NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #9 – Eric Moment

Right there from the crossover episode we had the joy of experiencing Eric Beale and we had a lot of great Eric moments in the last six seasons of NCIS Los Angeles.

Name your favorite(s) !!

We’re posting a ‘Suggestion Thread’ with a certain topic (in this case: Eric Moment) and YOU ALL can leave a (or many) comments with YOUR favorite moments regarding this topic.
After we have collected all your favorite moments to our topics we will start polls to find out the ’10 Favorite Moments’ of each topic.
And voilá we’ll have our ‘150 NCISLA Moments’ in no time…

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10 thoughts on “NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #9 – Eric Moment

  1. Rayanne

    Think its the ep Gold Standard when he has the conversation about the costumes in front of everyone.
    Also love the ep Big Brother when he hears the teen ask Callen if he’s the guy who’s smarter than him.

  2. PK

    Impact – “Virtually.”(3 times). “I knew Hetty was a robot but now him?”

    Shoot, I can’t remember the ep but where Eric and Nell are having the chair race up in the ops.

    Inelegant Heart – Deeks/Kensi wrestling — “What are you, communist?”

  3. Caroline

    The conversation with Callen on the stairs in Raven and Swans when Callen asks him about Grace.

    When he gets frelted

    His lenghthy explanation to Granger about nucleair bombs in the episode with the stolen nukes : “let’s do the math….”

  4. ChrisDaisy

    I think there have been a lot of great Eric moments throughout the six seasons. These are some of my favorites:

    Eric saving the day and everything and everyone in „Zero Days“.

    Eric breaking the internet in „Empty Quiver“.

    Definitely „Big Brother“ when the girl says „Oh, you’re the smart one.“

    Eric, his agent skills and his pen in „Unwritten Rule“: „I could kill you with my pen.“

    Eric going on a date with Abby in „Random on Purpose“.

    Eric being arrested in his pajama pants in „Zero Days“.

    „Honor“ when Eric poses as security at the airport to hold off Akio Tanaka.

    Eric being questioned by the DOJ in „Praesidium“.

    When he calls the cam hidden in the garden gnome „Hetty cam“ – I think this was „Impact“.

    Eric almost being „frelted“ in „Rocket Man“.

    Eric driving the segway in “Full Throttle”.

    Hunter forbidding Eric from whistling in „Cyber Threat“.

    Eric celebrating 1.000 Facebook friends in „Search and Destroy“.

    Eric turning all systems off in „Burned“: „Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially offline.“

    Eric guiding Callen through the video game in „Search and Destroy“.

  5. Bee

    – When he said “I like your beard, you look like a pirate” to Granger
    – The fact that he is unable to deal with wearing pants and Nell cuts the khakis off for him. (Sorry, can’t remember the episode)

  6. Claire

    When he said ”I love your beard” to Granger.
    When he explained to Sam that his old chair was sent to Africa.

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