Next… on NCISLA! Unwritten Rule (5×05) Preview by Gayle (@ghartler)

Unwritten Rule (5×05) Preview
by Gayle (@ghartler)

Written by Joseph C. Wilson and Jordana Lewis Jaffe; directed by Larry Teng. 

CBS Official Press Release – “Unwritten Rule” – Analyst Nell Jones joins the NCIS: LA team in the field when a former Navy officer’s girlfriend is kidnapped in exchange for Navy intelligence. Meanwhile, Deeks unknowingly breaks one of Hetty’s rules, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, Oct. 22 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Diehard NCIS:LA fans should recall the fact the show recorded 25 episodes last season, instead of the traditional 24. Questions lingered throughout summer hiatus as to when this “extra” episode would air and how it would fit into the progression of the story lines. Apparently those questions and more will be answered this week as 4×25/5×05 is presented.

After the milestone 100th episode centering on the advancement of Callen’s backstory, this week turns the focus to Nell and Deeks. When Navy intelligence is involved, it’s only fitting for Intelligence Analyst, Nell Jones, to join the team in the field. Will we see our Brainy Nell or Brawny Nell? The high-IQ professional from Ops or perhaps a weapon-wielding firecracker ready to ensure the safety of an innocent victim, all while maintaining the security of Navy secrets?

Then we find the unpredictable Deeks cruising around on a motorcycle! In the promo, Callen firmly states, “We don’t take unnecessary risks.” Yet Deeks counters that he jumped off a speeding train to take out a psychopath before breakfast! We also see Kensi tackle Deeks out of the way of a speeding van.

Could this be a phase of Deeks’ recovery? He’s previously been shot and tortured. He’s seen both Callen and Sam survive the same. He’s also seen Kensi literally bounce back from getting hit by a car and Sam recently escaping a flipped-over automobile. Could he now consider himself invincible? Did enduring hours of torture bring him to think he can survive anything and elevated his risk-taking behavior? Perhaps he now feels more carefree in considering how short life can be and has decided to wholeheartedly embrace it? Or could this just be part of yet another undercover persona?

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, the overriding questions of this episode may very well be: What is Hetty’s “Unwritten Rule” and what is she going to do to Deeks for having broken it?

What do you think we will learn about these lovable characters Next… on NCIS: Los Angeles? 

8 thoughts on “Next… on NCISLA! Unwritten Rule (5×05) Preview by Gayle (@ghartler)

  1. BH72

    It will be interesting to see how this episode flows on from the previous episodes, if at all, considering it was filmed last season. Yet we all know how organised Shane Brennan is and that he would have taken these factors into placing this episode in season five. But you could be on to an interesting thought, Deeks perhaps thinking he is infact invincible.

  2. justdreaming-83

    I had the same thought about Deeks, Gayle. I couldn’t tell if CBS was just playing with us with the preview clip. But it seems our blonde detective may have developed a new need to “look danger in the face.” I had just posted to some friends yesterday, I wonder if Callen was right (even though it was hurtful) to call Deeks out on his readiness to come back to work. But… if this IS the case, our amazing team will lovingly ground him. Right?

  3. Jan

    I just hope that after all is said and done, that Deeks is well and he keeps the motorcycle, cuz he looks HOT on it.

  4. Cintia

    Hello !!! To see episode 5 really puts the focus on deeks and nell??? I think deeks going to have some problems, it is believed invincible, or are pretending right??? for me this is a product of post-traumatic disorder !!!! will have to see !!! and kensi reaction !!!!!!!

  5. Laura

    I haven’t seen much of the promo so I don’t know if Deeks’s motorcycle is a big one or more of a crotch rocket, but I do know he can ride a bike because I remember the show where he decoyed the bad guys on the little bike and pretended to get shot.

    If Deeks is taking greater chances with his own life now, then he certainly can’t be watching Kensi’s back the way he used to either, right? This isn’t good. I feel uneasy about the way this could be panning out.

  6. Anna

    It is going to be so much fun seeing Nell out in the field. It will be exciting and different because we haven’t seen it in a while. Hetty is going to take away those motorcycle keys away from Deeks. That is going to be funny. Being Deeks, he will make some cheeky remarks 😉
    This episode sounds like a very fun episode!

  7. ThmsMagnm

    Nothing like emasculating a man by taking away his bike, it is a subconscious way of telling an officer that you don’t trust him or his decisions.

    It is right up there with taking away a cop’s gun after a shooting and making the officer ride in the back of an patrol unit like a criminal, when being driven back to the station. Top two things you never due unless you want to screw with an officer’s head in the aftermath of a shooting.

    There is obviously no LE expert advising the show on shit like this.

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