NCIS Los Angeles “Tuhon” Picture Recap By @sindee303

Wow, this first sequence had some great camera and editing work in it !!

Wow, this first sequence had some great camera and editing work in it !!

"Tuhon." Uh-oh... I wouldn't recommend this ep for a drinking game... ;)

Tuhon.” Uh-oh… I wouldn’t recommend this ep for a drinking game… 😉

You really thought we would find out how Joelle rated Callen ?? Nah...

You really thought we would find out how Joelle rated Callen ?? Nah…



One last Kalinga Headhunter in the world... [Insert your own "Kill House" memories here!]

One last Kalinga Headhunter in the world… [Insert your own “Kill House” memories here!]

"I smiled back." Classic Hetty !!

I smiled back.” Classic Hetty !!

Nice place to leave a note...

Nice place to leave a note…

Does Sam look like a Teddy ??

Does Sam look like a Teddy ??

"Suit Deeks" teaming up with "Downtown Abbey".

“Suit Deeks” teaming up with “Downtown Abbey”.

Uh-oh... is Sabatino luring her out of safety ??

Uh-oh… is Sabatino luring her out of safety ??

Rita really IS the crazy sister...

Rita really IS the crazy sister…

Deeks' look summed up my thoughts... Niiice, Nate !!

Deeks’ look summed up my thoughts… Niiice, Nate !!

Neric doing what Neric does best - find people !

Neric doing what Neric does best – find people !

"Bite me." Classic Kensi !!

Bite me.” Classic Kensi !!

"Now it's a party."

Now it’s a party.

"You're fondling her knife."

You’re fondling her knife.

A week ago ?? Guess the ep was originally planned to air on the 18th...

A week ago ?? Guess the ep was originally planned to air on the 18th…

"I want to hang out with Hetty." Don't we all ?? :)

I want to hang out with Hetty.” Don’t we all ?? 🙂

Epic fight sequence about to start !!

Epic fight sequence about to start !!

"You've heard of Obamacare ? This is: We don't care."

You’ve heard of Obamacare ? This is: We don’t care.

Learning things about Callen's and Sam's past...

Learning things about Callen’s and Sam’s past…

Little heart-to-heart between Kensi and Sabatino... and we still have no clue...

Little heart-to-heart between Kensi and Sabatino… and we still have no clue…

"It's your fire. It can be whatever you want it to be."

It’s your fire. It can be whatever you want it to be.

Safe house not so safe afterall...

Safe house not so safe afterall…

Never underestimate the power of books !!

Never underestimate the power of books !!

He MADE the knife for Donald Blye ?? THAT was basically my face when I heard that.

He MADE the knife for Donald Blye ?? THAT was basically my face when I heard that.

Why is everyone speaking in riddles ?? When will we finally meet the "White Ghost" ?? Consider me majorly impatient...

Why is everyone speaking in riddles ?? When will we finally meet the “White Ghost” ??
Consider me majorly impatient…

Boys making fun about *Teddy*... ;)

Boys making fun about *Teddy*… 😉

"I'll be back before you can burn this place down." Hetty knows her tribe...

I’ll be back before you can burn this place down.” Hetty knows her tribe…

Side note:
Anyone else noticed that Callen was reading some sort of Arabic (?) Newspaper in the morning and an Italian one in the evening ??
[Yeah, I’m *that kind of* fan… ;p]


OK, so that was my recap of NCIS Los Angeles “Tuhon”… What do you think about the episode ?? What did I left out that was important to you ?? Let us know your thoughts of this new Dave Kalstein masterpiece in the comments…

25 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Tuhon” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. vasohara

    hello, i like to see more people and stories from hetty’s past and yesss finally callen needs a woman in his life but this densi thing it’s start tired me !please i dont want to see season six with in the center densi,put them together to finish this you going to far writters and its not realistic anymore!

  2. Sosou

    I don’t get the problem with Densi ? There isn’t any Densi at all since two or three episodes, and never more than 1minute since the start of the afghani arc. And if they were just partners they will still be worried for each others in the current situation.

    I really like Dave Kalstein episodes, it’s not juste car chasing and big explosions, but a lot of things about the characters. Sam, Callen and Hetty’s past, a hint of Kensi’s past, and a hint of future, when Hetty will not be there anymore …

    I also really like the relation between Sam and Deeks this season, the teasing is still there but with a good new respect. That’s good.

  3. vasohara

    i agree sosou with you, for sam and deeks conect it is great!my densi problem is not had to do with Dave Kalstein write but it is a show “with gun and fire ” i would like to see a end to this it is my opinion of course.

  4. Chris

    vasohara, I agree with you. I don’t watch to see romance, I watch for the action. Densi takes away from that. It’s boring and I personally don’t think a cop drama is the place for it. When this show started it was sold as being about Callen and finding out who he is, not all about Densi. I, for one, am sick of it.

  5. Spokoze

    This was a great episode. Good Callen/Sam interaction, liked Deeks running with Nate–Deeks has been able to run with almost everyone now.
    Loved the implied history with Dos Hermanos…as well as the references to early days when G and Sam began working as partners.
    Tuhon was a great character was well.
    5×15 did nothing to make me not think Hetty is going to leave the show at the end of season 5….

    Must confess that I was under the impression that Granger told Kensi to suspect Sabitino….only to firmly stand behind Sabitino in this episode. That was confusing. This whole ‘White Ghost’ story arch has pretty much sucked since the start and I’m bored to death with the whole thing. Kinda think they will tie it together with the D-7/Generals plane crash arch that is running here in season 5. Have said all along that Sabitino wont be dirty and, yawn, figure Granger has his reasons for wanting Kensi to get Sabitino to prove his loyalty to her….whatever.

    I for one, love Densi!
    If they did it right Densi could go to the big screen.

  6. Jericho Steele

    The episodes that dig into the character’s pasts are my favorite and this one didn’t disappoint. Sam and Callen’s history with Tuhon was interesting and the chemistry between Danny Trejo with the regular crew was seamless. When Tuhon told Deeks he had made the Blye knife … now that was awesome.

    I was shocked when Kensi just up and left-out with Sabatino … not smart to leave with someone who may or may not turn out to be the enemy, she’s smarter than that. And the way Granger didn’t know where she was made it even worse. Hetty knows where her agents are and what they’re doing at all times … if anything happens to Kensi, Deeks should shoot Granger in the backside.

    Good episode, not nearly enough Densi for my tastes but hey, that’s just me. I am worried about Kensi though … letting Sabatino know she’s suspicious of him my not have been the wisest move on her part. She’s a long way from the team that she trusts and needs more than anything right now. It was surprising that Granger adamantly defended the CIA agent … I think the Assistant Director knows a lot more than he’s telling. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out in the next few episodes.

    Semper Fi

  7. tati

    Kensi woundn’t suspect Sabbattino if she was sure that he is hiding something. And the fact Nell didn’t find anything suspicious is a thing.
    I was suprised when I heard that Tyhon made that knife for Donald Blye. I agreed with him that she was(and still is) the sweetest little girl. And I think Deeks agreed too. It’s kind of wεird not to know the name of his best friend’s dauther.

  8. Charla

    I loved this episode. I was starting to get a little worried the show was drifting away from being a crime drama and more of a soap opera. Yes, I am a huge Callen fan. More of a keep him single fan. But I really enjoy the crime drama more, Densi is ok as long as they just keep it between them. I always enjoy hearing more about Hetty’s past and the people in her past. I kind of felt like this episode went back to the way the show was a couple of seasons ago, which I like.
    I really enjoyed the part with Nate and Deeks in the car talking about an underwear assassin.
    I don’t really enjoy the white ghost story either, but I guess I understand why they wrote it in this season. For DR pregnancy. I like how they kept her in the episodes other than keeping her behind a desk or standing behind someone or sitting in the car etc. Then going “away” for a couple of months.

  9. tara

    I loved this episode. I thought Danny Trejo was great! I thought it was cool how he knew Donald Blye, and I believe he said he couldn’t remember her name.
    Poor Nate, that suit was ugly. And he really did look like he belong in episode of Downton Abbey. So funny!
    That confrontation between Sabatino and Kensi was intense. She had her guard up, she had her gun with her so to protect herself if necessary. I don’t think Sabatino is the white ghost. That would be too obivous! I also think considering how angry he got at her accusation further illistrates that he is not the white ghost. I wouldn’t be surprised if this white ghost storyline is connected to the D7/Admirals plane crash story line. I just wished they’d hurry it up. I know they had to drag it out for Daniela’s pregnancy, but the payoff better be worth the wait.
    As for Densi, I have no problem with them getting together. As long as we don’t see it a lot. It’s fine line for a cop show to walk when dealing with putting two characters together romantically. If they don’t do it, they alienate the audience. If they do, some viewers are happy, some are not. As long as the show doesn’t focus all of its attention on Densi than I’m fine with it, because the last thing I want to see is a soap opera on a crime drama. I hate soap operas, and if I felt like NCIS LA was turning into that than I would be saying so in the comment section.

    1. mckenna

      I agree, I’m fine with Densi, as long as it doesnt take over the show. It’s an action drama, crime-fighting show, not romance or soap opera. If I wanted that I would go seek those type of shows out.

  10. LasiaMsinred

    Yay! Ncisla is back !
    -Okay,this guy just killed several people with a t-shirt!!! Put it back on and walked out like nothing happened…that was impressive!
    -Tuhon is an amazing character. He brought a certain feeling/mentality into the episode.I know that some people might call it playing mind games or babbling but his lines made all the sense in the world to me.I’d like him to come back one day….actually now that his training with the team was mentioned twice (1st time in “Kill House”) I’d love to see some flashbacks of Tuhon’s first encounter with the team. ***Damn,I want one of his knives***
    -Yes, I had a little brain spasm when “Mr.Carl” kissed Rita because I TOTALLY see that happening! That’s actually the kind of female adoration I expected to see when he’s undercover.He would be stupid not to use his charm. No big deal, just a smooch ….something he does to get the job done.(No,I don’t always expect him to kiss women when being undercover.)
    I have to admit though Rita and her scissors= Callen’s most dangerous opponent. Never underestimate the power of furious woman with a blade in her hand ;))
    -Learning about Callen’s and Sam’s past was like filling in the blanks. Did someone get sad when Callen said: “I’m walking out of there alone.” ? I did….and yes I noticed that he reads the newpaper from all around the world 
    -Nate came back and like very much. He’s smart and funny. I miss him …probably because I still see him as a part of the team. It was weird to see him partnered up with Deeks but all in all they mastered the task and they get along well.
    Making fun of Sam was pretty risky but hey, he can’t kill them both at the same time, right? ***Teeeddddyyyy***

    Thank you for this amazing recap, Sindee! I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Dave Kalstein

    Thank for all the feedback, NCISLA Familia! The truth of our show lies in its characters and their truths lie within the seams of their emotional relationships…love ’em or hate ’em.

    Our tribe is strong!

    1. mikey

      Hi Dave… love the episode… I appreciate the authenticity… the reference to Filipinos and the Tagalog rap in the Bar in Mexico…
      Which I’d like to know what the title was?

  12. skippy2105

    The review is great as always, thank you sindee. I always laugh at your comments.

    I have mixed opinion about this episode. I love some of the lines from Sam and Callen eg. that Callen was more concerned about the Jamaican Riviera bs he told Rita than the fact that he lied to her and left her.
    Or that Callen needed one week to call Sam Sam and not Teddy. (Yeah Sam is a big giant Teddy). I absolutely liked the reference to the lone wolf character Callen was (and hopefully still is) with “the tribe of one” (7 years ago) and the “Special people? I’m walking out of there alone.“ (today).
    I loved the fight scene in the bar. No, not exactly the knives, sticks… fight. This was good, no question. But I recalled the “trust your training” remark and then watching Sam and Callen. Sam fighting the sayoc, MMA or whatever and Callen just used his fists and finally the gun. It is much more effective for him.
    And this hint that Hetty won’t stay forever. Come on guys you must have faced it already. She is 66 years in 3 days.
    Not so great was the Tuhon-Tribal-Kalinga-Sayoc-Stuff again. I think it is a bit too much of this –at least for me. What is so wrong with the good old fashion fist fights?
    And again, like in many episodes before, no matter how many guns and goons there are, our guys don’t even have a scratch.

    DK wrote great ones and not so good ones. This one was the latter for me. But I still hope there will be better ones from him. But maybe he was right. He mentioned a while ago that it is easier for him to write for Kensi and Deeks characters because they are closer to him.

    So the last question might look as the killer question but this is not my intention, I really just want to know (if I have something to look forward to). Will Shane Brennan write another episode for this season?

  13. Donna

    I loved everything about the episode! I really hope they bring back Tuhon soon because I’m loving the Hetty and Tuhon Friendship. It’s nice to see Hetty have friends outside of the office ( meaning her agents) plus he could be added into a storyline with Kensi now that we know Tuhon knew Kensi’s dad as well as Kensi years ago. It was nice to learn more about Callen and Sam’s Partnership. That’s always interesting! I really hope they continue with the Densi story line! I’m really enjoying watching their story has a couple or soon to be couple build and be come stronger by the episode. The love story is beautiful and can’t wait to see what is next for our favorite couple! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THE KNIFE BACK INTO THE STORY LINE WAS WONDERING WHEN WE HEAR ABOUT IT AGAIN!! This is kinda long. Sorry about that haha Can’t wait for next weeks episode! From the promo, it looks like its gonna be one hilarious episode! 🙂

  14. Lorraine

    I think the whole show should be about all them ( meaning Friendship, Romance, Personal Life etc) not just based on Callen and Sam. Yes, Its a cop show but their is nothing wrong with a little romance once and awhile. I think Kensi/Deeks and Nell/Eric should be together! I love the direction the show is going in this season. It’s not about just one person, its about everyone on the show.

  15. Mary

    Ratings significantly lower and episode heavily promoted. Understand DK loyalty to his friends and the love of a good knife scene but so very violent a show. Not really believable that Callen/Sam escape without a scratch. Enjoy the character development but does everything have to be a tease.

  16. mckenna

    This episode goes straight to my top 5 if not #1 for me, no question. I’ve been wanting to find out how Sam and Callen became partners since I started watching, so this episode was a real treat. Their encounters with Tuhon were so good and I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole episode wanting to know what happens next.
    I think my favorite part was all the insight we got into what they were like when they first met. Loved how Tuhon called Sam the “tyrant with a trident” and Callen “the tribe of one”. Fits them so well, and really tells how they started to work together, because they needed to learn to change to trust each other. Enjoyed every scene with Sam and Callen and I think everything they said with Tuhon and that Tuhon told them was just perfect, really loved it.
    “I smiled back” So cheeky Hetty! And yet such a Hetty thing to say! 🙂
    Nate’s ‘then i’d have to kill you but I wouldn’t succeed’ card was hilarious, and so was the clothing comments and death by underwear. Loved seeing Deeks and Nate work together, it was different but new and refreshing.
    I freaked out when Tuhon said he made Kensi’s knife. Did not see that coming.
    Deeks’ face when he sees Callen’s score 🙂 Oh priceless!! So hilarious! And when Sam shows him the revised score followed by “Teddy”, Hetty’s ‘don’t burn the place down’, and Sam’s comment about Tuhon cheating? Perfect. Loved every minute of this episode.

    And we mustn’t forget those incredible fight scenes, especially the bar fight. Props to the stunt coordinators and fighters and everyone involved. Craziest fight scene ever.

  17. jeri44

    just noticed that nell’s eye was fully healed overnight and she had no other visible injuries from being chocked out.granted she was wearing a high collared dress the next day but had low cut one later in the episode and surely there would have been some wouldn’t have been as obvious except that they stated that callen’s date was the night before. i only point this out as i have noticed many such continuity discrepancies this season and find it distracting in a show that normally pays close attention to details.

  18. Richtsje

    This was one of the episodes that brought back the way the show should feel, at least, that’s what it did to me. There were good scenes filled with great fights (alway like those; knives, guns, fists, even batteries!), serious talk about the past and the future, about being partners…
    Yeah, I loved it!

    Best line? ‘I was the tribe of one’

  19. ananova

    Awesome recap as always Sindee. Really enjoyed the episode and the glimpse at how Callen and Sam’s partnership began.

    I have a question I hope someone can help me out with though. When Tuhon posed the question about the fire, I missed part of Callen’s answer. I know he said he’d be walking out of there alone, highlighting his lone wolf tendencies, but what was the first part of his answer? All I caught was something about an orphanage? Can anyone help?

    1. skippy2105

      I think this is what you wanted to know ananova:
      CALLEN: I wasn’t exactly thinking about my house.
      Just a room from this old orphanage.
      Special people? I’m walking out of there alone.

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