Rude Awakenings (4×06) Review


Rude Awakenings (4×06)
Written by: Frank Military
Directed by: Karen Gaviola

It seems strange to be back home sitting in front of my TV and watching the latest episode of NCIS:LA. Just a few days ago I was in Los Angeles visiting the Paramount lot and watching the taping of episode 11. For me and my colleague, sindee it was a magical day and I promise I will document the experience very soon. For now we have to get back to the conclusion of Out of the Past (4×05). Rude Awakenings is written again by Frank Military, but this time it’s directed by Karen Gaviola, who we haven’t seen behind the camera since season two (Overwatch). The team is continuing to investigate the death of a CIA agent Sam worked with in the past. In order to solve the case, Sam must reveal a very private and perhaps compromising secret as shown on the provocative trailer for the episode.

It was an exciting beginning as the team worked together with joint forces across the country to find the other Russian sleeper agents harboring nuclear weapons. It’s determined that all of the agents were killed and tortured by a former SFB who became an international arms broker. The team must find the bombs first before Sidorov does. Hetty suggests a visit to our ol’ pal Arkady, who Callen and Sam always find annoying but eventually useful. This time he’s worried about the hidden bombs but is not able to help them in finding Sidorov. But according to the CIA, Sidorov is high up there on the Russian food chain and they are going to have to send someone in undercover to smoke Sidorov out and it has to be someone he trusts. Now Sam and the team have to go in quickly because Kensi and Deeks discover one of the bombs is missing!

The team is still not trusting Granger and they keep tap dancing around the Assistant Director to keep him in the dark about Sam’s involvement in the case. He’s brighter than they give him credit for and he keeps showing up like a bad penny. But I enjoyed watching Jose Ferrer interact with the rest of the cast in his usual dead pan manner. You have to admit his character is a great foil when put up against the rest of the team. I actually look forward to his involvement. Granger keeps the rest of the team on their toes and despite the distrust, he does have their back. Were you surprised as the rest of the team when Sam holds out his hand to Granger? It surely meant a lot to him because Sam Hanna doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

In order to go undercover the team needs help. Enter Quinn. We’ve seen her shown in the trailers but now we find out how she fits in. At first it looks like she was a former love interest. The mission to set up Sidorov was well played by the NCIS team and to kill off his enemy Sidorov hires Quinn as a hit (wo)man! But Quinn may be in trouble and Sam is worried that she may have been compromised. And for good reason….. Quinn is Sam’s wife! We now know how Sam is able to live two lives. She understands his job and the dangers that come with it. Looks like she wants some of that action again too! The bombs are still out there and I doubt if we have seen the last of Mrs. Sam Hanna (played beautifully by Aunjanue Ellis). Another door has open and we get to find out just a bit more about the team. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Sam would choose such a strong woman as his mate. It all makes sense now. It should be interesting how their lives play out in future episodes. This story is not over.

Show Highlights:

  • Love how Eric and Nell try to stall for Sam and Callen by giving Granger a lesson on the construction of nuclear bombs. Eric: “Just for the fun of it….let’s take a look at the math.”
  • Enjoyed seeing Granger working the case with the team.
  • Callen and Monty! Sam had better watch out! G may have a new partner here!

Best Lines from the Show:

  • Granger: You know things are bad when she calls me.
  • Eric: Will they go boom? Yes, they will.
  • Sam: If you ever want to see blue skies again that are not trimmed in razor wire, I need you to roll over like a Chihuahua.
  • Deeks: How ya doing? Good talk.
  • Nell: Believe me, by the time I’m done, they will have to dig to China to know this isn’t real.

Bromance Moments:

  • You have to wonder what Callen is thinking… knowing that not only Sam but his wife is in jeopardy when facing Sidorov. He knows them both well. But does he know them well enough to know how it will all play out?

Densi Moments:

  • Riverdance! Check out the look on the other agents’ faces when Deeks starts to tap dance around the living room floor! Kensi: “You heard the man! Riverdance!”

Check out our fun interview with Layla Crawford where she talks about what it was like to play Sam’s daughter and to work with LL Cool J. And next week we get to watch Densi surf! Definitely looking forward to that episode! We also have a special interview with Greg Cipes who will join Kensi and Deeks as a fellow surfer on the beach. So come back and join me again for all the excitement at NCISLA Magazine!