NCIS Los Angeles Very Special Guest Star Tony DiNozzo





Chris O’Donnell and Daniela Ruah showed their excitement about a new very special agent coming to town by sharing the above pictures and revealing that Michael Weatherly will come over to the city of Angels as his NCIS character “Tony DiNozzo”.

As the pictures were taken at a table read for an episode that will be shown in NCISLA Season Seven fans will have to sit out the summer break to see why Tony’s helping our team (or are they helping him?)…

25 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Very Special Guest Star Tony DiNozzo

  1. Fenix

    Finally some refreshment!
    I just don’t know, why CBS still don’t announced info about shows renewed?
    We all knows about cliffhangers in NCIS, and in NCIS LA, so they will be renewed.
    Where is problem?
    There is no secret anymore. 😀

  2. marie kelley

    I knew that when CBS put NCIS:LA on Monday nights at 9 P.M. that the ratings wouldn’t be good, I wish that they could put the show back on its normal time. Usually, when a network wants to cancel a show, they will put on a different night. I hope that this not happening to NCIS:LA. I love the show, good scripts, good casting!! I hope that Kensi &
    Deeks can have meaningful relationship!! I love the show, but I can’t watch late at

  3. Sol

    I always wanted Di Nozzo meeting the LA team! Di Nozzo and Deeks, both cops, both pranksters…
    It’d be very funny to see these two together. Yes!
    I only hope that it’ll really happen in season 7. Do you remember, “Ray’s back, we’ll see him in season 6…”
    I’m still waiting. 🙂

    Anyway, maybe this time we’ll be more lucky with Tony.

  4. CaptainNewf

    Maybe Tony is coming in to help on the IA case? He can talk to and relate to Deeks cop to cop as well as share experience with IA, coming from the Baltimore PD. Another possibility is for him to mentor Deeks on the transition from cop to agent. Luckily Tony has a new solid love interest, so he won’t be poaching. Either way, they are working on the show now as shown and that means season 7. YAY!!!
    CBS will announce the renewals in the next two weeks. Are there any contract issues with the cast, like there was with Cote de Pablo?
    I don’t think CBS moved NCIS LA as a prelude to dumping it… I think there were two reasons. First CBS needed a strong anchor for the new show Scorpion. Second they needed a lead in for NCIS New Orleans and I hear Mark Harmon and Scott Bakula are buds. As a possible third, CBS was weak on Monday, especially against NFL games. Everything I’ve read says the CBS brass are happy with NCIS LA performance on Monday. That performance will be better if the writing tightens up.

    1. Fenix

      “Luckily Tony has a new solid love interest….”
      Wait until NCIS E23 aired.
      We still don’t know, who from NCIS, or peoples around them, going to die.
      What if it will be Zoe….?

      1. CaptainNewf

        You’re right, don’t who or if. Doubt it would be Zoe; they’ve used up their quota of injured/dead significant others, including McGhee’s girl friend. At the moment, Tony is not available – he mentioned in an earlier show that he is in a committed relationship.

      2. LasiaMsinRed

        I know it’s television and the #ncisworld but am I the only one who thinks it’s kinda funny that Callen’s ex wife happens to be Tony’s love interest ?

        1. CaptainNewf

          Didn’t pick up on that… is she the CIA type who left him in the lurch when they were married (she got the dog) and then took over the recruiting station? Wouldn’t surprise me – my wife and I joke that there are really only 50 actors in LA and they recycle them through all the shows!

        2. Fenix

          Since when is there Callen’s ex wife?
          Maybe ex girlfriend, but no ex wife.
          Tony already have girlfriend, why some other interest?
          His girl may die in E23, and Tony will be still grieving, without any interest for some woman.
          This is crime drama, not “XXX files” 😀

          1. I Feel Possessed

            Callen had an undercover marriage when in the CIA so fake ex-wife. But the actress who played Trac (NCISLA) now plays Zoe in NCIS. I’m all for crime drama, not romance. NCISLA have the right balance already IMO

  5. Caroline

    I think it would be rather odd to shoot episodes of series 7 if CBS wants to dump the show. Besides Chris said in an interview with huffpost (see. Older posts) that he will be directing an episode that will air in the new season.
    And.. I think it will be fun having Tony diNozzo visiting LA!
    Can’t wait to see this.

  6. Sandy

    Wohoooo! Can’t wait to see the episode either!! Hopefully Tony and Deeks have a nice talk about transisting from a cop to a NCIS Special Agent (which I so want for Deeks to happen – he deserves it, plain and simple), and secondly I hope for some fine scenes with the rest of the team!! (I remember back when NCIS LA was starting, Michael excluded himself from ever being part of a crossover – now as we see, people can change, apparently) Maybe we will get a two-parter episode, with Tony working in LA in one, and one of the LA team working in DC in the other (or NOLA for that instance)

    1. CaptainNewf

      Me want it too! Tony would be the perfect person to help Deeks with the IA and in the transition, his having been there as both a cop and an agent. Perhaps this is part of the major story arc for next season; something too big for the LA office to handle alone and they need to work with others…. didn’t I see something that said Talia with DEA is coming back for at least one episode?

  7. sindee Post author

    She was ‘married’ to G in an undercover mission… and now the same actress plays Tony’s current love interest… yeah, there are only “a few” actors/actresses in LA it seems… LOL

    1. Sandy

      either Tony and G are somewhat related (both of them have a type in women, though we saw more of that with Tony than with G) or one of her identites is just a cover and it’s still one and the same woman (I can’t remember if Tracy Keller died or not)

      1. CaptainNewf

        Didn’t say… at the end of the episode, Callen and Sam had just taken all her ill-gotten cash from her on her boat “Buddy”,,, which was also the name of the dog Callen liked. Must have been a long term undercover assignment.

  8. amyabn

    This is going to be great. I’m guessing we’ll get a reference to Gibb’s rule #12: never date a co-worker. I do hope like many have already stated that Tony can help Deeks out of this IA mess. I’d love to have Deeks and Kensi cross over to DC. Abby met everyone on the team except Nell and Deeks. That could be fun.

  9. Mogorva

    Considering the lies regarding Deeks’ story and the visit of Ray, I’d say, I’ll believe it, when I see it on screen.

    It would be a fun episode though, if it ever happens, two clowns in one oiffice? 😀

  10. I Feel Possessed

    Looking forward to an episode with DiNozzo in LA, although I think he is still the same character on NCIS as he was 12 seasons ago – no/very little development. Having said that I’m not bothered by the cross over as NCISLA doesn’t need the mothership and hasn’t for a while. it’s a nice to have. It would also be nice if an LA character appeared on NCIS but maybe Mark Harmon still doesn’t like the LA show (although I’m sure he watched Rage with his son in)!

    Team dynamics will be interesting with DiNozzo for an episode, but I love the team the way they are.

  11. auntlisa21342

    Mercedes Mason, who plays DEA Agent Talia on :LA, was also on NCIS in season 7. She was the police officer applying to replace Ziva before they rescued her from the terrorist camp in Africa. The Law & Order franchise was famous for using the same actors in all 3 programs. Someone would be a murderer on the mothership, a battered wife on SVU and then an attorney on Criminal Intent. Or show up on the same program several times, but in different seasons, as different characters.
    I agree with I Feel Posessed. I prefer the crime drama, not the romances, of my NCIS’s.

  12. BW

    I do wonder if DiNozzo and Deeks get to have a cop-to-cop talk.

    I like when they incorporate all aspects of the characters into the show, so romance is not the main reason, but to ignore it is just as wrong. IMHO. 🙂

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