NCIS Los Angeles “War Cries” Picture Recap By @sindee303

Eww... I thought pushing that guy in the garbage was bad... but then... double ewww...

Eww… I thought pushing that guy in the garbage was bad… but then… double ewww…

Aww... great bromance right there at the beginning... [Also, I'm SOOO with Callen "tonight" IS "last minute" !!]

Aww… great bromance right there at the beginning…
[Also, I’m SOOO with Callen “tonight” IS “last minute” !!]

Cirque de Soleil ?? Really ?? ROFL

Cirque de Soleil Really ?? ROFL

"SHOTGUN!!" :)


GRANGER !! Oops... but nice convo about Kensi afterwards... *insert Deeks hug here*

GRANGER!! Oops… but nice convo about Kensi afterwards… *insert Deeks hug here*

How convenient that Kensi couldn't sleep.. when would she have send the message otherwise ?? [/sarcasm]

How convenient that Kensi couldn’t sleep.. when would she have send the message otherwise ?? [/sarcasm]

Niiice decryption...

Niiice decryption…

I think Cinderella was in the wrong part of town.

I think Cinderella was in the wrong part of town.

"Boy's Town's over there..." "The older one's always do." "I give 10% discount to all law inforcement." So many good lines in this scenes...

Boy’s Town’s over there…
The older one’s always do.
I give 10% discount to all law inforcement.
So many good lines in this scenes…

So obviously this Elise is not "Callen-blogging" Elise... bummer !! ;)

So obviously this Elise is not “Callen-blogging” Elise… bummer !! 😉

Butterflies ?? Great Neric scene !!

Butterflies ?? Great Neric scene !!

Booker's back !!!

Booker’s back !!!

How smart and sweet to come up with this cover story for Elise !!

How smart and sweet to come up with this cover story for Elise !!

And the bromance continues... involving Michelle ?? WOAH !! Bad-ass Sam !!

And the bromance continues… involving Michelle ?? WOAH !! Bad-ass Sam !!

A file with a deadman switch ?? So NOT helping, Eric !!

A file with a deadman switch ?? So NOT helping, Eric !!

Deeks asking Granger to back him up ?? *checks surface of hell*

Deeks asking Granger to back him up ?? *checks surface of hell*

Look, mom, I'm flying !!

Look, mom, I’m flying !!

Here's the deal... they shout "Federal Agents!"... you run... they get you anyway... (mostly) dead or alive !!

Here’s the deal… they shout “Federal Agents!”… you run…
they get you anyways… (mostly) dead or alive !!

So, is he the bad or the good guy ??

So, is he the bad or the good guy ??

So, Deeks and Kensi are not just partners, Granger has a bad knee and Deeks likes to play "Gun Twister"... ;)

So, Deeks and Kensi are not just partners,
Granger has a bad knee and Deeks likes to play “Gun Twister”… 😉

"Not really."

Not really.

Uuh... bad-ass Granger... his knee must hurt really bad !! ;)

Uuh… bad-ass Granger… his knee must hurt really bad !! 😉



Awesome writing, fighting and acting !!

Awesome writing, fighting and acting !!

Did some Nallen fanhearts just skip a beat ?? ;)

Did some Nallen fanhearts just skip a beat ?? 😉

Granger acknowledging her good work and Deeks giving her his hoodie ?? Aww !!

Granger acknowledging her good work and Deeks giving her his hoodie ?? Aww !!

Finally sweet and "not-forced" Neric is back !!

Finally sweet and “not-forced” Neric is back !!

Callen and his blind date Jo... NO COMMENT !!

Callen and his blind date Jo… NO COMMENT !!

I’m sure I left out a whole lot of scenes / situations you liked or disliked… leave a comment with your thoughts… happy to discuss the ep with y’all further !!

29 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “War Cries” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. skippy2105

    Okay I have to say it and I am probably the only one. But the best thing about this episode are comments sindee made at the screencaps. These are great and really funny (love your sarcasm!).

    This episode for me was one big disappointment. I mean it seems like the more important thing was the Kensi/White ghost something and they just built a quick case for the LA team. This was lame. It was Granger with Hetty, Granger with Deeks, Nell and Eric and all about the white ghost something. Why don’t they just put all these things in one or two episodes to get over with it. The case in LA probably was less than half of the time the subject.
    I really hope this will end soon and they will get back to the good old NCIS LA style (without the romance which is also a rather disturbing subject in a criminal show).

    Usually Gemmill is a good writer but this one was bad, probably caused by the long in advanced created storyline they have to tell due to DR pregnancy but still this episode was odd and bad.

    1. Spokoze

      Yep….as an episode it was week…but, thinking in terms of the set up for Season 5 it was probably necessary to give us all these fragment scenes….plus I was so going through withdrawal….

      I like Granger. What does this guy gotta do to show he ain’t the enemy? Loved how he acknowledged to Hetty that the team is really good. Still can’t shake the feeling that we are seeing less and less of Hetty because Linda Hunt is going to fade away off the show…..

      I Hate the Afghanistan story Arch…but understand why we have it.
      Not buying that Sabato is a bad guy; This is some kinda head fake.

      Still expecting Deeks to suddenly have girls crawling all over him…just seems to always be the way it happens….when a guy is gaga for some girl—that’s when cutie’s seem to just come outta the woodwork in droves and a guy really gets proved meeting some smokin’ hot/fun babes….dammitt!

      Liked the blind date for G…he didn’t wear a tie which I also appreciated. If Both Sam and Hetty are in on, ‘that thing’….it’s gotta be good.

      Thank goodness we should get a nice run of un-interrupted episodes till spring.

  2. Charla

    OMG!! I feel the same way skippy. While I did like the banter between Callen and Sam. And was really happy there was a new episode. This one wasn’t my favorite. For some reason when they try to get Callen a date, its like the whole episode is about that. And it feels forced. I don’t know maybe its just me.
    The episode in general seemed like there was to much going on. Kensi, storyline, the real case, Callens date.
    I am becoming less of a fan of all the romance and who is or isn’t getting together. I wish they would just focus on the case at hand and hear the banter while they wait in the car.

    1. skippy2105

      The date seems to be just a filler. Like “okay, we have 3 min missing film for this episode, how about putting Callen on a date”.
      It has nothing to do with him or Sam or the case. I am with you. I don’t know why they did it. Just a waste of time.

  3. Jan

    First of all, thank you Sindee for the picture recap. In the “Shotgun” cap, is it my imagination, or are Sam and Callen checking out Deeks’ butt? I know I am. Another great cap – Nell wearing Deeks’ gray hoodie. Hopefully she’ll accidentally leave it in the burn room. He’s been wearing it literally all season, and it’s time to change.

    The episode. Well, at least the WG arc moved forward a bit. Other than that, there didn’t seem to be any real substance to this ep. The case didn’t turn out to have any connection to the private contractor war crimes, just to one nasty psycho. On the plus side, Nell showed her stones. But the rest? Let’s forget about the whole blind date thing, that was a total waste of screen time that neither advanced the story nor grew the characters. At least though we got a mention of Michelle – I’d like to se her come back for a couple of episodes. There was some good Granger/Deeks interaction (more, please), and some curious Granger/Hetty scenes. So Hetty was the one who insisted that Kensi be the one to go to Afghanistan? I hadn’t realized that.

    Overall, a pretty empty episode. Nothing great, but nothing obnoxious either. Not an Aunt Barbara reference in sight. 🙂 A disappointing episode to leave us with before a 3 week wait for the next new one.

  4. tara

    Didn’t care for the blind date part. I think they should just leave Callen single. It doesn’t work to pair him romantically. I believe Callen isn’t capable of opening himself up to a woman. Which is sad because everyone deserves to be happy.
    Nice to see Nell kicking butt! I wonder where she learned that from? Kensi perhaps?
    To me if felt as if the plane crash that killed the admiral & that reporter storyline from episode 5×02 may not be completely solved. But may just be me.
    Nice to see Dylan Bruno playing a bad guy! He was one of my favorites on ‘Numb3rs’.
    I highly doubt Sabantino’s the bad guy. It just seems too obvious to make him that.
    I have feeling these episodes that contain pre-taped scenes of Daniela are going to feel cluttered. I think they should have just sent Kensi overseas, no one sees or hears from her until Daniela’s back from maternity leave. That way the show just stays focused on the LA storylines.
    Got hand it to Deeks, he’s like a dog with a bone, trying to get any kind of info out of Hetty, and Granger that he can to find out about Kensi. Love how he volunteered to go overseas to back her up. He’s come along way since season 2 & 3 when he used to complain about having to go out into the desert.
    Overall the episode was just okay. Gemmill has written better episodes.

  5. densidream

    Wow, so many questions in my head now:
    Since when have Nell and Eric been in contact with Kensi?
    How come neither Hetty (!) nor Granger know?
    What happened that Kensi is suddenly suspecting Sabatino to be the bad guys/the mole?
    What exactly is the reason for Granger to come back from Afghanistan?
    Is it because of this mystery file about Kensi?
    And most importantly: How the heck did Sam manage to talk Callen into a blind date? 😉

    Okay, now seriously: I felt there really was a lot happening in this episode which made it somewhat confusing or too much or hard to follow, I don’t really know how to put it in the right words.
    There was Kensi interacting with Nell and Eric, Kensi in Afghanistan, Callen and Sam about he blind date, Deeks and Granger in the field, and this Robert Brown, who is like the victim, but then not but the bad guy attacking Nell… I can’t even describe anymore how he fits into the whole picture or what the case was all about, it’s just too much information crammed into these 45 minutes. I’m happy that I don’t seem to be the only one who thinks that this ep was a let-down. 🙁

    But although I didn’t like the episode as a whole that much, the interaction in the team was good of course (as a die-hard fan I couldn’t say anything else 🙂 ).
    I really liked Eric and Nell together, they seemed really worried about Kensi and caring for each other, that was sweet. And I absolutely loved Nell’s fight scene at the end, favorite scene for me! Nell can kick ass sometimes, but still manages to be a ”girl“ who, despite being quite tough, can’t handle everything and then has to be ”saved“ by her big brothers. Big stones, Jones! So cute also when she was wearing Deeks’ sweater afterwards and was getting hugged by Hetty. That almost seemed like a mother tending to her daughter, very touching. I don’t think I’ve ver seen Hetty hug someone…

    As a real Densi shipper, my heart skipped a beat when Deeks said that he and Kensi were not just partners. And I bet Granger was wondering for a second, too, what Deeks was gonna tell him. 😉
    But I also held my breath when Granger fired this shot right next to the ear of this security guy they caught. I had to rewind and watch again because at first I thought he had actually shot him in the ear!

    Altogether not a great episode, apart from a little more progress in the Afghanistan storyline, nothing happened to bring the general story forward. Hope the next one (in ANOTHER 3 weeks!) brings more!

  6. Linda

    Thanks to Sindee for a great recap. Your comments were quite funny as usual. I have to say that overall I liked the episode. However, I do agree with others that this time the story was not strong. We did get a little progress with Kensi’s suspicions in Afghanistan, but that was about it. For me the most important thing about this episode was the humour/banter. We saw it between Hetty and Granger, Granger and Deeks, and even between Deeks and Callen and Sam. We saw a softer side of Deeks when he came up with a story for Elise, when he gave Nell his hoodie, and of course when he spoke to Granger about Kensi. We also saw a different side of Nell. She had a great scene, and she was awesome. Her character is beginning to evolve over time. Good for her! Finally, as a Callen fan, I have to say that I loved the date scene. It was ” sweet ” . We got to see a different Callen. He was someone in the real world out on a date, although not of his own making. Perhaps this will show him something too.

  7. Jess

    I think I must have been the only person that loved this episode – ha ha!
    There was so much in it that had me watching, and hoping, right through to the end 🙂 And I also loved that it was a blue shirt Callen was wearing to dinner 😉 Hehe – the wardrobe designers are obviously listening to the fans; no wonder Joelle didn’t want to leave the restaurant – I sure wouldn’t have, if that had been me! 😉
    And was anyone else checking out Deeks’ butt as he walked away from Hetty and Grainger at the end?!! Ha ha
    Oh, and I’m loving Nell’s hair in this episode – just saying 🙂

  8. Shelia

    I liked the episode even thought it seemed a bit of a mess. The whole White Ghost thing is so confusing. I mean I get that they needed to do something while DR is out on leave but come on, she has to be doing more than just sitting around the base being nosy. At least she got out in the desert this week and did the drone thing.

    As for Callen’s blind date, I didn’t care for it. For one thing Sam has been his partner for 5 years and now he finally tries to set him up? Not really believable. I want Callen to have someone in his life but I don’t think a sweet little teacher is going to be the one.

    Nell really was the star of the show tonight; I’m glad they are finally dressing her like a grown up and letting her hair grown. She looked great and was awesome in her fight scene. And yes when Callen pulled her into his arms to check on her my Nallen heart skipped a beat.

  9. ananova

    Great picture recap Sindee. I loved the episode, so many great moments. Definitely felt some Nallen vibes when Callen checked on Nell, though it’s probably wishful thinking. Didn’t much care for the blind date though, felt too forced. I’m surprised Callen didn’t decide to walk out when Jo offered, but I guess he figured Sam wouldn’t let him live it down if he did.

    Am I the only one who thought this case would end up tying into Kensi’s mission when Brown and the others kept mentioning things that happened in Afghanistan? Don’t know how I’m going to survive waiting 3 weeks for a new episode.

  10. mckenna

    Seems like most didn’t like the episode, but I really enjoyed it. I don’t care that the story line was so simple, they can’t always have huge shootouts or explosions right??? 😉
    Of course my favorite part was Callen and Sam’s banter scenes, like the shooting range and car scene. Liked how Sam had to threaten him with a call to Michelle :)When G first said something about leaving LA I’ll admit I kinda freaked out before he said it was more of in general. Also noticed Callen wore blue on the date, perfect choice! I actually was a little disappointed in the date, just didn’t feel right or like G’s character. Although, found it interesting that she knew who they were. hmm…
    Glad we got to see Nell show off her skills! Just wish they’d tone down her presence in the field a little. Seems like it’s getting to be too much.
    Really interesting seeing Granger and Deeks pair up. He really tried to get info about Kensi, didn’t he? And Granger doesn’t know why Hetty sent Kensi? Little surprised at that. Was caught off guard by how Granger just nearly shot their suspect, and it seemed like the guys were too! They might think Granger may be as much of an enigma as Hetty (well, he comes close :))
    Other parts I enjoyed:
    (favorite line)-Eric: “I like your facial hair. It makes you look like a pirate” 😀 lol!
    Eric’s deadman switch idea, so funny. Gotta love him!
    Granger and Deek’s “not really”s. lol
    Gun twister 🙂
    All of Deeks’ random guesses. Love how they brought that back. (Once from ‘overwatch’ and another I can’t remember)
    Anyone else notice how Kensi’s blanket conveniently covered up her belly 😉
    Hetty and Sam at the end. You know he won’t like it!
    Also when it was said that the girl didn’t speak English, I was half expecting Sam or G to start speaking her language. Ha, wouldn’t be surprised.
    Nell and Deeks at the end. Love their interactions lately.

    Now another 3 long weeks until TUHON!!!!!!! (I may just be a little excited to learn about Sam and G’s first case together…)

  11. ananova

    Okay, just watched Nell’s fight scene again. Guess she’s been taking lessons from Hetty. One curious thing though, how did the others get to the boatshed so quickly? Callen sent her the message and then Brown attacked her a minute later. Even if he sent the message from the car on the way there you would think it would take longer than that for them to reach her. Anyone else find it a bit incredulous?

  12. justdreaming-83

    First of all, sindee, hilarious recap comments! I literally giggled out loud several times.
    About the show… I had mixed feelings. The story was a bit jumpy. Didn’t really put it all together until after it ended, and still had some continuity issues. But overall, I enjoyed so many parts of this episode. I think, for me, it was more of a character development, and some growth as a team. Granger showed his human side, but also surprised me with crossing the “legal line” a few times (all in the name of saving the world, of course.) Deeks is still somewhat of a lost puppy, but is showing great detective skills, and excellent improvisation (don’t think I’ve ever used that word before. Hope I used it correctly.) He takes care of what needs to be done, even though he must take the initiative and go out on his own. And about the date? Uuuggg. The banter was funny, though. I know Sam and Michelle have Callen’s best interest at heart, but have they even bothered to ask US what WE want. Chant with me now. No. More. Dates! At the same time, the Kindergarten teacher was sweet and not flirtatious like P* in “Red.” Eric was hilarious as usual. And our Nell is a little fire-ball. You go girl! Think my favorite part of the entire episode was their response to Nell’s ordeal with the maniac woman-killer. Callen tended to her like a worried big brother. Deeks loaned his comfy hoodie. Even Hetty gave her a hug. That was touching. And hearing Granger compliment the team was a feel good moment for me. I would have been just fine if it had ended there.

  13. AN

    what’s with all the hate this episode is getting ??
    while I agree it wasn’t that great but it was ok and I liked it
    I mean surly you didn’t expect it to be all Densi now did you ??
    I liked Deeks’ interactions with Granger and Nell’s fight scene and Deeks talking about him and Kensi. Also I KNEW Hetty was behind sending Kensi away, I just had a sneaking suspicion ever since The Frozen Lake…
    anyway, there is still time before the reunion and I have a feeling that starting next episode, things will start to heat up if they haven’t already…
    it’s all building towards the 18th episode and I am certain that we will not be disappointed…

  14. Richtsje

    sindee, you did a great job with your recap – picking the right quotes & pics: well done!
    All in all it was fun watching, never minding the mixing of so many storylines it might get confusing indeed. There was something for all, and over all it was okay.

    Best scenes? Nell’s, IMO!
    Deeks was great with Cinderella & granger and hey, how about the banter between Sam & Callen?

    What leaves me curious is why Granger kept asking around if anyone had contacted Kensi, and Hetty’s reacting on the classified file. What’s in there?

    About Joelle… Could it be that Callen does have a week spot for sweet and redheads {remember Kristen Donnelly, Cherise Dawson. Perhaps Nell?}

  15. Kyla

    Hi sindee, your recap is great – and some of my favorite scenes of this ep are captured perfectly.
    I did like this episode, especially Granger and how the others (re)acted around him. The facial hair comment from Eric, the info from Granger to Hetty about Eric and Nell’s strange behaviour … But I do agree – it seemed off, Kensi in Afghanistan but present in every ep so we don’t forget her? (as if that was even remotely possible). Brown running conveniently to Sams car, Sam and Callen driving to Deeks and Granger to interrogate the “bad” guy – why not bring him to the boatshed? … And please: no more romantic entanglement. It’s enough already (whoever came up with this blind date and Callen actually falling for it?). I loved the ep ‘Merry Evasion’ – I could live with more of that *ggg* warm cocoon of safety *ggg*

  16. VirtualFriend

    This ep was imo not that bad, I liked the bantering between Callen and Sam. The last episodes are just a little off, they are compensating the absence of DR with extra screen time for Nell, Granger and more bantering between Callen and Sam.
    SB keeps saying that the pregnancy of DR turns out to be a good thing but it’s not. I hope she comes back real fast because without the interaction between Kensi and Deeks this show is (for me) a lot less interesting.

    The acting of RS was good in the fight scene at the end, although not very realistic. I mean, why does Nell go to the boat shed without any support? Why does she go in the interrogation room so far? This Private Contractor has for sure skills in close combat, petit Nell would have no change against this man. Why is she still standing close to this man after the warning Callen send her.
    After the struggle, why does this man, already in possession of the gun, come close to the table? He could easily left the shed or (worst case scenario) get on his knees and shoot Nell under the table…

  17. LasiaMsinred

    Great recap,Sindee!! I love how you manage to pick the best screencaps.

    All in all it wasn’t a bad episode. We had some great Callen/Sam banter. G is scared of Michelle? Good to know 😉
    Granger was awesome! Boy,that bad knee…really painful. I always imaged him to be like that as an field agent. Direct,smart and a bit thin on patience. I also liked that it was Deeks who asked him to accompany him in the field. IMO he asked in quite an elegant and relaxed way. (Granger could have said no )
    It was kind of him to give Nell his hoodie and I liked how he complimented her with the “Big stones,Jones.” Deeks is a warm,kind and caring person,aside from being a great operator. It’s easy to miss these qualities bc we “naturally” expect this kind of behavior from him when he’s around Kensi simply bc it’s Kensi. We definitely need to see him with some other team members.
    “Guntwister” is my new game of the month 😉
    Nell totally kicked ass! Great fight! Even though it surprised that she was alone with Brown. Aren’t there always armed men standing around in boatshed? UNLESS, some tells them to leave? I get that we needed the fighting scene,the boys coming to her rescue,but the circumstances were quite a bummer for me.
    The Nell and Eric scene was really sweet and “unforced” I totally agree.
    I still wonder why the used the name “Elise” again? When I heard I automatically thought of Blogger-Elise,turns out it wasn’t her.Well,maybe the wanted to create some tension for all the Callen girls out there like the blind date wasn’t enough….speaking of that…C’mon you all knew I would comment on it 😉
    Of course,I was curious about it,especially after reading that it doesn’t necessarily has/had to be a romantic date. I secretly hoped to meet Sam’s mom **I had the impression that they met and I’m sure Momma Hanna cares about G** or that the date was meant to be for Michelle and Sam and they tricked Callen into last-minute-babysitting. I looked forward to see Uncle Callen in action.
    Here’s the deal. I don’t like the concept of blind dates or of people,most likely friends and family,tricking someone into a date like Michelle,Sam & Hetty(???) did.
    He is perfectly capable (so is everyone else) of finding a woman on his own. Even though I believe that those things happen spontaneously like meeting some at the coffee shop,the book store,simply running into someone. If he’s interested he WILL make his move.
    It felt like it wasn’t the G.Callen we know,sitting at this table.The whole scenario wasn’t his style.
    I want Callen to find the love of his life(mushy,touchy feely I know;) ) Well, I want him to be happy and if these two aspect,somehow merge…. BUT if it doesn’t happen then it just won’t.He’ll survive.
    Anyway, Jo is a really sweet lady but I don’t think she’s the one. We’ll find a good man.Maybe one of Sam’s Navy Seal Buddies 😉

  18. IHTS

    First If I hear one more comment about how cute it was that Deeks gave Nell his sweatshirt I think I’ll scream, it was the appropriate thing to do by a gentleman –similar to opening a car door, stepping aside to allow a woman to enter an elevator. Although maybe I was a bit surprised since I do think Deeks has a dark side that he uses arrogance and sarcasm (disguised as humor) to hide — Second, she shouldn’t have been there to begin with — PLEASE NCIS WRITERS KEEP HER OUT OF THE FIELD. Its kind of the same as watching Miley Cyrus trying to be sexy — really awkward and you’re just embarrassed for her.

  19. ananova

    One thing I realized nobody had commented on yet. When Sam first mentioned dinner at the beginning of the episode, Callen asked if he was going to try to talk him into being guardian for their kids (I guess in the case of something happening to him and Michelle). And Callen starts going on about how that would be a bad thing. I think he would make a great dad and just didn’t want to contemplate losing his best friend and closest thing to a family he has. What do the rest of you think?

  20. Lumy_Mee

    Nice recap. As for the episode, for me, without the scenes between Sam and Callen and Kensi appearing in every episode, I would stop watching. The cases in LA are lame and the team has lost its unity and sparkle with Kensi gone. Sorry, but the more they put Nell into focus, the more I dislike the character, to me she just wastes important story time.

  21. IHTS

    There has been tons of fist pumping and tweeting lately about the high ratings for NCIS LA and lets face it the numbers are really amazing — almost unbelievable.

    Just a thought—The Frozen Lake episode should have been one of the highest rated episodes of all five seasons right??? My God it was the did they or didn’t they Densi episode how the hell could people not watch!! —-It was actually the lowest rated episode EVER. In looking back I think the lead in to that episode
    was one of the Christmas cartoons —maybe Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. HMMM so without NCIS as a lead in — Is NCIS LA really that good of a TV show or is there just nothing else on network TV Tuesday’s at 9pm so people just leave their TV tuned to CBS and then throw in a load of delicates. (whoops that’s just me!!) Just for shits and giggles (I love that phrase) I would like to see a first run episode of NCIS LA on a different night up against the Olympics, Modern Family, Scandal or even IDOL this year (Harry Connick is a pisser!!) to see what the ratings do when its not slotted between two of the best iconic shows on TV. I have always believed that arrogance is an awesome quality as long as you can back it up—so all the arrogant fist pumping #bestcrewinhollywood, #bestcastinhollwood, #densi cast and crew “spoilers” and tweets I would like to see backed up by the NCIS LA cast and crew cutting the apron strings from the mothership. I am completely numb by season 5 — The entire season is way off the mark with procedural crime show screenwriters trying to write romantic drama– I think ……not a really great idea (my opinion!!) Also I can’t believe a cast member’s pregnancy threw the whole show off its axis — holy crap this is not the first time this has happened —TALK TO YOUR PEERS OUT THERE OTHERS HAVE HANDLED PREGNANCIES WITH FAR LESS DRAMA!!!!
    But even though I know there are many out there that agree with me that Season 5 is by far the worst season of NCIS LA and does not even come close to seasons 2 thru 4 we won’t get those types of episodes back unless the ratings fall way off and that won’t happen as long as the show stays in its current time slot. Guess we are doomed for mediocrity from this show.
    I think someone on twitter earlier this week ( one of those I love everybody and everything and I only give positive praise people) tweeted that people who are being negative about NCIS LA this season shouldn’t watch ===I think that person should be careful what they wish for — I think there may be more of us out there than anyone thinks.

  22. Domingo

    I do agree the this episode was not the greatest in this series, but I did have the advantage of watching it back to back with episode three it was a prequel, which was just shown on UK TV, so it was a bit like watching two parter.

    It was bity and did not go anywhere, they spent very little time on the case it’s self and there were some inconstancies.

    There were however some redeeming points, liked the banter between Sam and Callen their timing is so good, favourite comment:- Callen to Sam “unlike you I am not afraid of you wife!”

    The interaction between Granger and Hetty, gets better all the time.

    Nell’s fight scene, she is a tough one, and then she appeared wearing Deeks sweater, Nice.

    They are finding good use for the trailers used in the redundant “Red” episodes.

    Like Kensie sneaking a look into the boys sleeping accommodation.
    I do like Sabbatino, and I don’t think he is the mole, but I do wonder if he is being set up as a possible future team member if as rumoured one of the team may be leaving at the end of the season, I for one would be happy to see him in the team, but would be sad to see someone go.

    It was nice to see Dylan Bruno I liked him in Numb3rs, pity it was such a short appearance.

    Now for some questions:- What reason did Hetty have for sending Kensie to Afghanistan?

    Why did they send Nell to the Boat house without back up, In previous episodes there have been guards around in the back ground.

    How does Granger think they are in touch with Kensie? He should ask Hetty that question.

    When Callen and Sam picked up the Croatian, I would have thought Callen would have spoken to him in either Croatian or Russian, most creations speak Russian.

    And NO I did not like Sam setting Callen up with a date, rather a childish ploy as if they are saying it is about time Callen had some romance, and that’s fine by me, but this way, I would like Hetty to be right when she said “Callen won’t be pleased. Probably wrong on this one.

    1. LasiaMsinred

      I totally agree with you about the date.The set up was rather childish. I don’t wanna dig too deep but Callen has trust issues and Sam knows that he himself is one of the few people G trusts so lying to him/tricking him,even if wasn’t a too serious matter, was not the right thing to do.

  23. Domingo

    I forgot to say in my previous post, how nicw it was to see Callen being so tender and gentle with Nell when she was injured, this is not a side we have seen from Callen, and I think we should see more of it.

    We know that he cares about Sam and worries about the team, but they have shown a more caring Callen and they could develope that.

    1. Virtual Friend

      “Nice it was to see Callen being so tender and gentle”? That was imho guilt! He send Nell to ‘babysit’ without support. In a more realistic script she would have been dead!

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