Next… on NCISLA! Blaze of Glory (6×19) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

Next graphic Blaze of Glory (6×19) Preview
by Gayle (@DensiLand)

Written by: Joe Sachs; Directed by: Terrence O’Hara

Official CBS Press Release – “Blaze of Glory” – When a missile test is hijacked and sent off course, the team searches for the hacking group responsible for the attack with the help of a young computer specialist Hetty brings in to assist the team. Also, Nell sees the bond between the tech guru and Eric and she becomes jealous, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, March 30 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

While this week’s episode, “Blaze of Glory” might evoke memories of Bon Jovi’s 90s hit rock anthem, this definitely isn’t an accurate interpretation of the familiar title. No, in this case “Blaze” is a rare name, the name of the young female “techy” Hetty applies to aid the investigation. Now wait a minute. Two issues immediately require attention. First, between Nell and Eric the overwhelming expertise of The Wonder Twins requires supplemental input? This must be a very specialized technical element demanding additional brain bandwidth for the Masters of Ops.

Second, yet another “stranger” is invited into the Mission? Really? They’ve already been “infiltrated” more than once. Of all people, has Hetty not learned her lesson? They’ve dealt with the malicious Mathias, a battery of DOJ investigators, their specially-skilled and wise (but now dearly departed) Gurkha, and even held hostage by a mole-ish colleague’s patsy. (And all of that was just this season!) With all this new foot-traffic it’s beginning to feel like the Office of Special Projects’ cover might have morphed from a condemned Spanish Mission into a friendly neighborhood convenience store! So applying faith in the Operations Manager, could this youngster be a personal acquaintence or perhaps an even younger version of the still-unknown-ultimately-IQ-gifted Miss Jones with a particular knowledge niche? This girl must have something if her clearance is higher than Deeks (not that we actually know what that means).

It’s one thing to compare brain power, but it’s yet another to compete in matters of the heart. So Eric will form some connection to the youthful Blaze. Will this be based solely on intellect or might they share other commonalities? Is their something about the young woman that intrigues the often bumbling Beale to the beautiful Blaze? If there’s one thing we’ve learned about this close-knit team, it’s their shared familial possessiveness. However, similar to Densi, Neric is in a completely different category. What even happened during their holiday escape and has there been any sort of resulting shift in their non-technical togetherness?

We’ve seen Eric get his “shorts in a twist” when the duo encountered both Nate and even case-related geeks as he’s awkwardly attempted to stake his claim with the Mighty Nell. However, it sounds like the roles may be flipped in this instance. A jealous Nell. That could very well be the most dangerous aspect of the entire case! Will Nell keep her emotions locked up in her encrypted mental hard drive or might human nature override the normally controlled intelligence analyst?

Speaking of human nature, Deeks goes deep into child psychology. Could this simply be more insight into his rarely referenced tumulchuous youth (and/or an infusion from ECO’s own college studies)? Perhaps Sam’s prior words about partners and kids prompted Kensi to share the conversation with Deeks. Might the topic of mutant ninja assassins have resurfaced in a more serious manner?

On a related note it seems the revelation of Densi’s status has passed without incident along with Deeks’ own consideration of the calendar. (This seems somewhat strange for a guy so hurt by the honest birthday forgetfulness of his partner….) Financial savvy trumps sentiment? Sounds like a man who honestly works to get the most bang for his buck! They do say “good things come to those who wait”, right? Could this serve as foreshadowing to the highly-anticipated upcoming five year partnership anniversary of Densi? Only time will tell….

Also telling is the effortless inquiry of Callen about a Densi Valentine’s Day. Let the light-hearted mocking ensue – even if none of them really want to know! Further, Kensi immediately responds truthfully, not pausing over the fact the issue is now public knowledge, and everyone continues the conversation as if it’s not a notable change within the team. May this ‘ship only continue its smooth sailing!

The ever-present bromance of Sam and Callen endures even through another disagreement about culinary habits. Regardless of the topic, their vehicle-based verbal sparring is always entertaining! Yet, don’t forget the security of an unknown number of missiles is their primary task. Call it skill; call it luck. The team will again need all it can to solve this latest case – so perhaps Deeks’ delayed “Luck of the Irish” efforts with a few four-leaf clovers aren’t as frivolous as one might expect. Let’s hope those mischievous little leprechauns deliver only “pots of gold” Next… on NCISLA!

5 thoughts on “Next… on NCISLA! Blaze of Glory (6×19) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

  1. Crystal

    “Neric” = Good Grief Shane Brennan (& Co.) That’s what you come up with when there is SO MUCH MORE of the other main characters to explore AND Deek’s I.A. investigation was put out there last week?
    Thank goodness there is a Callen/Sam stakeout scene to help compensate for the nonsense that is “Neric”.
    The outside traffic of people coming through OSP is crazy!
    AND Callen “blowing his cover” to Joelle still hasn’t been addressed — Hetty specifically told him and Sam to Stay away from her so they could maintain their covers? I’m still dwelling on that but in the grand scheme of things, the show was built on the secrecy of the team and their identities and their building being hidden in plain sight. So many loose ends hanging yet we get a “Neric” episode. And so close to the end of the Season.

  2. Rex041085

    Love it that we get a Neric-episode! ^^ My favourite couple. *cough*

    I’m excited to see how Nell will handle her jealousy. ^^

    Love your Preview and your thoughts. 😉

  3. I Feel Possessed

    I enjoyed season 1 when Eric ruled ops. I’m not a fan of Nell and yes it’s nice the support characters get a bit of development, I’m heavily invested in Callen and then Deeks’ stories (Kensi has been done several times and Sam has no secrets in that sense).

    I just hold on to the fact the promos and sneak peeks did not centre around Nell and that even the episodes that do focus more on the supporting characters – actually mainly focus on Sam, Callen, Kensi & Deeks.

    Personally I think CBS should skip this one and go straight to the next episode Rage, so I can get my Callen-fix.

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