Next on… NCISLA! Recovery (5×09) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

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Recovery (5×09) Preview

By Gayle (@DensiLand)

Written by: Gil Grant; Directed by: Paul A. Kaufman

Official CBS Press Release – “Recovery” – Kensi goes undercover as a nutritionist and Deeks poses as a new patient at a rehab center to investigate the death of a Navy officer, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, Nov. 19 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. William Russ guest stars as Martin Lake, owner of Tranquility Villa.

Densi fans, it’s time to start preparing yourselves! First, Kensi, our donut-loving, candybar-addicted, junkfood junky is headed undercover as a… nutritionist?! Oh, that’s rich! Second, Deeks of course joins Kensi undercover at the rehab center. Yet, rumors indicate the detective’s cover is as a patient dealing with… a sex addiction?! Wow. The potential mocking stemming from these covers could be one for the ages! Did their cheeky Operations Manager, Hetty, develop these covers in part for her own entertainment?

The powers that be have been “teeing up” this episode for quite a while. Last month Executive Producer John Peter Kousakis tweeted, “Densi’s dinner outing… will create a nagging ?”.  Whatever could it be and when will that question be resolved (if ever)?

The single promotional still-shot of Densi at dinner together had the fandom on the edge of its seat. Then the promo aired, leaving Densi fans initially gasping for breath. Deeks utters to Kensi, “I want to be at my place right now, with you.” A sentiment most fans have longed to hear. However, just as in “Neighborhood Watch” (3×22), is this simply part of their cover? Or could this be a serious follow-up conversation regarding Deeks’ PTSD? Or dare we anticipate a discussion of the kiss and their unspoken “thing”?

Regardless of the actual topic, the result will certainly have long-term impacts. Just this week Eric Christian Olsen revealed, “”Something happens… that you can’t come back from….” Will this something strengthen their (relation)ship, drive them apart, or simply create yet another complication? Will it more drastically affect one of them more than the other? It’s clear the path for this duo is about to take a significant and dramatic turn.

All indications point to Kensi departing for a far-off land in the near future. How will these cosmically-connected partners part? As colleagues, friends, or something more? Will they sustain their typical pattern in which one pushes while the other pulls (away)? Each has justification for both moving toward as well as backing away from the other on a personal level. Who will make the first move and in what direction? Nothing is ever easy with these two, so it’s most conceivable for a “heart-breakingly beautiful” moment to emerge.

What direction do you think will be NEXT… ON NCISLA for Densi: forward advancement, evasion, or retreat? And just as important, will it leave the fans cheering or in tears?

10 thoughts on “Next on… NCISLA! Recovery (5×09) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

  1. Beth

    I personally unfortunately think they’ll be retreating again and the addition of Sabatino (Erik Palladino) likely working with Kensi probably won’t help. Hopefully this is something Densi will come back from before too long.

    1. Kim

      I’m confused. Why do you think Sabatino will be back? I haven’t seen anything on the few spoiler sites I frequent about his character returning. Just wondering if I’ve missed something.

  2. Lumy_Mee

    Brennan said they will talk about their feelings, but will not do something about them – in the first half of the season. I do not understand how this aligns with him saying they take the relationship to another level ?! Another level would be having a relationship, not just a partnership. But his statements are so misleading, I no longer trust he will actually give us something we will like. He also said quite recently that we will enjoy the Densi arc, but we will also hate him…so…I assume he will actually not give us anything from what we want for at least 18-19 episodes – after which, if he is in a generous mood, he might give us a hug or even another kiss :))
    It’s strange, because in the first 3 episodes they really built something good with Densi, only to abandon everything one episode later. Pity!

  3. VirtualFriend

    I agree with Lumy_Mee, every time this ‘Densi thing’ is hyped by the actors and SB. Every episode we are waiting for the natural development between two agents how have feelings for each other. What do we get, some bantering, small gestures?
    We all get exited when Kensi stays with Deeks how is recovering of PTSD or get our hopes up when Kensi asked Deeks out for dinner. Wow, this is a great development indeed, NOT! It’s a love story…, really? If I kiss my colleague I assure you that this has to be addressed right away in order keep working together. 😉
    We are all being fooled by SB, this ‘do or don’t they’ will be stretched for many seasons. It’s all about the ratings. Every time we watch the show to see what happens with our beloved couple, nothing substantial does! It really sucks but SB succeeds if we all tune in next time… That said, I will dl the episode Wednesday morning as soon as I get up! As I have done the last two years… 😉

  4. Cintia

    Hello !!! people now understand everything, in episode 9 rots all, 10 separate them !!!!! Afghastin kensi granger goes and finds sabatino agent………. they remember the one kensi love, there´s something wrong with????? and episode 18 when she returns this is the complication in their lives fat!!!! saturday´s in the middle of the two, over there twiters of the episode saying he recorded several with them and daniela ruah!!!!!already separated and kensi deeks and the end of season !!!!! if it were to happen that would be a “BIG DISAPPOINTMENT FOR FANS ” SHANE BRENNAN DIRECTED ESPECIALLY TO NOT DO THIS TO US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. carrie

      There was a picture Daniela Ruah posted where she is wearing fatigues and a vest that looks like something that the agents both on NCIS and NCIS LA have worn in the past when going to the middle east.

      I am sure there is other evidence, but that is the only one I can remember lol

    2. Gayle

      Jess, It seems they’ve been shooting extra scenes over the past few weeks (including some Saturdays). All indicate this is how they will keep Kensi on screen during Daniela’s time off.

  5. Evi

    Great preview Gayle as always. I get a feeling that Deeks line is totally misleading. I don’t believe it is his undercover alias saying it, but still something’s wrong.

    SB is absolutely toying with us and I fear we won’t be getting actual info on their dinner until the next epi.

  6. Lumy_Mee

    Both the producers and the actors (mainly Eric and Daniela) have been trying to fuel our hopes for Densi – but so far, nothing really happened from what they teased months ago. Probably the only thing we can count on is that the two will be separated for 7-8 episodes at least. Apart from that, it’s only words – it is the “densi season”, but neither of them get anything interesting to do this season?!?!? Honestly, Sam and Callen get all the interesting stuff, yes, it is mainly action, but they get interesting stuff to do. So my conclusion after 8 episodes is that I would have preferred this season not to be proclaimed as “densi season”, but instead give them something interesting to do – and I do not mean romantically, as these shows are not good at that – but some real action. I want my Kensi back, sharp, tough, action oriented, not this chareacter who gravitates around an ‘all over the place” Deeks. And they could have still done that, despite Dani’s pregnancy – she is pregnant, not dumb. Sorry, but I am starting to be disappointed – and it’s not really about Densi, but about Deeks and Kensi as characters.

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