NCISLA Magazine Game Day #19

If the team went on a group holiday, where would their destination be?

7 thoughts on “NCISLA Magazine Game Day #19

  1. blue dogs rock!!!!!

    i would send them to London or Paris!! there is lot of places they could go on the home front or internationally!!!

  2. Richtsje

    London, of course!
    Hetty will show them several historical highlights and they should have a study visit to MI5 and SIS.

  3. Buffy

    Iceland, so Sam could have been everywhere a James Bond Movie has been. Except the moon, they could all go skiing together.

  4. tati

    Probably Hawaii so that will be able to do what he loves. It’s a place where you can relax and our team needs a rest.

  5. B

    They would have to go to the land down under! Australia. Yes it’s a long flight but I’m sure that they would find ways to entertain themselves

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