Next… on NCISLA! Deep Trouble Pt.2 (6×01) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

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Deep Trouble – part 2 (6×01) Preview

by Gayle (@DensiLand)

Written by: R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by: Dennis Smith

CBS Official Press Release – “Deep Trouble, Pt. II” (6×01) – Callen and Sam are trapped in an armed submarine that terrorists have aimed to hit an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Meanwhile, Hetty defies orders and forgoes her trip to Washington, as the team tries to locate and save Callen and Sam and prevent the terrorist attack, on the sixth season premiere of NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Sept. 29 (9:59-11:00, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

Welcome to Season 6 everyone! This seemingly endless hiatus (19 weeks, 139 days, 3337 hours, 200,160 minutes, or 12,009,600 seconds) has finally come to a merciful end! Harkening back through this expanse of time, a refresher may be in order. So, previously on NCISLA…

  • Callen and Sam are taking a San Diego-bound cruise. However, it was a bit early for vacation; they’re trapped in a narco-sub that’s doubling as a terrorist bomb!
  • Someone who apparently doesn’t fear Hetty, (Does such a person exist?) has ordered her to DC, presumably to be held accountable for the questionable tactics of the Afghanistan mission – and possibly more.
  • Deeks and Kensi are struggling even more with their “communication skills”, a situation only further complicated by the presence of DEA Agent, Talia del Campo.
  • As usual, Nell and Eric are sequestered in Ops – with Granger, working to juggle the numerous dangers and challenges faced by all of their teammates.

In preparing for the premiere, let start with the obvious: Callen and Sam will escape their death-trap vessel. The question is how? Will they exit using the same path they entered? Promo pictures have shown the sub taking on water, so will the guys take advantage of the literal “crack in the wall” to plot an alternative departure? As a Navy SEAL, Sam is likely to be best skilled in this situation, but what about Callen? And why didn’t Sam want to go into the sub initially? Perhaps a touch of claustrophobia or something else? In always prioritizing the mission and the “many” over the lives of the “few”, the prime directive is to stop the submarine from reaching the high-value US aircraft carrier. But at what cost? How creative will the agents have to get in order to avoid being killed by their own military division?

The shadow of the White Ghost continues to linger in the Mission and is determined to haunt Hetty. It seems the mole from across the globe followed the team home. Who is focused on ruining Hetty and why? It’s no surprise for her to ignore orders, remaining focused on the well-being of her agents. However, does she really have their best interests as a priority, or is she using it as an excuse to procrastinate “facing the music” of her own actions? What will ultimately deliver Hetty to the powers that be in DC? Will this leave Granger at the helm in LA? On that note will Granger “have Hetty’s back” or leave her “out to dry”?

As many focus on the Densi “’ship”, this time they take to the air. With their teammates’ lives in jeopardy, will there be an awkward sense as they continue to avoid the “elephant in the helicopter” or will seeing their friends in mortal danger force them to confront their own personal issues? Adding “turbulence to their flight” is the infusion of Talia. A spoiler has indicated the interloper will offer Kensi some unwanted advice. Whether it’s related to the potentially deadly advancement of the case or uncertain status with her partner, under any circumstance regarding any topic, this is simply a bad idea for the regularly temperamental Bad Ass Blye. Talia clearly doesn’t know who she’s working with!

Hopefully Deeks is recuperating from the repeated punches from both of his female colleagues. Turning from physical to emotional turmoil, what has the normally stoic Kensi in tears? Is this part of the fallout from Afghanistan, concern for the trapped Callen & Sam, reaction to Hetty’s questionable situation, something related to her partner, a cover, or something altogether different?

No one has it easy in this continuing story, not even the Wonder Twins. Coordinating the ever-changing crucial situations of all the field agents is only compounded with Granger breathing down Eric and Nell’s necks – and the urgent need to lockdown Ops. Not to be forgotten is the mysterious flash drive Hetty gave to Nell prior to her departure. What secrets does it hold? Will Nell be forced to make use of its contents or maintain its confidential nature?

As we reconvene with our team for the Season 6 premiere, what clues and storylines do you think will be introduced NEXT… ON NCISLA?

4 thoughts on “Next… on NCISLA! Deep Trouble Pt.2 (6×01) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

  1. Olapa53

    I’m really excited about Season 6. I am not however excited that Talia is still in the episode. Mercedes is a beautiful, wonderful actor; the writers didn’t her any favors in Deep Trouble 1. Talia was written WAY over the top and then that hit to Deeks — wth. That entire scene was very disrespectful to educated, professional women. If they wanted jealousy it could have been handled much differently. IMHO 🙂

    1. Gayle

      While I agree with your take on how the show played “strong, educated women”, sadly there’s an element of truth in each of their emotional responses. Don’t you expect they set this up purposefully to address it? To bring some resolution to the entire “punching” component? Maybe we’ll get lucky and the response to Talia will help Kensi express her feelings about her partner? 😉

  2. Cameron

    Is it me, or is the second promo better than the first? The one with the remake of “In the air tonight” has so much more drama and intrigue and dives into the other aspects of the episode, like the leak from within. The first promo we already know what’s happening, that Callen and Sam are trapped in the sub, but in the second one you see some random person show his badge, Granger secures the room, and Hetty passes out. That got me way more excited than the other promo did! Absolutely loving this one video a day thing though and I hope they put up another preview or even a new promo that nobody has seen. Nevertheless, this episode should be insane and I’m literally counting down the days I cannot wait any longer!

    1. Gayle

      Completely agree! They’ve taken the premiere – where we already know the guys will make it out alive – into something we’re now eagerly anticipating! It’s been a long hiatus, but it seems we’re now finally being “rewarded”!

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