Next… on NCISLA! Chernoff, K. (6×24) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

Next graphicChernoff, K. (6×24) Preview

by Gayle (@DensiLand)

Written by: Kyle Harimoto; Directed by: John Peter Kousakis

Official CBS Press Release – “Chernoff, K.” – The case involving Arkady and his personal connection to an oil tanker now leads Callen, Sam, Deeks and Kensi to Moscow, where the team must assume multiple undercover identities to locate their suspects. Meanwhile, Callen uncovers new information regarding his father, on the sixth season finale of NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, May 18 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The finale? Already? Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday Sam and Callen’s brewing bromance was tested in being confined in a sinking sub with a band of brazen baddies? Perhaps more importantly the show-runner, cast & crew, and fans alike were tested with the jolting move to a new night and time. Oh how things can both significantly change, yet steadfastly remain the same over the course of a single season.

As we bid the team another “bon voyage” this time it’s across, rather than under, the sea. In keeping with the show’s strongest theme, Callen’s past is again thrust to the present. We (and he) can expect at least one new notable piece of his puzzle to be placed. As always the usual questions of who, what, when, how, and why deserve consideration.

Callen’s certainly primed to be pushed to his limits in having to juggle his cryptic boss, insightful partner, junior teammates, and a valuable resource stolen to be auctioned/sold by a ruthless assassin all in a foreign land, which is only further complicated by the presence of his baffling “comrade” who obviously has his own agenda that we can expect to be at odds with the agent’s professional directive. Just another typical day in the life of an NCIS Team Leader, right? It’s no wonder this Lone Wolf chooses a personal life of relative simplicity.

As chaotic as this situation seems, it doesn’t even mention the topic of his father! (Hello, elephant in the room!) At the core of this is a man, some old newspaper clippings, a rare coin, and two colleagues who he often questions their truthfulness. This is the foundation of the entire series: it’s about the man, not the mission.

Repeated from last week’s preview, we are again graced with a customary “last name, first initial” title, which begs the question: Who is K. Chernoff? It is expected to be someone with (or who serves as) an piece to Callen’s past. Yet in what capacity? Does Callen make this discovery on his own or do either Hetty or Arkady reveal it to him? Is the admission voluntary, forced, or accidental? Is this person even still alive?

And speaking of our unpredictable pal Arkady, in a rare glimpse behind the scenes, a page of the script was recently posted. Fans are in for more uncomfortably humorous interactions between two of Callen’s oldest associates. While Arkady is accustomed to ruling whatever room he resides and company he keeps, a major exception (in all cases for all people) is Hetty. In the land of the “hammer and sickle”, Henrietta the Hammer will likely feel right at home in their presumed cover house appropriately armed to the teeth! Which of these two incredibly entertaining characters will best deliver an amazing line in this episode? (We might consider who inevitably wins the upper-hand, but that would question Hetty – something no one is foolish enough to attempt!)

On the topic of covers, we’re prompted that each of the four primary team members will “assume multiple undercovers”. Intriguing! Will they be working in tandem, as a group, or individually? What level of danger might each encounter in carrying out their assigned duty? Does this mean they might be lacking traditional back-up, especially in this foreign land?

From the writer of the glorious holiday gift that was “Humbug”, Kyle Harimoto has the exciting, yet nerve-racking task of penning the next NCISLA finale. It’s no small feat to add to the elite group consisting of such notable episodes as the unsettling “Sans Voir” pairing and horrifyingly, breath-stealing “Descent”. Directing the team across this next “finish line” is Executive Producer, John Peter Kousakis. This sends a clear message: By having a “big boss” lead the final charge, there was no messing around with this finale. While the team is most likely to face various forms of jeopardy, with these two, the team (& fans) are solidly in safe and secure hands.

So what hi-jinx might these gentlemen have planned for us to endure and speculate about over the (seemingly endless) summer hiatus?

  • Will Callen gain a new insightful clue about his father and/or past, or will another opportunity dissipate like vapor?
  • Are those Callen trusts actually being truthful with him?
  • What might prompt Callen to seemingly threaten Arkady? Will he be driven to implement his ultimatum?
  • What role will Anna play in Callen’s future?
  • Might Sam have to pull Callen back from going rogue (again)?
  • Will the entire team actually return home safely at the episode’s conclusion, or will some tumultuous turn of events hold them within the borders of Mother Russia?
  • Might they be forced to make an unenviable choice among taking down Karposev, securing the oil, rescuing Anna, and/or keeping each other safe?
  • How will Nell and Eric be challenged to support the team abroad?
  • With the team split between two continents, where’s Granger?
  • How will Kensi once again impress with her lethal knife skills?
  • Will there be any hint about the status of Deek’s Internal Affairs investigation, or will we have to (impatiently) endure the next four months in frustrated anticipation?
  • What other hidden seeds might have been planted throughout the season that just now are brought to light?

As this “super sixth” season comes to a suspicious conclusion, what “cliffhangers” might leave us yearning for more Next… on NCISLA?

3 thoughts on “Next… on NCISLA! Chernoff, K. (6×24) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

  1. Linda

    I am really looking forward to Monday night! Anytime we get another piece of Callen’s story is a good episode for me. I know the Densi fans have been frustrated this year, I have a feeling they will get their turn next year. We got very little Callen stuff last year, so season 6 has been awesome for Callen fans like me. I do think its time after 6 seasons to get some of the big answers to Callen’s story. Its time to meet Callen’s dad and learn what the G stands for.

  2. amyabn

    I hope the whole Callen backstory will be resolved already. I have never found it compelling, probably because it only pops up occasionally over the last SIX YEARS. Give the guy some answers so he can move forward and deal with whatever the truth may be. Hetty once told Kensi that she wasn’t who her past said she was (Blye, K ep 1 or 2). My hope is the realization that he already has a family with the team will be enough and whatever truth is just icing on the cake.

    I really hope Season 7 finally brings some of Deeks backstory, as well as more Nell and Eric. And of course, more Densi. I like they way they’ve been written-very professional at work, with little snippets of relationship. The restraint in revealing too much is a fine line, and we could be in for some surprises next season. I think they are much more serious (mature, more committed, further along) in their relationship than what we get on screen.
    I also hope they get back to doing more undercover stuff. This season seems a lot like NCIS with the case of the week and a bunch of action sequences. To me, that isn’t what made this show special.
    Can’t wait for Monday, but am sad the season is over already!

  3. Linda W

    Questions. There are so many questions that can only be answered Monday night and on into season 7. It will be a long 4 months to be sure I really hope that Callen learns something more about his father and I hope that he has not been betrayed by those he thought he could trust. Then , of course, there is Ana. Will she have a real place in his life? As I said Questions. I am looking forward to the last episode of season 6. Thanks Gayle for a great preview.

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