POLL: Which were your Top Three Episodes of NCISLA Season Six ??

In our usual ‘let’s talk about NCISLA even after the season is over’ style we like to know…

Which were your Top Three episodes of NCIS Los Angeles Season Six ??

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11 thoughts on “POLL: Which were your Top Three Episodes of NCISLA Season Six ??

  1. Mogorva

    It was a coin flip between The Gray man and Humbug because I’d rather gave a tie between those two. I went with Humbug, but The Gray Man is that same place in my rankings.

    1. Mogorva

      My top 4 is Expiration Date and Praesidium, and Humbug and Gray Man in a tie, so I had to choose between the last 2. Humbug won for the poll.

  2. auntlisa21342

    I’m a HUGE Arkady fan, and VERY interested in the Callen backstory, so the Beacon, Kolcheck, Chernoff trilogy were my favorites. I’ve always enjoyed the ongoing storylines, i. e, Sidorov, Janvier, so that skewed my voting also.

  3. I Feel Possessed

    It’s very tough to choose just three. I went for Rage, Humbug & The Grey Man – all character based episodes, firstly Rage due to the back story of Callen’s youth. Secondly Humbug & The Grey Man as all the main four characters develop in themselves, their relationships and revelations about their past/growing up.

    Close were Spiral & Expiration Date. Plus the first four episodes of the season, plus Beacon, Kolchek A & Chernoff K. And Black Budget has also really grown on me with repeated views.

  4. Nat

    Oh bugger, a difficult choice, indeed! I agree with I Feel Possessed 😉 this season I loved Callen episodes: Rage, Spiral, Humbug, but some scenes of The Grey Man, Deep Trouble and the Beacon, Kolchek A and Chernoff K, are just great.
    For season seven I hope for more personal evolution of all the characters, a little bit of lone wolf, stubborn, badass and hurt Callen and lot of action!

    1. I Feel Possessed

      Now you’re talking my language, Nat! We got a lot of that with Callen in S6, he had more of a S1 feel about him – he was pretty much going lone wolf in The Third Choir (he was on the brink), escaped from handcuffs in Praesidium, saw his teenage anger in Rage & how he harnessed that for his undercover role. And how hurt he was that (he believes) his search for his father/family roots is finally over – and he’s the last of his line.

    2. Richtsje

      Oh, I agree with you on these choices. If there’s only one ep to choose – it was Spiral. But there were indeed great Callen-centered episodes which drew me to the show in the first place.
      Well said, Nat!


    I went for action based and just for the story of it, Spiral had a very action based story, cast was very combined, I am also Deeks & Kensi fan based but I pretty much liked Rage and the introduction to 3rd Choir aka Praesidium was also a great one combined with great lines . But Im sure I would pick more if I could.

  6. amyabn

    I had to go with Praesidium, Humbug, and Expiration Date, with honorable mention to Grey Man.

  7. Richtsje

    Since there’s only one to choose, it was quite tough… I chose Spiral. There were great #BOOMS and action from all of the team, and there was the angst about what might happen. Such touching partner-scenes!

  8. CaptainNewf

    Humbug; funny, light for the season, everyone involved, drunk Santas, Awkward but sweet Densi, and the KISS.
    Gray Man: good presentation of issues of lone wolves, great interaction Kensi-Deeks re her back story, good dialogue ” Now not the best time”… hilarious plan B. Serious Callen-Sam.
    Expiration Date: the argument scene, Thapa double-crossing Deeks re Kensi; good Sam-Callen but not overly intrusive. last scene and last line.

    Most of the other episodes had good individual scenes… Kensi-Talia, Deeks-Kensi in Praesidium, Nell shooting her first man, etc. Just taken as a whole those I list are the ones I think of when I think of good shows in season 6.

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