NCISLA Boss Shane Brennan on Season Six

The Season 5 finale of CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles — as it was titled — left Sam and Callen in “Deep Trouble,” locked inside a small sub rigged with explosives and headed for a target unknown, and with no way to contact their colleagues. Hetty meanwhile pulled another of her disappearing acts, and Deeks realized that three is most definitely a crowd.

TVLine invited showrunner Shane Brennan to teases the Season 6 premiere — airing Sept. 29, in its new Mondays-at-10/9c time slot – and beyond.

TVLINE | Where do things pick up with the premiere? Are you going to, like, show us that everything’s fine and dandy then do “24 Hours Earlier…,” or are you jumping right in where we left off?
We jump right in. We left Sam and Callen stuck in a drug cartel sub that was…

TVLINE | Filled to the gills with ammonium nitrate.
… and we come back right on top of it. It’s just continuous action. It’s a very, very intense opening episode, and at one point both Callen and Sam realize that in order to stop what they’ve discovered is a terrorist attack, they will have to, in fact, die. So it’s pretty full on.

TVLINE | “Assuming” here that Sam and Callen survive, what is the big question surrounding the premiere?
The big question is: How the hell are they going to get out of this? But there are a number of questions, you know. We left a bit of a mystery at the end of last season as to what was actually going on with these terrorists, including: What’s their target? And it’s a very credible target. When Sam and Callen discover that, they realize that they’ve got to stop this thing from happening, but they’re totally isolated. They’re fighting a losing battle. Meanwhile, back at Ops, the question for Granger and for Hetty is: How do we stop it the Navy from taking unilateral action to stop the terrorists?

TVLINE | Because we all know how that can shake out – “We’ll blow it up even if it means sacrificing two of our guys for the greater good.”
Exactly, and it puts them all under really intense pressure. Kensi and Deeks, meanwhile, are sort of tracking down as much information as they can, while both having their moments with Talia (returning guest star Mercedes Masohn).

TVLINE | Yeah. I’ve heard that as provocative as the finale was, it perhaps doesn’t compare to the events of the premiere. Is that true?
If you like Kensi and Deeks, and you’re intrigued by Talia, you are in for a kind of pretty full-on moment. And what’s great about it is there’s a particular moment between Kensi and TaliaNCIS LA Season 6 Spoilers that is resolved beautifully, in terms of the way the characters resolve their personal relationship and the way the two of them then have fun with Deeks. There’s a lot fun for Kensi/Deeks fans in this one. There really is.

TVLINE | Outside of titillating us a bit, what larger purpose does thrusting Talia into this situation serve for the show?
It makes Kensi, particularly, focus on her relationship with Deeks. Because Talia poses some questions of her own to Kensi that makes Kensi stop and think. She also gives Kensi some, let’s call it, “unasked-for advice.”

TVLINE | Oh, so is Mercedes around for more than the premiere?
She is around for a little bit more. And there’s always a possibility she may well return deeper into the season as well.

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5 thoughts on “NCISLA Boss Shane Brennan on Season Six

  1. Debbie

    Thanks for sharing ; ))

    I always tread very carefully on the ground of those Brennan “interviews” as they usually do not hold very much pertinent information.

    Having said that, Iḿ looking forward to the early Hetty arc and hope they make the most out of it.

    One character I hope will get lost asap (no matter what the boss says) is Talia. Not so much because of me being an avid Densi shipper or because of the character itself but of the way they utilize her in the series.

    I mean it’s just this annoying jealousy-cum-mirror-thrust-in-your face” with the girls probably ganging up on Deeks and
    THIS is just SOOO OLD and boring.
    Deeks is too easy and obvious a target (gang up on Callen/Sam much more fun) and the above mentioned “we-make-Kensi-think-ploy”: can they go about this a bit more subtle and loads more intelligently?
    Maybe in a new fresh way?
    Maybe interesting to play with the characters in that way from an INSIDE POV, as a viewer I’m just bored by the “Talia device”.
    Thank y ou.

  2. Fenix

    “They keep teasing with no intent on ever deliver and I get bored with being jerked around.”
    “Kensi/Deeks is getting just as bad as Tony/Ziva was.”
    “The old Moonlightning curse has been replaced with the “tease our viewers forever until they get pissed of and give up” curse.”
    “There are a lot of us out there that only watch for Deeks and Kensi. There are a lot more of us than you know.”
    “we don’t want the soap part we want the real life relationship part.”
    “Kensi is an adult. She doesn’t need Talia to push her into anything. Let me take that back she shouldn’t need Talia to push her into anything.”
    “The teasing us with no plans on ever delivering is about to make people stop watching.”
    “I find nothing intriguing about Talia, the way she acts or the way they are doing this triangle.”
    “I agree. I’ve never in real life seen a relationship take 5 years to develop. They can’t even call it a relationship; it’s still a “thing.” It’s irritating.”
    “This is seriously getting ridiculous. It’s Tiva rewritten for Densi.”
    This is few reactions from others, and I agree with all of them.
    My reaction?
    The Blacklist I will watch live, NCIS LA save in DVR, and I says goodbye to NCIS mothership…. (first episode in S12, was total nonsense. I am don’t believe Glasberg “creativity” anymore.)
    If S.B. want use same way like Glasberg, he can.
    But I definitely don’t wait next few years for……NOTHING.
    Now I am educated from NCIS, from Tiva crap.
    Same trick, doesn’t work twice.
    Yes, that’s just happened.

  3. Linda

    I for one hate the whole Kensi/Deeks/Talia thing. Seriously, didn’t catfights go out with Dynasty in the 80’s? NCISLA needs to go back to the kinds of storylines they had in the early seasons. Give me more Callen and Sam stories any day.

    1. Jan

      I haven’t seen anyone say anything positive about the “triangle” nonsense. From the start, it’s been so poorly written that it demeans all the characters involved. And I say that as someone who really liked Talia in FOOW. She was such a fun, playful, almost impish character in that episode, like a female version of Deeks, and I would love to see her come back that way rather than as the poor plot device that she was used as in DT1.

      But I don’t think that the solution to the show’s numerous season 5 problems is to go back to a focus on Callen’s backstory or Sam/Callen bromance. That was never enough to make me watch in season one, and it won’t be now. I do understand the backlash against the Deeks/Kensi stuff. But bad writing doesn’t mean that these characters need to be pushed aside – it just means the writing for them needs to improve.

      Consider for a moment, would you still want Sam and Callen stories if all they ever talked about was boxes, frozen lakes and raccoons? Or would you be shaking your head and wondering what the hell the writers had done to your characters?

  4. Lisa-Marie

    Why is Joelle not going to continue to be Callen’s girlfriend in season 6
    I really liked her and she was prefect for him

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