NCIS Los Angeles “Three Hearts” Picture Recap By @sindee303

Welcome to this week’s picture review of NCIS Los Angeles episode ‘Three Hearts’ – written by Dave Kalstein & Kyle Harimoto and directed by Diana Valentine !!

"Suit Guy" carrying a surfboard is... interesting...

“Suit Guy” carrying a surfboard is… interesting…

WOAH... 'homie' really seems to like his watch...

WOAH… ‘homie’ really seems to like his watch…

Wow, that  must be a special 'watch'...

And gone he is…

The Knife... The Hair... The Box... and The Banter... Formidable Densi opening !!

The Knife… The Hair… The Box… and The Banter… Formidable Densi opening !!

to beale (verb) [bealed, bealing] 1. to interrupt colleagues in untimely moments

to beale (verb) [bealed, bealing] 1. to interrupt colleagues in untimely moments

to beale (verb) [bealed, bealing] 2. to spill out geeky words that need explanation to the colleagues

to beale (verb) [bealed, bealing] 2. to spill out geeky words that need explanation to the colleagues

Awesome undercover job by Callen & Sam !!

Awesome undercover job by Callen & Sam !!

"He's one of ours."

He’s one of ours.

"Just let me get this right. Angelo is hanging out with the bosses stone-cold fox wife at 8 AM?"

Just let me get this right. Angelo is hanging out with the bosses stone-cold fox wife at 8 AM?

Cuffs are still *right*  here...

Cuffs are still *right* here…

Feather vs Hammer "I shot Angelo with simms. I bet when he's looking at his bruises later - he won't be thinking 'feather'."

Feather vs Hammer
I shot Angelo with simms. I bet when he’s looking at his bruises later – he won’t be thinking ‘feather’.”

'Covert' Bromance... Awesome !! Finding out that Michelle was the one choking someone at a Little League Game ?? HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

‘Covert’ Bromance… Awesome !!
Finding out that Michelle was the one choking someone at a Little League Game ?? HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

"Well, he's a valuable asset I tolerate as long as he's on our side." "IS HE ??"

Well, he’s a valuable asset I tolerate as long as he’s on our side.
IS HE ??

"He owns that room." "Yeah, he's good."

He owns that room.
Yeah, he’s good.

The Three Hearts story and Kensi figuring out he showed his third heart...

The Three Hearts story and Kensi figuring out he showed his third heart…



"Do you feel like it's working for you?"

Do you feel like it’s working for you?

Woah... Kensi & Deeks questioning Hetty's call...

Woah… Kensi & Deeks questioning Hetty’s call…

"... you would be the reason it happened in the first place."

You would be the reason it happened in the first place.



"Lemme switch this one out." "Switchy-switch." Brunson's got a deathwish, huh ?? ;)

Lemme switch this one out.
Brunson’s got a deathwish, huh ?? 😉

"I'm the one who cuts the strings."

I’m the one who cuts the strings.

"Smells like you two have adapted each others hygiene habits."

Smells like you two have adapted each others hygiene habits.

"I won't forget this." "I know."

I won’t forget this.
I know.

More an UNsafe word, huh ??

More an UNsafe word, huh ??

"You do that? You better kill me."

You do that? You better kill me.

"Don't do it."

Don’t do it.

"Welcome back."

Welcome back.

"I'd rather put a bullet in your skull and dump you in the ocean."

I’d rather put a bullet in your skull and dump you in the ocean.

"Yeah, you walk. Your freedom - that's another matter entirely."

Yeah, you walk. Your freedom – that’s another matter entirely.

"What makes you think you're going to see me again?" "You owe me your life. And I ALWAYS collect on my debts."

What makes you think you’re going to see me again?
You owe me your life. And I ALWAYS collect on my debts.

Nice bromance ending scene !!

Nice bromance ending scene !!

So, it's two steps forward an one step back ??

So, it’s two steps forward an one step back ??

It's a Matryoshka Box !! AWESOME !!

It’s a Matryoshka Box !! AWESOME !!

"Beginning of the end?" "End of the beginning."

Beginning of the end?
End of the beginning.

So, what do YOU think about this episode ?? Let us know in the comments…
Please be respectful of others opinion… we all LOVE the show and are all #NCISLAFamilia !!

47 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Three Hearts” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. blue dogs rock!!!!!

    callen and sam’s bromance is AWESOME.
    paul angelo the ncis guy should know you NEVER cross hetty!!!
    hetty & granger scenes are always good to watch
    deeks & kensi still have very long &bumpy road ahead of them??
    great that daniela ruah is back

  2. Sosou

    I just watched it, and I liked it.
    It’s not a big step forward like a lot off people wants, the NCIS LA youtube account talks about “a step back on their relationship to put their job as a priority.”. But I still see this episode like a little step forward.

    Deeks is always the one to push but he’s also scared, very scared, to blow up everything. And after what happened in Afghanistan, even more than before.
    For the first time they talked, just after the interrogation, it was a real talk. Kensi kind of openly talked about her feelings like she never do. Deeks lets her see what he is afraid of.
    I really like the fact that, for once, they questionned Hetty’s call, Kensi’s first. She was the one protecting Deeks in a way, for once she was the one trying to make this work. It’s a big step !

    She definitely acknowledged their thing. Deeks doesn’t know what to do next, He seems kind of lost ( what I can understand ), now it’s Kensi’s turn to make a move, that’s how I see the return of the knife. Kensi’s face when he did it was hearthbraking, she was thinking it was a breakup until Deeks line about the raccons.
    He’s not giving up on them, but everything is a mess right now, and they need time. There is hope, and she decides to make a move.

    Three hearts, probably three boxes. Deeks already show her his second heart. Now, with the opening of the ‘first’ boxes, for me it’s like saying him that she lets him see her second heart. She acknowledged her feelings, that’s a big step.

    I wanted the two of them to be on the same page at the end, and … the two of theme were smiling at the end.

    It’s the end of the “There is no thing” part, a new journey is starting for them 🙂

    1. Silaussie

      I really appreciate your comment!! This is exactly what I was thinking after watching the show =D

  3. fff

    Ok, the racoon line by Deeks, did he mean the mating for life him and Kensi, or Kensi and Jack?

    I kinda feel, that he is backing up from the whole thing, which i expected more from Kensi to be honest.

    1. Sosou

      For me clearly for them ! Jack is the past.
      He’s not ready yet, but they are soulmate. They will find the right time and the right place.

      I was excepting him to backing up too after what happened in Afghanistan. He tortured a man because of her, it’s not an easy thing to handle

      1. dby

        I do not usually comment but I cannot, not do so here. I too think that what was brought out of Deeks in Afghanistan has something (among many) to do with his decision here, however he DID NOT torture the man because of Kensi Blye! He tortured the man because, as was said so truly via the writer of Spoils of War, the character of Deeks, along with courage and kindness, and humour, also has a lot of rage. We are all complex people and we all have good and bad. Rage in people is looking to find an excuse to express itself. With all that is not said about Deeks character, it is clear that he has had rage long before he ever heard the name Kensi Blye (re his choice of Max Gentry as an undercover character). To say that she made him torture that guy is to lay a blame at the feet of the wrong person and the wrong thing; it is to give an excuse where non should be given.

        1. Sosou

          She didn’t made him torture the guy. But he was in such an intense rage at this moment because he tought she was dead, because she’s the person he cares the most on the planete.
          Like he said “You would be the reason it happened in the first place.“

          I would like to see them talking to Sam, searching some advice

  4. VirtualFriend

    Good episode, unfortunately the Densi story line is becoming a drag, Tiva v2!
    While the acknowledgement of ‘their thing’ by Callen (“Your partner is still a slob?” and “You two adapted each other hygiene habits”) was refreshing after so many episodes (90+?) of going back and forth, shippers have to hope for the content of the other box as Kensi walked away smiling…
    Really writers? We have to settle for another 30+ (duration of the 1st box) episodes? Maybe I misread some of the scenes but I’m tired to watch the ‘will they, won’t they’. One step ahead, two steps back… This concept has been stretched into the absurd by the mothership NCIS.

    SB, he gave us Densi and now he takes it away (at least for some time) and shippers have to restart the longing. From a commercial point of view smart to do so, it will give the writers at least two or even more seasons to fill with the occasional flirtations and mixed feelings (more drama).
    Kensi and Deeks should move on in their personal lives. Imo it is not believable being their age (and good looks) they will keep ‘our thing’ alive without moving forward.

    The suggested “Ross and Rachel (Friends)” partnership or the mentioned “wonderful friendship” (by DR) is not going to work for me because (a) Friends is a comedy and not a semi real action drama, (b) the profile of an NCIS agent does imo not fit this kind of partnership (more or less confirmed in Ep 3/21 – Kensi and Deeks realise that in their line of business there is no time to waist)…
    As far as the ‘wonderful friendship’ goes, was it ECO who said not so long ago “there is no going back after what happened between them”? In this context I’m disappointed in Deeks, pulling back from ‘their thing’ short after Kensi has been captured and abused in Afghanistan. Returning the knife, you could see how disappointed kensi was, not cool!

    I want to be entertained with a believable (sub)story development, not fooled with the current Densi story line. It was a nice run watching Densi, unfortunately for me it ends here.

    1. sarah

      I totally agree.
      Nice show, but been there, done that, no thank you anymore…


    2. Fenix

      Totally agree VirtualFriend.

      Densi part, was over burned like hell.
      Agent Angelo better then shrink?
      Hahaha, no way!
      Hetty need Kensi and Deeks interviewed him for some “reason”?
      And that Angelo’s interrogation… o boy, awkward.
      Hah, very embarrassing coincidence.

      What is in the box?
      Another fricking box!
      Wait for open it, another milion episodes?
      No way!

      If writers very soon don’t find way, how to put this “thing” out, AND GROW IT UP, they burn Densi.
      When it working in “Castle” show, then why they have fear here?
      Hope 5X22 “One more chance” explain everything.
      I really hope…

      I know, for commercial is good, I understand.
      But anyway, go in hell with commercial!

      And if happen season finale, like cliffhanger, they really piss me off!

      I read much better Densi stories at fanfiction site (
      More humor, action, love, pain, joy, drama, romance…

      I stay watch, but…if I want something better, I have to read fanfiction.
      Sorry writers, but that’s yours fault (and executive producers of course as well)!

      Episode: 5,5/10
      Densi: -34/10

      1. vasohara

        one more chance has nothing to do with densi !they want densi funs stay tune for season 6 sadly, so don’t have expectations you will disappoint!

  5. Spokoze

    5 x 21 – Three Hearts was a nicely paced episode featuring some great work from LL and COD. As often is the case we didn’t see much from Eric and Nell. Just wasn’t enough time. Hetty, the ‘strings cutter,’ put forth a masterful effort and there was something reassuring about the lack of contention with Granger.

    Mr Angelo was a complicated character. Not sure what the whole cuff thing was all about—who uses cuff’s like those anymore AND who would cuff a subject of any kind, friend or foe in front anyway?

    Bringing me to Densi. The problem with 5 x 21 is that there are only three episodes remaining in Season 5; The likelihood we will have a ‘cliff hanger’ to chew on till late September sucks because it’s not like the abundance needs to bite some hook to be sure they all come back in the fall. Am way into every aspect of this show. I even like Granger. But it’s not even close–Kensi and Deeks make this show for me.

    Angelo wrestling with his feelings and intertwining his undercover life and grasp on reality didn’t break Kensi for on second and I applaud that. Deeks,is a different person and surely as such is aloud to react differently.

    Angelo’s words might have tested Deeks—but not more than that DEA agent sniffin’ him and her femininity in proximity to him–and no more than Deeks belief that Thapa would do the right thing.
    Deeks doesn’t specifically know Kensi was saying, “Goodnight Deeks” on a cold cot late at night half a world away. But he wouldn’t be surprised……
    Okay, maybe he is a little out of balance with a work place relationship—but now wanting to put career before Kensi??
    Deeks is more centered than he appeared in this episode.
    Were some good–and very long waited for Densi scenes.
    More please!
    The challenge the writers have going forward in my mind is moving them closer with out drama—-and giving the audience implied intimacy/relationship.
    Kensi and Deeks have the strength that comes from knowing that, ‘There Thing’ is real, rooted in attraction that goes all the way back to the episode where Deeks joined the show.
    They know.
    Kensi didn’t even struggle calling it, ‘Our Thing.”
    They’re way past that.
    We don’t need to see them rubbing noses–but we do need to see the writers overcoming the challenges & the evolution of this relationship they gave us.

  6. Brandi

    I haven’t seen this anywhere on Twitter or reviews so I may be alone in this opinion… but where they are talking about sports bras/Superman underwear, the way Deeks said “I didn’t need to tell you that” seemed to imply that she already knew what kind of underwear he wore and her awkward “OK” seemed to acknowledge that.


  7. Densishipper

    As I expected some Kensi and Deeks – it was pretty intense and ending was voilaa, I liked it actually, what there not to like ?

    I liked Callen/Sam bromance + Sam as a badass again ! Lovely

    Callen’s remarks to Kensi and Deeks were remarkable haha , made ma gigggle .

  8. Wessi

    First – I liked this episode.
    But I expected a whole lot more after the afghanistan story and what it does with the characters. What happened between 5×19 and 5×20 and 5×21 ?? It’s like the episode were just put together in a rigid way. The “overarching story”, which was intense in the beginning of the season seems to be missing at the moment.

    Nothing to say about Hetty and here mission to put Kensi and all other agents in danger because she didn’t tell anyone anything?
    Nothing to say what happened between Deeks and Kensi after the heartbreaking hug in afghanistan and next day at the office? She was a prisoner of war and only a few days later she got back to work and act like she has never left? Does Deeks know what Kensi has been through in afghanistan? I could write some more questions…but enough.

    I really hope we get to see something of that in the next episodes and it’s not like “you have to read between the lines/episodes” because there isn’t anything to read. Each of the last two episodes were great but not as I expected.

    1. densidream

      That’s right! I also felt like they left the whole aftermath out from the Afghanistan storyline. This episode didn’t feel like the second after they came back but more like the sixth at least!
      I was counting down until the 18/19th ep to see what the big revelation and its consequences were, and then we only got Jack (which everybody was already guessing) and no impact of the whole torture/prison-of-war thing on the characters. Kensi just seems to have overcome it. But I’m also thinking, maybe that’s just a facade and she’ll have a breakdown in the finale or something which brings everyone in danger? Sure would make for a great finale.

      1. Wessi

        Yepp I really hope so. Some weeks ago I read in an article about some upcoming flashbacks with new revelations about afghanistan “in following episodes”. Would be very disappointing if this remains hidden…

  9. Evi

    I won’t analyse the whole episode….I’ll just stick to the last scene.
    I am so angry at Deeks because I simply can’t understand or justify his sudden fear. Kensi has been through a lot and the last thing she needs is another man walking away from her.
    And then that line about raccons…what I read from it was “Even though we can’t be together, I am madly in love with you and you will always be the woman of my life.”

    I am too pissed at Deeks and I will probably say something I will regret, so I will allow myself to blow some steam and come back once I am calm.

  10. Zeina

    Callen,Sam and Hetty were gorgeous in this ep. Congs !!!!! Mr. Writers because we couldn’t understand anything about Kensi and Deeks. Will they Good or not. Will their thing continue or not.will Hetty Good with their thing or not.

  11. Sol

    I’m surprised.
    My first thought was: ok, writers wanted to show us this horrible thing with Jack, his wife, child, and whole life away from poor ex-fiancé Kensi, without a note, a message, a postcard for her. (What a selfish man).
    So we’ll accept the fact that Kensi will need time without Deeks.
    That was my thought.

    But if it’s Deeks the problem, many fans won’t accept that. Maybe they’ll be a little bit angry, like he’s abandoning her. I don’t know. Strange moment for Densi.
    We’ll see, we’ll see.

    But I’m not angry at all. Yes, I still think it’d be better the “kensi needs time to heal thing”, but I love these two guys, and I can wait. I love them as partners, friends and lovers.
    And their relationship is not like Tiva’s, imo.
    Tony loved Jeanne, madly, then E.J. Barrett.
    Ziva loved Michael, then Ray. Almost became his wife.
    In almost every season, they were in love with someone.
    Deeks and Kensi no. Ok, in the future they’ll probably talk about a girl or a guy they’re dating, (they’re not monks!), but I don’t think we’ll ever see them. Just irrelevant dates.

    I think that in the next episodes and seasons, writers will show us some sweet and brief moments between Deeks and Kensi, made of banter, smiles, little silences, just let us know that Densi is still there and growing. But without entire episodes about them.

    Maybe it’s the only thing they can do in an action series. Because many many fans want action more than romance. And writers must respect all the fans.
    Anyway, we have these two wonderful characters, and as DR said, they’ll try to make them different from Tony and Ziva. They perfectly know what happened with Tiva.
    And I want to trust DR when she says they’ll give us an answer for detective Deeks and agent Blye. And not too late.

    I want to believe. 🙂


  12. vasohara

    great recap like always!good looking angelo ouaou!but the WORST densi episode EVER!SALUTE!

  13. JA

    Excuse me, in what exatly is this densi thing different from tiva? I don’t think it is. It’s the same old story. It would be somthing New if they end to be togheter and , at least , one of them leave the team just because of this. Because he or she decided to go away from the team to be a couple in life.

    1. Sol

      Tiva had no boxes, no “our thing” to speak about.
      No “I wanna be at my place right now, with you”, (sex or not).
      I understand what you mean, really. You think they’ll be different only when they’ll be a couple, but this is my opinion. For me Densi is already different from Tiva for all these little and very sweet things. And for all these things I love, love Deeks and Kensi much more than Tony and Ziva. And I can wait.


      1. VirtualFriend

        Tiva V2 is used (by myself at least) as a metaphor.
        SB told TV Guide that fans will have to wait for season 6 to see more of the relationship between Deeks and Kensi…
        This means that Densi is by then in its fifth season, no closure in sight.
        From a commercial point of view smart to do so, it will give the writers at least two or even more seasons to fill with the occasional flirtations and mixed feelings (more drama).

        Great for DR and CEO to capitalize their on-screen chemistry. For me as ‘shipper’ its an annoying lack of development. Most people will stay tuned anyway, as long as there are 15+ million viewers SB will go ahead as planned. It’s all about the numbers.

      2. JA

        I like them too, deeks is my favourite carachter, but I remember that in an interview the writer or anyone spoke about their relationship as something new and very different… So I was expecting much more.
        And is that “a talk”? Mmm
        Bah, I don’t know.
        I’m a bit disapointed. 🙂

  14. Buffy

    It was o.k. As a stand alone epp. Not going to be a favorite, but they can’t all be.
    Hetty is just bugging me, seems to just do things because she can and for no real purpose.
    I think Deeks realized in that interview that he was much more invested than Kensi is, she has not shown Him any of her hearts, oh blah blah, Kensi has been hurt etc. his former partner/lover was blown up for Pete’s sake, he had to shoot his father, so he is just as fragile as she is but so far he is the one pursuing their thing, and has to drag it out of her that there is a thing. Next move clearly hers. And she opened the box.
    He had the knife because he never got to givevit back after he went undercover, she did not leave it with him to look after, Deeks just held on to it because it is hers.
    I would like to get back to stopping the bad guys, maybe more about Callen.
    I am almost surpised he never had his sisters body exhumed to check the DNA.
    The Sam & Callen bromance gets better every week. Michelle doing what she had to do at their kids game was great!
    They said in the last episode it had been months (5 I think) since Kensi got back from the WG debacle. To my mind that is plenty of time to get over/ go with or just make a move.

    1. Sol

      No, I think Kensi spent 5 months in Afghanistan, not in Ops. She wears a pink t-shirt at the beginning of the episode, and the same t-shirt at the end. So, same day, not 5 months later.
      Deeks just wants her back in the field with him. 🙂


      1. mckenna

        Ya I agree, his ‘it’s been 5 months, i want my partner back’ meant since she left and hadn’t been his partner in the field.

        1. Buffy

          I was trying to get across that she HAS been home, but not at work, for more than a couple of days. Sorry my wording was off.
          After all the digs at Deeks about someone would have to be crazy. Or not right to have a connection with him, but then snatching his card away from any woman he gives it too, Kensi just needs to tell him if she really feels anything (duh). I really hope those days are over.
          It seems to me Granger is aware of the unnecessary dangers Hetty puts the team in and he is the one standing by to bail them out. I want to know more of their history.

  15. Richtsje

    Oh, another one of this great recaps. Not that easy to pick out the best shots – there were so many great ones!
    Wouldn’t have thought beforehand that this was such a wonderful episode; I loved the guest stars in this episode as well #perfectfits

  16. Domingo

    I liked this episode, and was very pleasantly suprised, as to how good it was, I had expected more Densie, and I was glad to see that it was not so, only what was needed to start to bring it to a close and move on.

    Both Callen and Sam were on the boil with the fun quips, so nice to see them once again working as a true team each knowing what the other will do, this was more like the early seasons.

    Hetty and Granger are also developing a rapport, with some great lines, although one get the feeling that Hetty will never fully trust Granger.

    Angelo was good to, and left with the oportunity to reappear, which would be good, like Sabbatino, he could be a usefull addition to the cast when needed, but would have to be brought back into the LA family.

    So my verdict is …. a good episode

  17. Jan

    Meh. Spoils of War lived up to the hype. This one didn’t. I didn’t find the super bad ass guest character to be all that. And his supposed insight into Deeks’ and Kensi’s hearts – where did that come from? Also, that Brunson guy was just downright annoying. Someone (like the director) needed to tell the actor to tone it down.

    There were some good things though, just not enough to out-weigh the bad. I loved Sam in this episode (although I love Sam in almost all episodes; he’s the one character that I love in combination with almost any other character). I also loved seeing the old Hetty, not the WTF Hetty that we have had all season long, especially in the whole White Ghost ard/debacle. And can we have more Granger please?

    The bromance was nice – I was glad to hear about Michelle and NOT hear about Joelle. The Densi banter was great. Now if only they could get rid of the metaphors and just talk like normal people.

    I’m disappointed that the mystery of The Box continues. I was hoping we could be done with it already.

  18. mckenna

    The Kensi and Deeks scenes were great, even if I don’t like romance at all. The metaphors were perfect for them and I can see that in the long run, their journey will be so much better and worth it with the direction the writers are going. If everything happened at once and they got together right now, the writers wouldn’t have a lot further to go, just like with Callen’s story. I think if the fans of their relationship are patient, it’ll be worth it in the end.

    Angelo OWNED his scenes!! Loved his character and glad he will return(come on, he can’t escape Hetty!). Great guest stars in this episode!

    Callen and Sam’s banter once again put a smile on my face and made me laugh. The comments about Sam and Michelle at a little league game were hilarious! Love those two! Haha, Sam’s alias, Switch! Brunson’s “switchy-switch” was funny, that was a good scene. So Sam had Teddy and now Switch, funny names for aliases lately!

    I also liked the opening sequence and how it turned out to be Callen and Sam, Callen’s comments about Deeks’ homeless guy coat and Kensi’s hygiene with her gym bag were so funny.

    I liked Hetty and Granger’s scenes, enjoy them much more without the tension between them. Wasn’t much Eric or Nell this time, hopefully it’ll be more balanced next time.

    I enjoyed this episode. I’ll always enjoy a DK story.

  19. Debbie

    First of all, thanks again for the recap – so very much appreciated. Loved your commentaries under the pictures as well, e.g “to beale” LOL.

    Loved the Angelo character and the actor palying him – would love to see him return!!!!
    Hetty and Granger are getting downright chummy these days – interesting.

    And as for Densi – the 3 hearts story was a bit um too contrived – but beautiful nonetheless. And the metaphor worked splendidly in the ending scene. We should trust Hettys words.
    Kensi seems much surer of herself these days -only thng I´m lamenting is – would have liked to witness how she got there – but then again the procedural has oly 45 minutes. Much surer than Deeks and for once he asks her to take the emotional lead in their partnership (Knife scene).
    Think the thing is: he showed part of his 3rd heart to himself (!) in Afghanistan. How far he would go for her, of how deep his feelings (and not only for her) run. In one fell swoop Deeks not only touched the depth of his feelings for Kensi, but also the rage that he bears. And not just from the interrogation situation, but more specific the rage he bears from the time he shot his fathers and the circumstances of that. He confronted that in person of his father as kid, instrumentalized it in Max Gentry but at the same time he is scared as hell of it.
    Think they need to have the character get through this rage, above and beyond it to find more of himself.

    Think it´s high time for an episode entiteled “DEEKS, M.”.

    My 2 cents, cheers

    1. Sol

      Soo right!
      Definitely I’m waiting for the “Deeks, M.” episode too.
      I hope it’ll be in season 6, because SB says that we’ll know better Deeks’ character in the next season.
      And this is the first thing I want to know: why and when Deeks changed his name, why he’s Deeks and not Brandel, like his father.
      A very important step in his story, I think.


      1. LasiaMsinred

        I’d like you see a “Deeks,M” episode, his very individual story line.
        You got me curious about the names….wasn’t he given his Mom’s last name? Sorry,I don’t recall.

        1. Sol

          Yes, Deeks is probably the name of our detective’s mother. But we don’t know for sure.
          Writers revealed details about Callen’s past, death of Kensi’s father, Sam’s family.
          Now I’m very very curious about Deeks’ story.


          1. tati

            Spoilers said that we are going to learn about his past in the next season. So all we have to do is wait. It was scheduled for this season but they turned it to Kensi season.

          2. Debbie

            And let´s not forget episodes entitled Lange.H or even Reznikov, N.(? N. was it), for crying out loud.

            Yup, Mr. Brennan give us the Deeks storyline and I, for one, would LOVE to have a two parter. ; ))))

            Good to hear it´s already scheduled.

            And yes, we are left to assume Deeks might be his mothers name (an adoption in later years is an option, but I´d go with the maternal name).

  20. LasiaMsinred

    Oh where should I start….I liked the episode very much! I’ve got to bo be honest I was a little worried after all these posts on twitter but I got my episode after all 😉
    Angelo is great! He owned his scenes!! Terrific! I wanna see him again…I know that Granger doesn’t like him (and I like Owen and don’t want him to be upset 😉 ) I think there’s a chance to make him come back.
    Speaking of…Granger’s “I’d rather put a bullet in your skull and dump you in the ocean.” was magnificent! He was calm and looked very collect but personally, I’ve never seen him more upset than in this episode (yes even though he wasn’t yelling.) You could see that he in fact hates it “when lines get crossed” and feelings take the higher power. He all know,or at least they told us,that he wasn’t a by-the-book-agent and often decided to bend rules to protect others but it’s romantic feelings between partners or suspects and agents that make him angry…Hmm…what could be the reason? Did he get involved or did he just see what kinda mess it can leave behind? (Yes, I’m talking about Callen’s parents)
    No need to mention the bromance scenes of Sam and G because you all know what I’m going to write…
    I liked that Deeks stood up for himself.Yes,that’s how I see it.He finally realized that he’ll be the one to take the hit for whatever happened or will happen between him and Kensi and even though Kensi is my girl and I like her but she won’t be able to protect him from it.
    We’ll see what happens.

  21. tati

    Ther is no many things to say about that episode. I believe it was more Getty (Granger & Hetty) and less Densi than I expected. However, these scenes were adorable. During the box opening I couldn’t get my eyes of it. I was just stearing at it wondering what could be inside. To be honest I thought Deeks was going to look in, smile and then walk away, but definatly not another one. Now all we have to do wait (plobably another one season).

    Could be just me but I think the song played at the last Densi-box scene was the same played during their date in ”Recovery”.

    I didn’t like Angelo (as I didn’t like Daniel Henney as Mickael Noshimuri in Hawaii 5-0). He was kind of aggresive at both Hetty and Granger. But he was right on the Densi thing; like he knew what had happened between them. And if I were Kensi, I would also question Hetty’s call. Deeks didn’t do it so ”obvious” as Kensi did.

    I hate to say it but I can’t wait for the season finale. DEA agent Talia (I think) is back. I want to see Kensi’s reaction when she will find out that her partner had worked with her and that Nell was not the only one who had replaced her during her absence.

  22. Sosou

    Me too I want to see a Deeks M episode, of whatever the name is. I remember a interview from like season 2 where ECO said he knew why Deeks became a Cop after being a lawer and that it was awesome. I want to know that !!

  23. Charla

    Ok after reading all the Twitter stuff about this episode I was a little worried. I am not a fan of romance on the show. I just think it sometimes it can take away from the crime part of the show. But I was pleasantly surprised about how much I liked this one. I thought the Densi stuff was well balanced throughout the whole episode. I liked Sam and Callen in this one. I like seeing them going undercover, and Sam talking about Michelle taking care of the parent heckling their kid was great.
    Angelo wasn’t my favorite villain I thought he was pretty good and NEVER cross Hetty or Granger. I want to see more Granger and Hetty scenes. I would love to see there backstory on how they know each other.
    The last scene I kind of felt sorry for Deeks. You can tell he wants it to work between them so badly, but knows it just can’t right now at least.

  24. Wendi Pugh

    Oh my goodness it would be fantastic if they had a Deeks centered episode, like they did with Blye, K. I love that character and we know so little about him. Is his mother still alive and does he have any other family? I would love to know.

  25. Linda

    I am late again with my comments, but I wanted to think about what I wanted to say. Thank you for a wonderful picture recap.I liked this episode very much, because for me there was a proper balance. We didn’t see much of Nell and Eric this time, but we will again. They are always there ready and waiting with their computer skills.
    I felt that Granger and Hetty gave very strong performances this time. Granger let it be known how he felt about Paul Angelo and what he wanted to do with him. I hope we see this character again as he is obviously a fine actor. He is also going to be at the mercy of Hetty for some time in the future. Both Granger and Hetty take their jobs very seriously. I know that a lot of people don’t like Hetty because of her secrets and the manipulation of her agents, but I have always felt that she puts the job first and that she expects her agents to understand that.
    My main focus is now and always will be Callen and Sam. They were back in force with this episode and did a fine job. Sam was outstanding as the drug dealer. Their banter was also in place with the hilarious tale of Michelle and the little league.
    What to say about Kensi and Deeks? I like them both very much and I wish them well with their relationship. However, I think that we are bogged down in a world of imagery and metaphors. Could it get more complicated? Just take the leap and trust each other. Talk about it and decide what you want to do for now.
    All in all, I think this episode was a fine example of what NCISLA can do.

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