Roundtable Discussion Returns with Season Five Predictions


Roundtable Discussion Returns with Season Five Predictions

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DIANE:  Welcome back to our third Roundtable Discussion.  I’d like to welcome Mel (Imahistorian) and Lindy(Sweet Lu) back to our panel again.  We have season five coming up and I know we are all excited and have a lot of things to look forward to.  I was hoping we can make some predictions and try and look into the future to what may happen during season five for Deeks and the rest of the team.  Shane Brennan has said that this will be a watershed season for Deeks and Callen.  We’ll let Team Callen speculate what will happen to our fearless leader but what about Deeks?  What will the beginning of season five look like for him?

LINDY:  I think they have to repair Sam and Deeks’ relationship.  I’d like to see them repair that and whether they do that in the opening episode or if they let that simmer for a few episodes I don’t know…but I think if the team is going to continue to be a strong team they need to have that trust level.  As far as where they go with Kensi and Deeks, it depends on what comes out of that torture scene.  How much is he going to suffer, is he going to have anger issues?  Is he going to have his head so full of what happen that he is not going to relate to Kensi?  Will he pull back from her?  I don’t see them rushing them into a deep relationship at this stage.  I think they will make us wait, maybe a long time for that.  I think there will be a closer relationship upcoming instead of the frivolous banter that they have had so far.  I’m really excited that they are going to explore some of Deeks’ background.  Maybe they bring in his mother and see what that relationship is like.  If we do get into his childhood, maybe it relates back to the torture; maybe he suffered through an abusive childhood and they explore that and maybe it ties into what he has gone through in the season finale where he is tortured and subjected to pain.  I think there is so many possibilities that they have left open for this opener.  I just hope the writers take the bit in their mouth and run with it.  I think there are so many great opportunities for great drama and great interaction between these characters.  I don’t want them to brush past it and brighten things up and rush past it after what’s just happen.  I don’t think people want that.  The fans I have spoken to, everybody wants them to keep that drama going and not just fall back to where they have been in the past.  People want to step forward and really get into these characters.

MEL:  And I’m really curious with it being a watershed season because watersheds are famous for being big historical changes which gets to the heart of things and rattles preconceived notions…so I’m almost curious if this will be Callen and Deeks’ watershed experience that they have together…will it somehow connect them or is it something that is two separate story lines and I’m interested in either scenario. But the ideas that it could be between Callen and Deeks could be interesting because these are characters that haven’t interacted a whole lot previously.   There are a million ways the writers could go with that and that’s what is so fascinating.  I am interested in the emotional fallout of both Deeks and the torture.  I think there is a potential for it to go many different ways.  And even Callen too… because in some ways he is going to feel responsible for what happen to Sam and Deeks and how he trusted Janvier and how he gave up the team to Sidorov.  I think there is a lot of great material there and what they end of doing with it will be very fascinating.  In terms of Deeks, I’m curious to see what they do with him.  I have lots of thoughts and no idea but I think the fallout from Deeks’ experience will certainly affect his relationship with Kensi.  Maybe he will want to seize the day or maybe he will pull back just as Kensi will want to be more than just partners or friends.  I think either scenario is possible.  They are more likely to drag things on and extend the actually bringing of Kensi and Deeks together which wouldn’t surprise me.  On the one hand I would like to see them together and actually navigate a relationship; also the ability to extend it takes an awful lot of writing skills too.

Decent RTLINDY:  I think having Callen and Deeks connect is something we haven’t explored before.  That would be fascinating because they are both tortured characters.  They have both gone through awful tortured childhoods and it seems like they should connect.  You think they would have something in common because of that.  Maybe it all comes from this tortured thing they have all gone through.  It may throw Deeks back into his childhood.  And he can go through PTS and it may make him completely angry and push everybody away to try and protect himself.  It will be so interesting to see what they come up with because they have such talented writers on this show.

DIANE:  I would like to see a darker Deeks and see where the torture takes him because for the past four seasons we have seen this happy-go-lucky sort of guy who tends to roll with the punches.  I would like to see what happens after this near death experience he goes through. He may feel very different about Kensi too.  He may turn away from the people he loves and maybe go into a dark hole.  That would be interesting to watch.

MEL:  It wouldn’t really surprise me if he comes out of this being in a darker place and perhaps having some of the anger that Lindy mentioned and pulling back from the people who can help him and navigate through that.  And that could happen at the same time Kensi decides she wants to explore something more with Deeks and that would be enough to potentially turn her away in terms of having her fears of loving  someone and seeing that turned on its head.  Those of us who would like to see Kensi and Deeks coming together…. that would be really frustrating but you know what?  If it is played really well, it could also be really fascinating and I’m sure the actors would do a great job with bring that to screen.

Decent RT4DIANE:  Being an incredible Deeks fan, it will break my heart to see him so dark  but think of all the wonderful angst you can get out of all of that!

MEL:  Exactly!

LINDY:  Those actors have given such emotional depths to those characters in a few short scenes and there is so much there they have to offer and I can’t see the writers not using that.  The emotional thing is what we all crave and they got the actors that can carry it all off.  I think as they do write these darker scenes and places for these characters they have the actors to do it.

DIANE:   We have also read in an interview by Eric Christian Olsen that he does not see Deeks becoming an agent anytime soon because he thinks it’s much more interesting for Deeks to stay a cop, which I tend to agree with.

MEL:  I think him not being an agent allows for more conflict in terms of how he deals with members of the team who are agents.  It also perhaps creates opportunity for different crime stories where the LAPD is involved.  I’m ok with him remaining where he is.  I think Deeks needs to come to a place where he says he wants to be an agent or still sees himself as a cop.  As long as he sees himself as a cop, he should stay a cop.  He maybe needs to go through some kind of experience that allows him to make the decision to become an agent and that could be a fascinating story where being a cop is now not enough anymore  to get the job done.

LINDY:  I think it makes his character unique.  It makes him different from the others.  I think that was the whole thing about Deeks anyway.  Here’s this laid back, funny guy.  Dark childhood, nobody knows too much about him.  It separates him dramatically from the others and that’s the thing we like about him.  He’s different. He’s not exactly one of them yet and I think that adds just a little bit of spice to that team that makes it fascinating to watch.

DIANE:  There have been a number of spoilers by Eric Christian Olsen and Shane Brennan about Deeks and what is going to happen in the first couple of episodes including that there will be a four month gap for the characters between the first and second episode.  How do you think that will affect the story line?

MEL:  I think from what I saw it sounded like the four months will have passed and Nate comes back because it is evident that the team isn’t doing well, particularly Sam and Deeks.  I’m not sure I like the idea of four months having passed, but the one saving grace may be that since they ARE bringing Nate back they aren’t totally sweeping everything under the rug.  He’s clearly going to be coming back to address what is going on.  We may not see the play-by-play of what immediately happens after the first episode back, but we’ll see something.  I hope.  I don’t think it’s reasonable for everyone to just return to normal, like nothing has happened.

I have to admit, all this speculation and the spoilers are starting to tie my stomach in knots.  I really hope they do it justice. And although it makes complete sense for Deeks to be affected by what happened to him, I don’t want him to lose too much of who he is.

Decent RT6 LINDY:  I am adjusting to the jump in time, not that I have any other choice, and I understand it from a production standpoint. They have a whole season to get through and I don’t think they would have the time to show us months of aftermath and slow recovery.

I am quite excited about the scenes between Nate and Deeks. I don’t recall any scenes between them before, so this is new ground. Nate is an empathetic man, with such good and such kind instincts and I think Deeks will respond to that. I think it can be such a touching and emotional scene, with two great actors letting everything out. I have a feeling they will be discussing not only the torture he endured, but quite possibly his childhood abuse. Being tied to a chair and subjected to such pain had to have recalled what it was like for him as a child, being unable to defend himself against his father. I also hope they get into his response to Sam’s comments about his character. Even if that is dealt with briefly in the first episode, I have to think it still weighs on Deeks mind three or four months later. That lack of acceptance and trust may be the reason he leaves…if it is him that leaves.

I loved Peter Cambor’s tweet about the name of the episode that everyone was trying to guess because all we saw was the first letter…”I”. He tweeted it stood for “Indigestion” which is what I’m getting each time a new spoiler comes out. He is a smart man.

DIANE:  I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who has butterflies about all the spoilers!  I want to see all the angst but I’m afraid for Deeks. I want him to grow and expand as a character and I think the emotional storyline will do that. But I don’t want the writers and producers to miss their chance to make this the watershed season for Deeks that Brennan promised.  There’s got to be a balance that’s real. Like Mel, I want to see some change in Deeks but yet, I don’t want to see the twinkle in his eyes totally gone either.  It’s a tough line to walk.  I hope they can pull it off.  But if anyone can do it, I know ECO has that ability so I’m not too worried!

Being an optimist, I think there is so much to look forward to for Season Five.  I would like to thank you both for stopping by and helping us make some predictions, and giving your insight into our favorite Detective’s world!  It was a pleasure to talk with you both….and I hope we get a chance to do it all again soon!

What are your Deeks predictions for Season Five….tell us in the comment section below!!

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11 thoughts on “Roundtable Discussion Returns with Season Five Predictions

  1. Cintia

    HellO !!!!! I think will tonarse deeks very dark and angry more than anything for what happened by torture!!!!!!! I hope not for a long time away team members !!! they are the ones who will be able to help him overcome all the pain I suffered !!!! and kensi story !!!! and will continue ?????

  2. Carrie

    I honestly hope they extend the Densi thing… I am growing to like Densi as long as it isn’t overly mushy, but I am not ready for it yet. Starting a relationship in the aftermath of the torture will only end badly. I think they will have a very raw conversation and the road to the relationship will be laid bare. Now that doesn’t mean I want them to go down the road of TIVA from NCIS… they dwelled too long on the what ifs and now Cote De Pablo is leaving and if they do have a Tiva scene it will be smooshed into an episode and then she is gone.

    I totally harbour a deep desire to have Callen and Deeks be siblings… I mean if Callen’s Dad and Deeks Mom… But that is my little wish lol.

    I can’t wait to learn more about Deek’s past! Is his Mom still alive? is she well? Did Deeks get taken away into foster care after shooting his Dad and had only visits with his Mom?

    I look forward hopefully to some interaction between Callen and Deeks!!


  3. Nienna41

    Jealous much! We won’t get season 5 until January in the UK. By which time I will know everything that’s happened, because I won’t able to stay away from this wonderful site! Keep up the good work and feed my addiction!

  4. Tara

    Kensi and Deeks can’t be together until they both face their demons. For Deeks, it’s being tortured, and his crappy childhood. And as for Kensi, she needs to find Jack, and confront him as to why he left her on Christmas morning.
    That being said, this was a really good round table discussion. But than, all the round table discussions that are put up on this website are good.

  5. Gayle

    Another great job ladies! I just kept thinking – agree, agree, agree! There are just so many options the writers have to go with. A key issue is what will happen WHEN and in what order? One word or action will impact all the rest, along the lines of “this changes everything”!

    Honestly I’m ok with either Kensi or Deeks pulling away from the other, but only if they do it for themselves. That’s understandable to need to get yourself together. If either does it in an effort to “protect” the other, to me, that comes off as hurtful to the recipient – especially when one of them (at least) has finally had the courage to admit their feelings. It’s like saying, “I have feelings for you, but (for whatever reason) you can’t handle it.”

    There is absolutely one thing I dream of seeing out of all this, as well as one thing that would send me over the edge. However, you’ll have to check out my blog (or Twitter) on Sunday to find out. 😉 Cheeky, eh?

  6. Bea

    Thank you for another excellent round table. I agree with the points for the most part. As we get closer to Sept 24, here in Canada, I’m getting a little antsy.
    One of my big worries is that with all the hype and spoilers, I’ll find it anticlimax. I know that sounds silly.

    Are we there yet?

  7. mistri

    I have to agree that I don’t want to see the twinkle gone forever from Deeks’ eyes. But I also want the writers to be true to the story line and the characters. I want the Densi relationship but I’m more than happy if it goes on sabbatical for a while as long as the final intent is to get them together. As long as the sexual tension is there, and the writers throw us the occasional bone (pun maybe intended)I’ll be satisfied.

    The spoilers are giving me “indigestion” but I was heartened by a tweet yesterday which had the hashtag (and I’m paraphrasing now because I’m too lazy to go and find it)that the fans would be happy. I think Shane Brennan is a very savvy man and while he wants to push buttons, I don’t think he wants to lose the fan base that Densi brings to the mix. I have high hopes for this season and am counting the days to the season premiere.

    Thank you all for a lively discussion of our man Deeks. I enjoyed it.

  8. mistri

    Okay, I got off my duff and looked up the tweet I was talking about. JPK tweeted that spoilers would be forthcoming and the hashtag was #fanswillcheer. Since he reads most tweets about the show and interacts with LaFamilia, he knows that the fans are on tenterhooks about what will happen with Kensi and Deeks. So here’s hoping that’s what he means when he says fans will cheer.

  9. Karen

    Great roundtable, just as they all have been! There are things I think will happen, and things I hope will happen. For the premiere, it sounds like we’ll have a dramatic rescue scene and a hospital scene, which may or may not be where the “heartbreaking” conversation happens at the end of the episode. Then there’s the time jump, which as you all noted, is unfortunate but understandable. I think it’s slightly better than one alternative, which would have them dive back into regular casework minus Deeks for several weeks or more while he’s off-screen recovering. (At least, that’s the positive spin I’m choosing to put on that decision.)

    I completely agree that if they can explore the ramifications of the torture as it relates to his childhood abuse, that would be interesting and dramatic, and I totally agree that the more drama they give these two to play, the more we get to appreciate their acting skills. What I’d most love to see between them is a bit of role reversal. Deeks has largely been the pursuer in their relationship, always pushing forward to knock down Kensi’s famous walls. Now that he seems to have succeeded, I think it would be interesting to see him erecting his own walls, only to have Kensi be the one to try to knock them down, slowly over the course of the season (but I don’t want to wait any longer than that!). To watch Kensi push and pull until the twinkle in Deeks’ eyes that Diane referenced, and his joyful spirit, return would be very moving. In the end it could bring them that much closer, and make their relationship that much stronger. And if the writers don’t want to put them together quite yet, I think it would be the most entertaining way to prolong the “will they-won’t they”.

    And don’t even get me started on Deeks and Sam- that relationship needs its own separate roundtable discussion- please? I’ve been re-watching old episodes, and given the events of Descent, every past interaction between these two has an entirely different spin. Their chemistry on-screen has always been fantastic, and I expect that at least to continue no matter how the writers choose to play things between them. I agree with Lindy, that if Deeks is the one who leaves the team, it won’t be because of the torture itself, it will be because he doesn’t feel trusted or accepted.

    That brings me to my one wish for Deeks, represented by a small change I’d like to see that I think would mean a lot. That’s for the team to call him Marty. I don’t care if he becomes an agent, but I really want him to get the respect that he so clearly deserves from all of them. I feel like their use of his last name has been one of the ways of creating distance between them, of not truly accepting him. He deserves more than that, and I hope he gets it.

    And I completely share in the collective angst/indigestion over what will happen. I think it’s because the potential for fantastic drama is so very high, and we can only hope that the writers are able to come through and fulfill our hopes and expectations.

  10. Phillydi

    Some really incredible insights here! I agree Karen… In watching previous seasons I can see how brilliant the writing has been because the disconnect between Deeks and Sam has been there from the very beginning…so it shouldn’t be a surprise when Sam finally tells Deeks he doesn’t respect him in so many words. Yes, I want to see a little more respect shown and I think after his sacrifice at the end there will be. Also once Kensi wakes up and hopefully pursues Deeks I think the team will come around too.


  11. LisaG

    There are a LOT of things they need to address for Deeks’ character and I really hope they get to them all…

    1) Sam’s dissing of Deeks in the park…this is serious for the characters and the team. Will Sam finally give Deeks the props (and apology!) he deserves? Will Deeks start thinking no one else ont the team trusts him? Is it because he’s not a full agent? This could really mess with Deeks’ head and the whole team dynamic.

    2) How will the horrific torture affect Deeks? Will he try to ignore it and sweep his feelings under the rug only for them to mess with his head more and resurface as anger? Could he develop PTSD? Will it bring back painful memories of his abusive childhood and if so, how will he handle that? Will that screw with his head even more on top of everything else going on?

    3) Densi? He laid his cards on the table for her to read…will she return the feelings or keep them under wraps? Will Kensi try to help Deeks through dealing with the torture or will that bring up painful memories of how she helped Jack and then he abandoned her? Can Deeks even deal with an emotional relationship with how twisted his head is going to be after the torture? Or will he desperately want that kind of a life line to get through the pain?

    I can’t wait for the next season!!! 🙂

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