Personal Note

Dear Readers,

six years ago I started this little blog called “NCISLA Fan Blog”…

After several years in other fandoms being a fan, learning how fandoms tick and having fun being involved in fansites for other shows I felt that this new show ‘NCISLA’ was worth setting it up.

And boy was I right…

I had soooo much fun with this new show and the blog – posting infos, making fanart, coming up with games, looking for stuff that nobody else had on their sites (locations especially…).

The little blog grew to a reasonable go-to site for the NCISLA fandom over the years and I was a happy camper. When we decided to switch the ‘fan blog’ into the more professional looking ‘NCISLA Magazine’ in 2012 I had an awesome team of people around me helping me working on the content. We grew even more with our guest star interviews, original columns and repeated acknowledgement by the cast and crew of the show. It was a dream come true !!

As more seasons went by the dream became a ‘nightmare’…

Because you know what ? I’m ‘just a fan’…
I’m a Callen Girl !! I love the Callen & Sam Bromance and the action an the show !! I think Deeks is underrated, am not sure about Kensi’s behaviour at the moment and I tolerate Densi… I like Eric’s ‘pants theme’ and Neric but liked Nell better with the shorter hair… I love to ‘hate’ Granger and would love to have a tea with Hetty and chat about some of her decisions…

But I put too much pressure on myself being the ‘overall satifisfying online platform for NCISLAFamilia’ – trying to be political correct at all times, posting something for every character / aspect of the show and with that the fun went down the drain. Posting stuff became a burden…

So with the definite decision to close down the NCISLA Magazine after my return I went on vacation and to the NCISLAFamilia Meet-Up in Los Angeles.

But NCISLAFamilia rocked my world !!

To meet other people who are so passionate about the show revived my own passion and after giving it some more thoughts I decided to keep the site – but give it a little more of my personal touch back…

So fair warning: marked with sindee’s sentiment there might be some speculating, squeeing, swooning or ranting in my future posts… And you are invited to share your thoughts about my posts just as passionate as you are doing already… I love to have a good convo about my favorite show !!

OK, enough the words… I just wanted to give you the background on why the site was so ‘behind’ the last weeks and what’s to come in the future. I would love to have you all as my readers for many many seasons to come !!

#MuchLove #NCISLAFamilia !! 🙂
CU sindee

35 thoughts on “Personal Note

  1. I Feel Possessed

    Thank you for your honesty and I am so glad you have not decided to shut down your site. OK I don’t really visit any other site about NCISLA but I do think this site is amazing. I too am a Callen-girl and I can understand your frustrations in trying to ensure that everyone is happy, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an inflammatory post on here (but yes, us posters can get very passionate about our own preferences)! You do a fantastic job (as do your support team). And another thank you for keeping the site going.


  2. auntlisa21342

    Sindee, honey, we love you! I’m sure we’re all thrilled that you decided to stay on. This is THE BEST place for the ‘familia’ to share their thoughts, feelings, and love for the show. And we all have our favorite characters and opinions, there’s no reason for anyone that comments here to think that you shouldn’t either. If they don’t like the way you run your site, they don’t have to visit it. I, for one, will be here with you always. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Mariana

    You are amazing! You all did a wonderful job with this site. I was so good to visit it and see all the things related to the NCIS:LA show and the team and as well the actors. THANK YOU for all the work and thank you for making me a huge fan of the show


    There is not match for the other sites, but I would give you some advice, your a blogger and you can always mix your oppinions with the page, dont be afraid to take the lead. I havent liked season 6 so much, the season finale was a mismatch and was made up with cheap special effects. 1-5 for the win and so far season 7 rocks keeps me.

  5. B

    Love you Hon and everything that you have done for this site and for the Familia! Last week was AWESOME and I will never forget it.


  6. Dixiebelle

    Sindee, I’m sorry it’s been such a burden for you. I have probably taken this site and you for granted. You do an amazing job, and i should tell you more often. This has been my first fandom, and I have made some really great friends. Even if I never have “met” them. No, we all don’t like the same things about the show, but that is what makes NCISFamila who it is. And we disagree, but we are for the most part nice about it. 😉 I’m happy you are keeping the site, and looking forward to the rest of the season. ?

  7. Rayanne

    I’m sorry that it’s been a burden. I love this site and the show. I too am a Callen fan. I’m so glad that you are keeping the site open. You do such a great job. Thanks for everything!

  8. Zazara

    Dear Sindee,
    I am so sorry to hear that you thought to close the site because it was too much pressure for you. But indeed it was surely much pressure because you did a so amazing job that it was surely a gigantic work and it took too much time to you. I understand that. I am really happy to learn that you finally decided to keep the site and I want to thank you for that because I visit your site every day and I love it. NCIS LA magazine is for me the only way to be aware of all the news about the show in US because, since I am french, I cannot access to some contents of CBS. So thanks a lot for your job and, please, don’t put too much pressure on you because everything you’ll do for this site will be OK for me. Kisses from France.

  9. Linda

    Thank you Sindee for all you do with this site. It has become my go to site as an NCISLA fan. I too am a Callen fan first and foremost, and tolerate Kensi. Don’t feel like the site has to be everything to everyone. If people don’t like what you post, they don’t have to come here. I for one will visit as long as you maintain the site. My only regret was not having the money to attend the meetup in LA. It would have been a blast for me.

  10. Rhonda Stradling Lara

    Just saw this post! THANK YOU for ALL you have done for us fans!! It was so great meeting you all at The NCISLA Meet-Up! What an Incredible Experience! And it is because of You! Loved meeting those of a same mind! So Thankful You Are Continuing To Inspire!!!
    Love, Rhonda

  11. Crystal

    I thought you were behind on the site because of being on vacation – not that you were having “those thoughts”.

    Just remember, if someone doesn’t like this WONDERFUL on line Magazine about the awesome NCIS:LA, they don’t have to come here. It’s not a challenging concept 😉

    Thank goodness the LA Sunshine and the awesomeness of all the people who took part in your meet-up have you wanting to continue this on line Magazine.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for Season 7 🙂

  12. Hanchi

    Finally coming out of lurkdom. My heart missed a beat when I started to read your personal note. It made me realize, how much I love this show and your amazing site. You gave me quite a scare and I am so glad that you won´t shut down your site.
    Dear Sindee, I really want to thank you so much for all your hard work. I have visited the site nearly every day since the beginning, but I have never posted, as I am not very much into writing and English isn´t my mother tongue. But now I just have to tell you how much I love and appreciate your work. I am also a Callen girl, love Callen – Sam bromance and Callen – Hetty relationship.
    Don´t like Densi or Neric very much, sorry all you shippers out there. I do like Kensi, Deeks, Nell and Eric, however, just not in a relationship.
    And I am happy, that there are still some Callen fans here.
    Liebe Gruesse aus Oesterreich

  13. Linda W

    Sindee,I am so sorry that you have been under such stress. I am so glad that you decided to continue. I visit the site every day to see what is going on and I would be lost without you. It is wonderful to have a forum where we can express our thoughts about the show. You have always been fair. I am a devoted Callen fan and always will be, but lI like to talk about everybody on the show. If people don’t like what you say, they don’t have to follow the site. Here is to you Sindee!

  14. Cheryl

    I had no idea that you were planning to shut down this site. That would have been a tragedy for the faithful. I am glad that I was but a small part of the group in L.A. that caused you to reconsider. From the beginning I knew that you were a Callan girl and for me and many others that was no issue other than giving Deeks his due. There’s no reason to be politically correct. Show your favoritism. After all, it’s your site, but be sure to give Densi lots of space. Thank you so much for a wonderful get together. You put a lot of work into it and believe me, it was appreciated. Looking forward to more seasons of the show and the magazine. Take care.

  15. Eva Tonkin

    Love this website as I love NCIS:Los Angeles and all the gang even though I still really don’t like granger- Hetty Rules and I come here to get my monthly Wallpaper for my Computer so am quite glad it’s still going to be going ahead

  16. skippy

    Finally! I always thought you hold back your own opinion too much. This is your magazine and you should share your opinion and write what you really want to and not please all the different fandoms. I always wanted to know your thoughts (sometimes you could read between the lines in the pic review).
    Free the Callen-girl in you! Go go go Callen-girl.
    Obviously the magazine is a lot of work and more so since you thought you have to suppress what you really feel.
    I am extremely happy about your decision and from now on I will love the magazine even more (is that possible?) because I have the same likes and dislikes that you have mentioned above about the characters.
    Let the bright future start now!

    1. Caroline

      Dear Sindee,
      My heart skipped a beat and I felt really faint when I read the first part of your personal note. No more NCIS LA magazine…! I couldn’t believe it.
      When I read the rest I was soooo relieved you continue the magazine.
      You do a great job, every day.

      I visit the site every day, often more than once, love it with all my heart.
      Your site is my relaxiation, my little escape from the real world with all the problems and stress you sometimes face. Together with reading NCIS LA fanfiction and watching the show. So thank you for making my world a better place.

      I always wondered about YOUR opinion on certain things, episodes, relationships etc. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. SO ARE YOU!!
      So many people rant, complain, and voice their opinions in the replies. Just join us!
      There are so many places where you can be politically correct and hold back your own feelings, but it isn’t necessary on your own site. As long as everyone is polite, there can’t be a problem. SO, GO FOR IT, GIRL!
      Thank you again for this wonderful magazine
      Lots of love, Caroline

  17. monty

    Sindee, I’m grateful to you for all the work they do.
    I’m very glad you “tolerate the Densi” I, as I wrote many times, not tolerate them at all …
    I love G Callen, I love Owen Granger; I tolerate Eric and can not stand Nell, Sam and Kensi. Hetty, I do not want to talk. And long ago … I loved so much Martin Deeks. The Martin today, I do not recognize.
    I wait to read the new dress of NCIS Los Angeles Magazine.
    Good job.
    Excuse my English.
    Hi from Roma.

  18. AlexaML

    Thank you so much for everything you have done for the site until now! I guess every person who visits NCISLA Magazine frequently knows the time and passion you add to this. But it’s yours and only you knows how to manage it (: We’ll always accept and support your decisions! Thank you, again! Love from Portugal* Alexa

  19. Shelia

    Thank you Sindee for making the decision to continue the magazine. It is truly the best fan site I’ve ever seen. I so enjoy visiting the page to see what’s going on. You have made this a wonderful tribute to a great show. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to attend this years meetup, but family stuff interfered.

    As one Callen girl to another, its your site so let your feelings and thoughts fly free. I am sure everyone here will respect that.

  20. Agnis


    I really like your site!
    I am from Brazil and sometime even with some tolls its impossible see some videos or photos about what is coming next on the show. So I really appreciate what you are doing!!!

  21. Mogorva

    First off: this was the best news for friday. You put so much work into this site on a regular basis, we can’t thank you enough 🙂 .

    Second: Every article represents the author’s personality. If you have to suppress that for some reason, it’s not you anymore, and that truly is a weight to carry. In the comments the others can share their favorite parts of the episodes or react to your “one-sided” (I’ve never seen any one-sided article so far on this magazine) articles. There are enough fans here, to represent every possible likes and dislikes, they can put their thoughts into a comment, and the site has the balance.

    Third: I’m on the other side of the barricade on many topics (new season, old trenches 🙂 ), but just like everyone, we all have one common point: we all love the show. Maybe for different reasons, but that doesn’t change the fact. To borrow your lines: I tolerate Callen, don’t even tolerate his soap opera any more (instant skip), I like Sam, Granger is like mold, he grew on me, I like Kensi, I think Deeks is underestimated too, I’m all for DENSI (geez, I hate that acronym or what is it), not sure about Hetty, I like Eric and Nell, not sure about their relationship. In case I don’t agree with you on something I put it into a comment. Problem solved. 🙂

  22. Andrea

    Thank you Sindee for all of your hard and dedicated work to make this an amazing read. I don’t normally respond but your touching and heart-felt message has made me want to reply.
    I am from Australia and I am addicted to all things NCIS LA!!! (especially Callen)
    You have every right to write how you feel and would love to read your honest OPINIONS and thoughts.
    May the NCIS LA magazine go on for many seasons to come 🙂

  23. LasiaMsinRed

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here….

    I’ve always promised myself that I’ll have time for ncisla and the Mag bc of all these wonderful people I’ve met here. People who changed my way of thinking and have been with me trough some difficult stuff…
    There has been some changes in my life and when I realized that the excitement of watching ncisla, especially the first ep after the summer break, faded I tried to blame it on my lack of time, being easy,etc…
    but I was just lying to myself. The show is not what it used to be. I didn’t comment on the Mag or on twitter and I felt BAD about it bc it felt like betraying my ncislafamilia.
    When I read the first lines of your personal note Sindee I was afraid that you might shut down the Mag but finishing it I felt joy and happiness. Hell yes, I’m a Callen girl, too, I don’t like Joelle, I gag when I hear or see Densi, I do think that Deeks is underrated, I like Eric and Nell a lot even though I don’t care if they’re a couple and I love grumpy Granger!
    PLEASE Sindee, don’t hold back!! Tell us your opinion.

    Love you so much, my ncisla sister.


  24. Sharon

    Thanks for all you do! Glad you are keeping the site ope. I rarely go anywhere else. I’m a Deeks fan myself. I see no reason why you can’t express yourself as you see fit. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  25. Beth

    Sindee, Thank you for providing this excellent site. I’m glad that you decided to keep the site going. I’m a Deeks fan overall, but I like all 8 characters and like to read comments about all of the characters and the reviews on this site. Also, thank you for organizing the awesome NCISLA Familia Meetup – Friday was untoppable and the table read was fun.

  26. Richtsje

    There you are – the real sindee.
    Glad to know you’re gonna stay around and even more glad to be able to come back to this place I learned to love as a Callen-girl myself 🙂

    It’s good to know you took some time to wonder why you did what you were doing, and even more happy indeed that you’re going to do what you want to do – stay and share the fandom. You’re not going to lose me as a dedicated fan of this site 🙂

    CU around

  27. Nat

    Hello Sindee!
    First of all I want to thank you for your hard work keeping NCIS LA alive for the fans around the world in such a committed, intelligent and funny way. I’m from Spain and I live in Paris. In Europe is not so easy to have access to all American shows in real time on TV and most of the forums and fan fiction I find here are poor and out of date.
    I found your site nearly by accident looking for some information about G (I guess Callen has girls on the other side of the pond too), and I was impressed about the quality of the work and the professionalism involved, much better than the CBS’s reviews and videos not available out of USA.
    Because of your impartiality and the lack of a personal opinion, at first I thought that the blog was written by someone from the NCIS LA team that couldn’t afford to play favorites, and now that I know the truth I feel even more impressed about your devotion to the fans, the openness of your mind and the kindness of your heart allowing everyone but you to express his thoughts 🙂
    Please, be yourself, have fun, share your feelings, let the correction to the politicians and keep on doing this wonderful job.
    Thanks again and cheer up! :*

  28. Elizabeth M

    Sindee, I KNEW it – I felt it in my bones – something was up with you.

    I can remember laughing out loud at my desk at work on Wednesday mornings loving your picture reviews and reading your comments – so on point, sometimes exactly what I was thinking at that moment in the show, and the way you found the humor even in the most dire of circumstances.

    So, after enjoying your magazine for several years, I felt the fun fly out. I thought maybe it was me – I was missing something. Or maybe it was the scripts. Maybe it was the move to Monday (which I truly believe was/is a detriment to the show). In any case, I am certainly not an analyst, so I couldn’t figure out what was going on, I just felt that things weren’t right.

    I so appreciate your honesty and courage in sharing with us what was troubling you. And I am lightheaded with relief that you are not going to shut down your awesome magazine. I think you should change it up any way you want! I believe most of fans of this site (we love NCIS LA and you) will be happy to take the journey down a new road right along with you.

    Do you remember my little mantra I shared with you in an email last year? Well here it is again:
    Blue Eyes and Blue Shirts Forever!!!

    Go for it Sindee – we are with you! Be well, be happy. Love, Elizabeth

  29. TheKay79

    Hi Sindee,

    I was wondering what was happening in your life as you weren’t around as much as i was used to…that this site might be the reason behind it, didn’t cross my mind at all. I’m sorry that you had those hard times but having a really little blog myself I know how much pressure this can create…not to imagine running the go to site for NCISLAFamilia. I’m glad, that you worked through things and we can still squee, swoon and rant together for hopefully many seasons to come. To the Callen Girl in you!
    …and if you feel there’s anything I could do to help please don’t hesitate to ask.

  30. ChrisDaisy

    First of all: Blue Eyes and Blue Shirts Forever!!!
    What a fantastic mantra!!! I will definitely keep that in mind!!!

    sindee, I am glad that you decided to keep the magazine despite all doubts you might have had.

    So many people have expressed my thoughts in the comments already and in a great way!
    It’s my number one place (or my only place) to go to when I look for information about NCISLA!
    This is my first fandom and when I came across this page about three years ago it took me quite some time to take up the courage to comment – and boy, am I happy that I did it!
    I’ve met a lot of great people through this page (online and in real life ;). I’ve even had the chance to contribute to the magazine via Callen’s Corner and to share my thoughts about my favorite character with other fans (yep, Callen girl through and through).

    You do a fantastic job, sindee and as you can see by all those positive comments, your work is highly appreciated! We’ll try the best we can to help you keep the fun in what you do and not let it become a burden (again).

    You go (Callen) girl!

    1. Elizabeth M

      ChrisDaisy – thanks for the mantra shout out – G’s girls are all in this together. Elizabeth M

  31. densidream

    Oh jeez no, don’t feel pressured! From a fan for fans, that’s what this is and it is great this way. I think everybody who visits this site is just grateful for everything that’s posted. I often wish that there were awesome fan sites like this for other shows that I like, but I never found one THIS good and complex! So thank you for all the work you have been doing and for not giving up the site! You’re great!

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