NCIS Los Angeles “Windfall” Picture Recap By @sindee303

Guess he won’t tell them where the money is.

Guess he won’t tell them where the money is.

Aww... The Boys are caring about Kensi.

Aww… The Boys are caring about Kensi.

Welcome back !!

Welcome back !!

Uh-oh... Hetty would like to speak with them...

Uh-oh… Hetty would like to speak with them…

OPS? Oh come, it’s not *that* bad up there... ;)

OPS? Oh come, it’s not *that* bad up there… 😉

Can you spell "Fifth Wheel"... :)

Can you spell “Fifth Wheel”… 🙂

“This isn’t what I wanted. Not like this.”

This isn’t what I wanted. Not like this.

“So, what’s the harm?” Niiice...

So, what’s the harm?” Niiice…

“How you think Kensi and Eric gonna do together ?” “Someone will make it.”

How you think Kensi and Eric gonna do together ?
Someone will make it.

Woah... that’s some serious gunpower... DUCK !!

Woah… that’s some serious gunpower… DUCK !!



"Somnambulant is a sleepwalker. Kinda like what you do on the job."

Somnambulant is a sleepwalker. Kinda like what you do on the job.

Bromance commencing in 3... 2... 1

Bromance commencing in 3… 2… 1

“I am the money.”

I am the money.

“Unbelievable – he didn’t get the figs.”

Unbelievable – he didn’t get the fix.

Niiice catch !!

Niiice catch !!

“Styled by pillow.” ECO should trademark that.

Styled by pillow.
ECO should trademark that.

“My team, my call.”

My team, my call.

Agent Mansfield ?? Ah, thanks for the explanation.

Agent Mansfield ?? Ah, thanks for the explanation.

“For some they are just history. For me they’re names and faces.” That’s OUR HETTY !!

For some they are just history. For me they’re names and faces.
That’s OUR HETTY !!

He knows about the Densi Thing ?! OK...

He knows about the Densi Thing ?! OK…

“I tap and I hum when I’m bored. I also whistle and I click my tongue.”

I tap and I hum when I’m bored. I also whistle and I click my tongue.

“So much for staying in touch.”

So much for staying in touch.

“Agent-ing.” Gotta love Eric and his word creations.

Agent-ing.” Gotta love Eric and his word creations.

“She’s bored and restless, Hetty. And I don’t blame her.”

She’s bored and restless, Hetty. And I don’t blame her.

Let’s face it... Howard is not the brightest candle on the tree... LOL

Let’s face it… Howard is not the brightest candle on the tree… LOL

WHOA - what a twist !!

WHOA – what a twist !!

Deeks, catching bad guys.

Deeks, catching bad guys.

“You know when you really want something. And you get it  but somehow it’s not the way wanted it at all.” Is that a metaphor or am I reading too much into it ??

You know when you really want something. And you get it but somehow it’s not the way wanted it at all.
Is that a metaphor or am I reading too much into it ??

“Jukebox.” “I think you mean jackpot.”

I think you mean jackpot.

“I want my partner back. I need her back.” 5 months ??!!

I want my partner back. I need her back.

100 $ bills instead of 45’s ?? Great idea !!

100 $ bills instead of 45’s ?? Great idea !!

Right at the front... how convenient !! [/sarcasm]

Right at the front… how convenient !! [/sarcasm]

Nell in control !! LOOOVE !!

Nell in control !! LOOOVE !!

Oh, he was only the bait ?? I got that... but not that he was into it... niiiice !!

Oh, he was only the bait ?? I got that… but not that he was into it… niiiice !!

Oh, THAT Pinot !!! LOL

Oh, THAT Pinot !!! LOL

“We won’t know until you’re back out there.”

We won’t know until you’re back out there.

“And there she is.”

And there she is.

“It’s good to be back.”
“It’s good to have you back.”

Dear readers, since I’m on the road today visiting a fellow #NCISLAFamilia member (YAY!!) I’m kinda short on time and I’m going to leave all the commenting to you… so – please let us know what you think about the episode !! Thanks !! 🙂

15 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Windfall” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. Spokoze

    Give 5×20 Windfall kudos for keeping me guessing till the end. It was a good episode for RFS.
    Seriously 52 episodes a year wouldn’t be enough for me.

    Still don’t understand the relationship between Hetty and Granger.
    Sure his character is spoze to stir the pot and all, but he doesn’t add up.
    He disgustedly told the whole team earlier this season, “You deserve each other….” but takes a bullet in the shoulder fighting for this team in another.
    He has told Hetty how good the team is…threatened Callen AND then told Callen it was a good mission last week.
    Lets see….last season told Kensi he had high aspirations and wanted to take her with him, then last week implied she was playing him.
    Granger told Deeks –he going to Afghanistan would be like a Lampoon Vacation movie, then never acknowledged it was Deeks prisoner exchange that saved all their butt’s……
    Granger and Hetty go way back… they sip scotch, but not tea together; Hetty can casually say, “..Aw…he’s been shot in that shoulder before…” —like she was there….
    They have this enduring yet adversarial relationship…speak with the same pace, tone, diction and sage wisdom.They are close to the same age…shake well—-would seem Granger and Hetty were deeply emotionally/romantically involved some 30 years earlier…….??

    Very much appreciated the return to natural affection there at the end.

  2. SnoopGirl

    Great recap! Loved the “styled by pillow” line from Deeks 🙂
    Would LOVE to see Deeks in rollers 🙂

    “Unbelievable – he didn’t get the fix.” -> “he didn’t get the figs.”

  3. tati

    Finally Kensi is back. I have to agree with Eric: She is bored up in OPS. She doesn’t belong there but out in the field. And Hetty doesn’t give her a chanse to prove herself. I believe Kensi was mad with Nell because she took her place in the field. But Nell is good with where she is and she doesn’t want to take Kensi’s place.

    Nell was awesome in last night’s episode. The way she handle that guy in the park with Deeks was worth everything. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that she called Deeks her partner. We all know that she is not and she will never be. Eric is her partner and in my opinion she belongs in OPS. It’s early for her to go in the field and the fact that Hetty send her was a mistake.

    Deeks was not just happy because his partner was back but because she was smiling again. And that smile is the reason Deeks lives and breathes everyday. To see that beautiful smile in his partner’s face.

    Compering the last two episodes it was like we saw two different Kensi(s). I mean in the Spoils of war she was cring (something that has happen in only 3 episodes) and in the Windfall she was smiling like nothing has happened. Well that’s probably good because it means she feels much better (though she doesn’t seem). To be honest I thought she and Granger would have a talk aboiut what happened in Afghanistan but they didn’t.

    I was so sure that both Hetty and Granger knew something about Densi and I hoped they would share it with us but they didn’t. I am sure we will find it out in the next 4 episodes left.

    I am wondering whether Kensi knows the reason Hetty send her in Afghanistan or not. Probably if Kensi knew she will be angry with Hetty and asking her for answers.

    I am also wondering what kind of relationship did Hetty and Jack have so that he asked her for help. I am sure we will find it out too till the season finaly. I don’t want this season to end because then it’s going to be a painful summer waiting for season 6. But it will be worth it waiting. Whriters always do their best.

    P.S.Check my new video on youtube:

    It is based on the ”Afghanistan story”, Kensi’s disappearance and her rescue.

    1. Jess

      I think Nell’s use of the word “partner” was correct, in this instance because for that particular scene, she and Deeks WERE partners and were covering each other’s backs. It doesn’t necessarily mean a long-term partnership in this case 😉
      Just had to put that in there, to reassure you 🙂

  4. Charla

    I’m not sure what to think about this episode. Don’t get me wrong I thought it was good. I think they are starting to get back to the NCISLA I remember. I just think they REALLY spoiled us from last week.
    I would also like to see more of the Hetty/Granger backstory. Their relationship really intrigues me. And I like how Granger looks out for Kensi. And Hetty is so sweet looking out for all of them. I like Granger and I hope they give him more screen time in the future.
    Kensi in OPS was funny. I can totally see myself acting that way if I was stuck up there too. I have a feeling that Kensi and Afghanistan is going to play out for the season finale.

  5. vasohara

    “Nell in control”yep I love it too.when kensi went in Afghanistan and Nell enjoy the field I become crazy fun of her, now kensi is back I don’t want this change.After 5 season cases are all almost same for me so,I find little boring this, I believe if writers focus at Granger and Hetty relationship we could have some brilliant episodes, and I understand both them,missions come always first what ever is the cost. Deeks and Hetty’s conversation we had see again “if it is something more ” if Deeks want a answer he must admit his feeling first otherwise Ηetty he continue to pay him with the same answer every time something like this happen.KEEP NELL IN THE FIELD!

  6. skippy2105

    Thank you for the pics recap. It was nice.

    That was probably the only nice thing about this episode.
    It was downright boring (the ep, not the recap).
    Am I the only one who thinks that the stories are getting worse and the action is lacking?
    I don’t know why maybe the are focussing too much on characters (always the same ones) or they are runnning out of great stories. But compared to S1-3 it disappoints right now.
    Please help me because probably I am missing something that you see and love. It would be great to have some support to love NCIS LA again.

    1. vasohara

      no skippy i agree with you they focus at characters and we miss from the action season 3 was the best season i think !where is the story with callen’s family or xavier and i believe season 6 must have at least one new person at the team !

  7. VirtualFriend

    Hmm, at first Kensi is kind of ‘stonewalling’ Deeks with his coffee gesture (after 5 months absence?). She was irritated when he spoke to her on the phone…? What are we supposed to make of that?
    At the end of the ep the opposite, very friendly and inviting body language. Kensi reacting playfully to the joke that Nell was starting to fall in love with Deeks.
    Still expecting the axe to fall on the Densi ship before the end of the season because of recent comments/interviews by DR ans ECO.

  8. mckenna

    I enjoyed this episode. It was nice to have Kensi back and have things start to go back to normal, can’t wait for the team to really be back to normal. Although I don’t understand why Kensi was so bored in OPs. In season 1 she spent a lot of time in there and working on the computers, she was also good at forensics and she hasn’t lip-read since early season 2. Wish that wasn’t forgotten now.
    I thought it was a nice surprise to bring up things from season 2, not only Sam’s fear of clowns, but he got to use his wine expert alias he mentioned in ‘Black Widow’. I enjoyed this, and the way they found where the money was hiding was great.
    G and Sam’s banter was so good! And thankfully Joelle wasn’t the source of it, or even mentioned at all. Had to laugh at G’s ‘I am the money’. 🙂
    I wish we had more Hetty episodes. There’s so much to explore and the little bit of Hetty history we got left me wanting to know more.
    I wasn’t bored with it, but it sounds like some were. It did feel like a filler episode, but I don’t love it any less. It was refreshing to me to have a regular episode after Afghanistan.

  9. Linda

    Thank you for the recap. I really enjoyed this episode. I know that it will not satisfy everyone, but it was nice to see the team back together again. The banter was great between Sam and Callen and there was a change in roles for several characters. Nell was in the field and Kensi was in OPS. It was clear that Kensi did not belong there and in fact did not want to be there. I am of two minds about Nell. I think her skills really make her shine in OPS with Eric. But, who knows? Several people have talked about back stories. I would definitely want more about Callen for a start and Granger and Hetty. In fact we really need to know more about them all. I liked the story here and I know that it wasn’t as exciting as last week’s, but it did lighten up the atmosphere a little. It was good to see them as a team and it will be interesting to see how Kensi adapts to being back. I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

  10. justdreaming-83

    I thought some viewers might feel this episode was a “let down” after the powerful episode from last week. But for me, it was a way of gently coming back to earth, getting the team back together, a “connecting” episode for what is to come.

    I remember the second episode of season 4 was a lighter episode – maybe not less of a story, but more humor. I think that it is normal for the intensity to fluctuate, as long as the plots are good, and we get to see the personalities of our favorite team members.

  11. Lumy Mee

    I did find the episode boring, though I understand they needed to slow down on emotions a bit after the previous one. Still, except for the last scene which actually brought something in terms of emotion and the banter between Sam and Callen, I didn’t care too much about this one. Not a re-watcher.

  12. Debbie

    Thanks for the picture recap – AGAIN ; ))).
    Makes me feel tuned in before being able to watch the ep over here in Germany in a couple of weeks (dubbed, sadly).
    I´m a great fan of “Nell in the field” – she always handles herself with great aplomb and she meshes nicely with Deeks in a very brotherly/friendly/partnerly kind of way.

    Hope they´ll continue mixing up the teams a bit (though, to a lesser degree, naturally, since Kensi is back) as it makes for interesting insights, refreshing dialogue, different chemistry.
    Most interesting combos, now that I think about it, are always when Deeks is thrown into the mix LOL.

    Yup, Granger& Hetty backstory, that could be fun, otherwise let Hetty keep her mystique. I prefer the bits and pieces thrown into the dialogue of individuals eps (like Sinatra, the internet invention instance) to an all blown out Hetty bio exploration.

    And as for Densi: though I´m very much in love with the ship, and equally love how DR + ECO play every nuance of it I will emotionally de-invest (now it is a word) myself at this point and keep my distance.
    Simple: I do not necessarly need “happy ever after” here, but I want to see development (yeah had that to a certain extent (loved Frozen Lake), alluded to mostly), issues addressed in away that fits into the overall storytelling of the show, in way that is emotionally plausible, and then I want to see the characters make their decisions, and see hwo they live them (friends vs. partners all the way).
    I´m certainly through with draw-out ship marathons of the TIVA kind. Will they -won´t they no longer makes me tune in, it makes me loose interest!
    Had hoped that the TPTB on NICIS LA would go beyond that worn-to-drags TV tactic, but interview comments of the Densi actors make feel differently.
    Then afain, it could all be a tease as Brennan + Co excell in that- again to ensure interest.
    Will see, watch the show for the charcters and the stellar acting not so much for the cases.
    My 2 cents, cheers

  13. Buffy

    Does Hetty get off scott free from the whole WG debacle? Yes, she is in charge, but her keeping secrets for no reason other than she could, nearly got Kensi killed, not to mention the rescue would not have been needed. I think Granger might be there to keep some kind of accountability on her. Granger and the back story, after this I think unless Granger did something worse, Hetty ought to lighten up in her attitude towards him. Rant over.
    Other than that it was a good transition episode, Kensi might be o.k. At forensics and stuff, but it is not what she wants to be doing. She knows she is not in the same league as Nell. Nell in the field makes her jealous, not of Deeks, but being in the field. IMO. Glad she can speak about the experiencen passing without a meltdown.
    Loved the call back to Sams wine expertise, and clowns. Nell and Deeks really are fun together. I would like to see Callen partnered with someone else now and then.
    Thank you for this commentary, your work IS appreciated!

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