot about the scene with Hetty! I can see the subtext in that scene; Hetty hinting at Kensi to take a chance on Deeks. I can also see how people like me might have missed it since it wasn’t quite so blatant. To go from the “sunshine and gunpowder” moment to openly questioning their partnership to Nate is perplexing. The continuity took a left turn for me. I understand why Hetty would split them up (team safety), but it’s hard to reconcile her being seemingly supportive of Kensi and Deeks getting together and then pulling the partnership plug. Hetty knows all. How she didn’t see this coming is beyond me.

          I think Kensi shutting things down will be for logical reasons. She doesn’t want to risk anyone’s life in the field if Deeks can’t separate their partnership on the job from their relationship off the job. How could they live with themselves if something bad happened to Callen or Sam because of their relationship? I think her frustration, and probably her biggest concern all along, has to do with whether they can work together and be together. I would be frustrated too. Deeks finally takes that step, Kensi is ready to start something, they get together officially, and bam! Biggest fears realized. Maybe they can’t do both. That has to tear Kensi’s heart out. And Deeks. They love their work partnership and don’t want to jeopardize it. Or put anyone’s life in danger. But neither are willing to give up being agents, that’s what their meant to do. Plus, we wouldn’t have as good a show if Deeks went back to LAPD. I can see Kensi stepping on the brakes temporarily; trying to see if some time and space will help Deeks compartmentalize. I don’t think she would flat out end things. But temporary time and space is plausible. Who knows, though? Anything can happen. It’s possible Hetty pulls the plug on the partnership before Kensi and Deeks can figure out a way to make a relationship work. Maybe Hetty feels some time and space are necessary. I guess we’ll see next week.

          1. Evi

            I have to admit I was never really a fan of Sam, mostly because of the way he mistreated Deeks. Just like you said, during the premiere poor guy was literally spitting blood and instead of thanking him for saving his life twice or simply checking on him, all he cares about is if he gave in. Not fair Sam!!!!

            Hetty confuses me and I find myself questioning her choices some times. Deeks and Kensi already spent almost 4 months apart and Deeks reached rock bottom. Does she really think that splitting them again is the best idea?

            I honestly don’t think that boyfriend Deeks will be any different than partner Deeks. Even if nothing had happened between them I strongly believe he would still hesitate to take that shot.

            I just hope they give us a few happy couply moments before tearing our worlds apart. We deserve it.

            By the way, why was Kensi with Deeks at 8am in the morning? Work starts at 9:30. Besides lunch and dinner they now share breakfast as well? Awwww!!!!!

          2. Kim

            I agree that Hetty’s reaction is confusing. But I do get where she’s coming from. She has to protect and do what’s right for her whole team, not just Kensi and Deeks. It’s possible Hetty will just tell them flat out that they can’t be partners if they’re in a relationship (I hope that doesn’t happen, though). Or maybe Hetty will separate them so they can get some perspective and work things out without endangering the other members of the team or themselves. It’s true that Kensi and Deeks work best together, but there was so much else going on during those four months they were apart. Though Kensi was annoyed and worried about him while on the job, she was still good at being on the job. And Deeks was a mess for entirely different reasons. Though he did start to come out of hibernation when Kensi stopped by, I also think Nate helped a little bit when he told Deeks he wasn’t crazy. They do work better with each other than with other people. I just think there was more going on than just their separation that made things hard during those four months.

            Most agencies (or so I’ve heard) don’t like partners dating. They’re okay with dating in house, just not dating within the same team. I think this is a good example of why. I agree that Deeks hasn’t had a problem “taking the shot” before in regards to Kensi. Sometimes the more emotional/relationship part of people is louder than the focused/partnership part in tense situations. He always had something to lose if Kensi got hurt. Now he has more to lose. No one wants to make a mistake when their partner’s life is on the line. Even less so when it’s the person they’re dating. I don’t think anyone can predict how they’ll react until they’re put in a life or death situation. Yes, it seems out of character for Deeks to be that emotional. I just don’t think it’s that out of character for anyone. Of the two, he’s always seemed more emotional to me than Kensi. Though him not taking the shot might not be probable, I think it’s more than possible.

            I agree about the cute, couple-y moments. Yes, please. And I think they carpool in together, don’t they? They might spend more time together than most married couples. 🙂

  2. Lumy_Mee

    These two had a sexual tension going on for too long. Many times you need to address that before you can talk things through. I guess it’s the case here. Geting too protective of each other is a big issue, and they kind of have been doing it for a while – Kensi with her speech about safaty when he got the bike, him now freaking out when she is in danger – there is nothing normal in a relationship under their circumstances. I automatically thought of Sam and his wife, who after all these years, still have issue when one of them is in danger – they work for different agencies, so that they minimise the impact they can have on each other’s mission. When their missions crossed, it was quite bad for them as well. So precedent shows there are little chances to make such a relationship work while also being partners. It’s not just about who Kensi is as a person, or about Deeks ability to make it work, it is something above any of them. And I guess Hetty knows and will not stand by and watch them killed.

  3. Evi

    I agree with you Lumy but Hetty should have known something like this might happen.
    She can’t encourage them and then tear them apart.

    Also, Kensi should have expected such behavior from Deeks. Once again, I love her character but she can’t ask for more and then when the slightest difficulty appears run away.

    We don’t know what actually happens so I won’t say anything more.

    By the way, why the hell is she throwing knives? Did she injure her arm maybe and can’t shoot a gun?

  4. Lumy_Mee

    Well, the knife throwing might have something to do with training for a mission – there is a picture with some knives from one of the episodes shot ‘in the dessert’.
    I guess Kensi is less complicated than we would like her to be 🙂 She just wanted Deeks to say he wanted her and she just complied 🙂

  5. Sosou

    It’s a little bit easy to already saying that Kensi don’t want to fight or juste played with Deeks with just one line in the promo. She seem very affected. It’s going to be painful :'(

    One think I’m sure, if Callen or Hetty decides to send Kensi away just because Deeks don’t give the shot, they will be bastards.
    How many times Callen did something wrong or put the team in danger ? And Sam and Michelle, he escaped from prison against Hetty’s order to protect Michelle and the only think he had is “go home and spend time with your family” Oo
    I really hope there’s more than just that to explain the decision.

  6. Evi

    I agree with you Sosou. It’s best not to jump into conclusions cause we did the same with the dinner and we were wrong.

    At first I feared Kensi would be the one to chose to go away. But according to JPK Deeks will be surprised by Hetty’s decision that he never saw coming. I can only assume it is Kensi’s reassigment.

    By now both Hetty should know better than split her team. Last time she did that two of her agents were almost killed. And this time it is worse cause Kensi won’t be having one of her own team members to have her back. (Granger doesn’t count!!!!)

    She seems genuinely sad when Kensi ways it doesn’t work out. Like you I just hope it is something more “serious” and believable than not taking that shot.

  7. Cintia

    Hi girls !!!! Actually I loved the episode 9!!!!! the final scene was worth watching kensi thought I was going to go back……… but eventually got up and followed her after deeks!!!! spend the night together????on the other hand saw the episode 10 promo!!!! to do is look in a sweet and tender, but something goes wrong and start reeplantear kensi what happened and says it will not work!!!! so fast give up!!!! and then goes on and sabatino granger Afganistan!!!! I hope nothing happens with sabatino not think it is of those women who goes from one he did what he did then!!!!!!

  8. Lumy_Mee

    SB said that this struggle of Deeks and Kensi will turn into a tsunami that will deeply affect the whole team. JPK teased that in the next episode Sam and Callen will be close to be cut by a blade, so I assume there will be some dramatic consequences that will call for dramatic measures 🙁

  9. debbie

    They better not take kensi off the show….her and deeks make a great pair…..I for one like them….Don’t be stupid

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