NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #11 – Hetty Moment

Hetty’s always in for a good moment…

Name your favorite(s) !!

We’re posting a ‘Suggestion Thread’ with a certain topic (in this case: Hetty Moment) and YOU ALL can leave a (or many) comments with YOUR favorite moments regarding this topic.
After we have collected all your favorite moments to our topics we will start polls to find out the ’10 Favorite Moments’ of each topic.
And voilá we’ll have our ‘150 NCISLA Moments’ in no time…

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12 thoughts on “NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #11 – Hetty Moment

  1. Sandy

    – her sneaking up on pretty much everyone (and if I remember correctly, we see her smile a small smile almost every time)

    – when she lets out some tidbits from her life (like ruling Nicaragua for 72 hours)

    – when she gets the house for Callen (I guess either late Season 1 or early Season 2)

    – the special bond she has with Callen, later also with Nell

    – how she handles Granger in his first appearances

    there are definitely much more special moments, but I can’t remember them right now

  2. Céline Floret

    Every conversation she has with Callen and the others like the one with Kensi and Deekss in Neighbourhood Watch.
    When she gives up informations about her past.
    When she watches the team on the plane back to L.A.
    When she uses Eric’s ride.
    When she’s undercover with Nate, hilarious !!!

  3. Natalie Ryan

    When she sneaks up on them (always).
    When she went undercover with Nate and she said “Meet Felix”
    When she resigned and went to Romania at the end of season 2
    When she sneaked up on Nate and Kensi in 1×13 while they looked in Arkady’s file on her private computer.

  4. Mary Kleinsmith

    When she told Callen, “Asset management is my responsibility, and you are an asset – that is, when you’re not being a pain in the asset.”

  5. amyabn

    Let’s see:
    -when she rode the Segway around the bullpen
    -her reaction to the news that Eric put a camera in a garden gnome and called it the Hetty cam
    -her pep talks to Kensi about men (the line about having a french maid’s outfit in her boudoir sticks out), her giving Kensi advice about the right guy coming around (and then Deeks walks in)
    -when she was upset about the internet crashing while she was watching the viral video of a cat on a trampoline
    -You have to see the deleted scene of her and Arkady on the finale. “Klara?”

  6. Gina Callen

    Any time she talks with Callen and every time she says oh bugger. Pretty much anything she’s on screen HETTY ROCKS!

  7. Elizabeth

    Just a few of my Hetty favorites:


    • Mr. Callen, I don’t take kindly to being tailed.

    • Forget diamonds, plausible deniability is a gal’s best friend.

    • We both know you don’t have the balls. (this one still makes me cringe)

    • . . . . . and I have plans for you, Mr. Callen.

    I LOVE HETTY! (Callen and me)

  8. Richtsje

    Like others said, those great and personal conversations she has with Callen. One of the best so far when she reveals to him that she knew his mother.

    Loved how Hetty was on the yacht where she practically shoos Owen Granger away

    same episode, sitting at a bar with Callen

    the moment she has a discussion with Alexa Comescu, realizes her cover is gone yet remains so calm

    so many more which I cannot even remember

  9. I Feel Possessed

    Her one on one conversations with Callen (which seem to becoming rarer as the seasons progress)

    Hetty & Nate undercover at the funeral parlour & at the end where she calls Sam out on calling her “shorty”

    The anecdotes – her little stories about her past that slip out every now and again

    Generally, her passion to protect her team & to achieve the mission (although S7 might show her in a different light re: Callen?)

  10. Natalie Ryan

    Hetty riding the mechanical bull and singing “Wanted Dead or Alive” (although we didn’t see that). Bon Jovi is one of my favorite bands, what can I say more about that.
    When she said to Sam “Maybe Sam is the one driving the car, but Uncle Sam pays the bill”.

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