NCIS Los Angeles “The Livelong Day” Picture Recap by @sindee303

Told ya: Don’t text and drive !!

You can never be too careful when Mercury is in retrograde…

Note to self: Make a list/gallery with Eric and his whistles…

Of course she’s messing… it’s Hetty !!

Jeremy is *just* doing his job.

The rolling stone gathers no moss.

The king of the jungle and the unicorn’s inbred cousin talk horoscope…

Just when you thought this was the most hilarious Densi scene of the ep…

… THIS happens !!


Densi waiting for their own little BOOM.

Shiny, bling-bling NO boom…

Good kid or bad kid ??

Deeks’ new partner has his back…
[Anyone else wondered when they retrieved the guys gun ??]


Aww… a Callen hug…
*counts 1,2,3*
OK, lady, now let go of him !! I mean it…
[Sorry my inner fangirl took over !!]

A Densi sing-along: You have the right to remain silent…

Sam: Mercury’s a bitch, ain’t it ??

What was your favorite scene ?? Did I miss any good ones ?? Leave a comment with your thoughts about the ep… Thanks !!

15 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “The Livelong Day” Picture Recap by @sindee303

  1. Richtsje

    Hihi, loved your fangirl-remark in there 🙂 #mythoughts
    Just watched the episode and I liked it. There were funny parts & banter in it, really liked Deeks in his cover this time.
    Wondered though – would need to rewatch, if it was only the fake Al-Quaida remark that made it a NCIS case?

    1. Jess

      I think the thing that made this an NCIS investigation was because of the arabic comment heard over the radio, and the intelligence they already had from other sources of overseas attacks on trains, they had to treat this case in the same way. If you understand what I’m trying to say 🙂
      They had to make sure it wasn’t actually an attack and related to what was happening in other countries; that’s why the team were involved!

    2. LasiaMsinred

      My girls! This hug lasted too long. I needed to see when they parted because who knows,maybe they stood there for a few minutes?!! **breaks my crazy fangirlheart”* We need a time limit for #Callenhugs
      I’m blaming Mercury for everything that goes wrong from now on 😉

  2. Evi

    Even though it felt like a “filler” episode I really enjoyed it. Probably because of all the banter scenes.

    Once again no vissible signs of PTSD but we managed to learn a few things about Deeks. When he was talking about all the pros of his horoscope, it felt more like he was trying to promote himself to Kensi. especially the way he empasized the word loyal.

    The fact that Deeks always wanted a train was also interesting. I wonder who kept buying him Thomas. Was it his mom?

    I absolutely loved their undercover from the beginning till the end.I know a lot of fans judge Kensi’s attitude towards Deeks but I kinda have to defend her. Even though Deeks pretends to be fine, she knows deep down inside that he is acually not. Therefore there is no way she will bring up the kiss or cause any pressure on him cause she fears how he might react.

    So she just acts like nothing happened and everything is back to normal until he is ready to sit and talk. When the much anticipated dinner scene arrives and Deeks opens up but Kensi still holds back her feeling, then yes….that would be unacceptable and unforgivable.

    Was it me or did Kensi use a whole lot of touching on Deeks during the episode? She held him, pushed him, grabbed him in ever possible chance!

    I love Deeks actions scenes. I wonder why they don’t have more of those. He looks amazing when he fights.

    The sequence on the train was great but felt a bit hurried. Not exactly what I espected but it was good.

    Oh Hetty, once again messing with Deeks and stealing/ruining his precious toy. Not cool!

  3. justdreaming-83

    Again, great choices for the picture recap, sindee!!! (Except the first one sort of made me cringe all over again. Poor guy saw “it” coming.)

    Deeks is hilarious when he gets on one of his kicks and expects everyone just to hop on board. And even if they did believe in the same hocus-pocus stuff and cockamamie ideas, they’d never admit to it. They have too much fun messing with him. Oh, and did Deeks really do what I think he did? He FLUSHED Kensi??? That may have actually been a good payback for her goat comments, though.

    The gray-headed lady scene was great. Even Deeks thought the degree of macing was excessive. I was just glad she didn’t accidently mace Deeks. He’s already had his turn in a previous episode.

    Loved the Sam/Callen banter in the beginning. G just isn’t the “roots” kind of guy and Sam sure enjoys reminding him of it.

    I may have read too much into it, but when the mother was talking about how the son had always wanted to work as a train engineer, and how he had devoted his whole life to becoming that, Sam had a look of understanding. I think it was in “The Only Easy Day” that he gave Callen a similar talk about becoming a SEAL.

    And yeah, sindee. There SHOULD be a time limit on the Callen hugs. Since it was merely a “happy hug,” and the mom was just relieved her son didn’t blow up and all, I’ll excuse the writers this time.

  4. Domingo

    This was another fun episode, Sam and Callen were on form with the banter, Kensie and Deeks were good together under cover, like Deeks in glasses, and the scene in the loo was fun.

    Mitch’s room with all the trains looke like my brothers loft, a complete railway set up, only with UK classic steam engines, and it all works.

    I liked that it was out of office action, and the use of trains made it different.

  5. BH72

    For a fan whose not seen the episode yet, I really appreciate the picture recap. Thanks for the laughs, without revealing too much away.

  6. Jericho Steele

    Am I imagining it or did Deeks give Kensi a ‘wet-willie’ while she was trying to talk to the woman in the other stall?

    Overall, I thought it was a good episode: it had all the traditional elements – Sam and Callen’s banter about the ‘rolling stone’, Deeks giving Kensi the ‘ram’ aspect to file away for a rainy day, a bit of Deeks’ history came out, Hetty being … well, Hetty.

    Part of me is a little disappointed that the writers seem to have Deeks slipping back into the ‘class clown’ of the show. I know he is the basic comic relief but sometimes it looks like that is all he is used for and that’s a waste of the character he has become.

    And if they don’t address the state of his PTSD soon … I fear a huge blowup down the road.

    And Callen gets a little female attention and you ladies freak … really? It was a moment that called for a hug … let it go, just let it go.

    I hope Hetty didn’t break Deeks’ locamotive … she’s already taken enough of his toys.

    Semper Fi

  7. SD

    The episode had two highlights for me.

    The Train Sequence all reminded me of the movie Broken Arrow.

    And the other highlight was that Deeks and Kensi after 6 episodes into season 5 after their kiss, actually are not only comfortable with each other, their flirting is not just limited to resorting to verbal affronts, but they are also being physically comfortable with each other. Like last episode, they still could tease each other but very subtly and without looking into each other’s eyes while talking. However in this episode, they have no bar kind of interaction with each other. The flirting did become physical and to an extent permissible dirty talk. But what was more interesting to me was Deeks gesturing Kensi to come close to watch from the glass what he was looking(@jeremy). He actually trustingly calls her and holds her like she would listen to him, then later Kensi puts her hand over Deeks back when they are cuffing Bellamy at the Bus Stand. They looked very very comfortable away from Callen and Sam, away from Bull Pen and Ops room eyes. They were doing their job and also enjoying each other’s company as if that was altogether a different plane.

    And I am with you there Sindee. Even I was asking out loud, who is going to pick up Bellamy’s gun 🙂

    And I forget…the greatest emotional moment to me was the mother hugging Callen. There was so much I felt for that mother and son, who were so apart and so instead the mother hugs the nearest person available and the son just watches the mother. To think of it, although Mitch broke the law, I did feel upset that had to do his prison term for violations ..and so what happens to his life long ambition to become the engineer and his passion for trains. Hope he gets his job back. Callen was such a support there. Loved the scene.

  8. Carrie

    I liked this episode! I love “Geek Deeks”! I love that he “flushed Kensi. I held my breath when the train was coming at Sam, despite knowing that he would of course not die.

    Did anyone else notice the obsessive way Deeks was straightening his desk at the beginning? While it was probably due to Mercury being in retrograde, I thought that there might be an underlying meaning to it… maybe a symptom of ptsd?

    I know that we haven’t seen much recovery wise of Deeks and Sam, but I honestly think its coming. I think they have been dropping tid bits here and there all along. Deeks and his danger, his constant new thing he latches onto. The over class clowning, the rambling. Sam seems way to light hearted right now too! he’s been over forgiving of Deeks and I just don’t think that despite him owing Deeks everything that he can suddenly be bff’s. I can see Deeks being injured or go missing in an episode and Sam just losing it. HE did say to Callen that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen if he breaks again.

  9. Shelia

    It was a fun little episode for our guys, not so much for the guy getting ran over by the train. That was a real bummer.

    But our team was on point thru out the entire episode. Deeks and Kensi really shined on this one. Their undercover stint as FRA agents was so funny, especially the bathroom scene. Deeks flushing Kensi was such a perfect example of his humor along with his stroking her ear as the woman in the next stall was talking to her. Classic stuff.

    The explosion at the apartment was a little close for Sam and Callen, though Sam’s bomb finding at the end was way to close and a bit unbelievable to me. That entire series of stuff with the train was such an “Unstoppable” thing.

    As for the hug, well it was a motherly hug so I didn’t get too upset. Believe me I would have held on even longer.

  10. Trastina

    Did anyone else think that there was a possible “dig” being made at Matthew Gruber’s character on Criminal Minds? Deeks was acting very Dr. Reed-ish and even his character name was Matthew? Coincidental? Either way, I still thought it was funny and liked the episode.

    I agree with everyone else too that they need to address the PTSD issue. Bringing Nate back for one episode wasn’t good enough for me.

  11. DF

    Anybody else notice Nell’s new hairdo? I may be just a guy, but I like it a whole lot better than her usual look.

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