11 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Unwritten Rule” Promo [VIDEO]

  1. Jan

    Wow. Deeks is acting weird. It could be symptomatic of the PTSD, or could be something else cuz even Deeks isn’t crazy enough to tell Hetty to give him some sugar unless he is seriously under the influence. Should be an entertaining and potentially angsty episode.

  2. I Feel Possessed

    This episode looks like the lightness to counteract the 100th episode. Deeks is going OTT…good to see story threads continuing. Hope they do the same with Callen too.

  3. Laura

    But if this was filmed last Season, then Deeks had not yet been tortured so his actions are out of sequence. This could be a bit odd-looking because of that, too.

  4. Evi

    Jan somehow I doubt the sugar comment was directed at Hetty. They just editted the promo in a way that it looks like he is talking to her.

  5. Kat

    Isn’t this suppose to be the extra season 4 episode?? cause then that means Deeks wasn’t tortured yet and Kensi couldn’t have tackled Deeks like that since she is now pregnant unless it’s a stunt double… IDK.

  6. Beth

    I believe this is the episode filmed at the end of last season, but I also believe the way that Deeks is acting has something to do with more of his PTSD symptoms.

  7. Beth

    I’m also wondering if they switched the order of this one and All the Live Long Day because Deeks mentioned something about a train in this promo.

  8. I Feel Possessed

    I believe they filmed the extra episode at the end of season 4 to insert into early season 5 to give them breathing space for the hectic filming/editing process. So they will have taken into account the torture and so on.

  9. I Feel Possessed

    JPK ‏@jpkouz 9 Sep
    Scouting E506 in Granada Hills today. Callen goes back to school. #staytuned #NCISLA #happyMonday

    Just found this tweet from JPK so it looks like the extra S04E25 episode was always planned to slot in between 100th episode and Callen going back to school. Can’t wait for that one – should be fun!

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