One thought on “POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘Defectors’ ??

  1. Norm

    I rated this episode as “Liked”. IMO it was better than last week’s miserable TLG, but was essentially a standard episode. I thought the bullpen interaction between Callen and Kensi was unbelievable… while it has been canon that she is somewhat messy, I never interpreted that as a slob… which was shown there on her desk. It’s also OOC for Deeks to have given her a self-help book. And is going to the firing range a punishment? Deeks is shown as a great shot… and where did the fickle mistress comment come from?

    It was totally unreal that a few sentences from Kensi would wipe out the programming done on the girls… just a couple of weeks ago it was stressed how strong psychological programming could be… now a couple of words erases it all?

    Using a modeling agency as a recruitment site and tool? I believe that California law requires any modeling by a minor to have a responsible adult present. Would have been more realistic to use the internet in combination with some youth group (as they did with Sam’s protege in season 1&2)

    Exactly where was Kensi hiding that pistol in that hot red outfit? I didn’t see that the blonde robot had a weapon, and the guy didn’t when he ran out. However, Kensi posing and fighting in it WAS hot.

    No way could Sam make that shot… moving car, automatic weapons fire coming at him, angle shot which would have deflected the bullet, etc. Oh, well it is TV.

    The arrest scene would have been dramatic if it hadn’t been shown an infinite number of times on Tumblr, in sneak peeks, and in promos… anyone who follows the show knew exactly what was going to happen when Densi walked out on that street. Acting in that scene was totally believable and well done… just no emotional impact due to familiarity. I just hope CBS does not reveal how Kensi and the team prove Deeks innocent.

    I also got to gripe because of a technical glitch with DVR on ComCast… when CBS rearranged TLG and Defector, somehow the DVR codes did not get changed… so I have two copies of TLG and none of “Defectors”.

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