Season Four…You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet! by Phillydi


Shaun Brennan and his NCIS:LA crew gave us a very informative recap of the show’s last 24 episodes on the Season Three DVD extras. The executive producer was pleased that the story-lines progressed much further than he had anticipated…taking the characters deeper into areas of their work and personal lives and leaving us open to many more surprises to look forward to as we await the premiere of Season Four tomorrow night.

It was the year of the partner according to Brennan, and for better or worse the characters were able to build on their relationships within the angst and excitement of each week’s storyline. Over the past three years, we have seen the team evolve into a tight unit, and there has been a clear progression from year to year. In Season One, the team was finding its way as the younger and less-experienced probies (like Kensi and Dom) learned from the well-seasoned senior agents Callen and Sam. In its sophomore year, the show’s storylines focused on a subtle blending of new members (Deeks & Hunter) while letting go of some older ones (Dom & Nate).  Season Three lent itself to character development as the team learned just how important it was to find the right partner who you could trust – and one who always had your back!

Season Three was a year of team building and discovery

In Season Three, Sam and Callen celebrated five years together, cementing their strong bromance. Even though there are still many unanswered questions about his past, Callen now has some clues on how to go about finding the rest of his family, especially his father. This year, we also got to know a little bit more about Sam’s family and his role as a husband and father.  Will his big reveal next season focus more on this aspect of his life?

For me, the duo who was the most fun to watch in Season Three was Deeks and Kensi.   Densi learned to work more harmoniously and not be afraid to lean on each other. They were able to establish a trust that surprised both of them – as well as the audience – despite each partner’s traumatic past. It was fun to peel away the layers and see what makes Kensi tick.  Delving into her father’s murder and reconnecting with her estranged mother, revealed a part of Kensi we had never seen before.  Of course, we also want to go deeper in Deeks’ past live to find out how much of his troubled childhood influenced him to become the law enforcement agent he is today. Hopefully one day we will see this aspect of Deeks’ life.

I think a lot of fans were surprised at how much Eric and Nell’s relationship jelled over the past season. There is definitely a strong attraction and admiration for each other’s skills and it goes well beyond finishing each other’s sentences. They certainly find working with each other exhilarating and the best reason to walk through the Mission doors every day!  What secrets might emerge about Eric this season as we anticipate both him and Nell getting to work in the field more and more?

Let’s not forget Hetty and Granger! Not exactly a team in the traditional sense of the word but their seasoned relationship went from respect to bitterness, from love to hate. Their explosive dynamic added a sharp edge to the generally cooperative atmosphere within the agency. Hetty once trusted Ganger but now things have deteriorated. Granger charged into the department like a bull in a china shop, often usurping Hetty’s authority and stepping on one too many toes.   In the closing final minutes of the season finale, Hetty decides the only answer is to resign after the horrifying deaths of Hunter and Renko and in the face of Callen’s final actions.  Is she under too much stress and pressure to continue to lead her team?  Or is her resignation part of a sting?


What will Season Four have in store?

Right before Callen went loan wolf by executing the Chameleon, the team worked as a tight, cohesive unit.  But with his reckless behavior and Hetty’s abrupt retirement, the team has been thrown totally off balance.  This year the big changes may be all about the rebuilding of partners and the loyalty and trust that has been lost.   Team members may be pushed to their limits more than ever before.  View the new season trailers and you’ll see Sam questioning Callen’s motives in episode one.  In interviews, LL Cool J has hinted that Sam and Callen’s relationship has taken a turn for the worse and that a lot of strange things are going to happen.  Could this be the year the team’s strong bonds are put to the test?

So what will define Season Four?  Please share with us what you think will happen and let us know!

Thanks to Lynn H.

5 thoughts on “Season Four…You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet! by Phillydi

  1. Richtsje

    My guess is that there will be less Sam/Callen stories this season, and more about the personal lives of all the agents.
    Sam should not question the motives of Callen. The song ‘do or die’ says it all; if they would have let Janvier go, the team would not have been save. I think Callen did the only thing he could do, and with some more reasons than you can think of beforehand.
    I especially look forward to ‘Endgame’ and hope the series do not end up with too many romantic issues…

  2. @MissAlesig

    Love what you wrote. But OMGosh, I can’t believe that Sam and Callen’s relationship is going to deteriorate! I wasn’t expecting that, they have a very strong feeling. But I think it will be fun (and painful) to watch. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

    1. Diane Post author

      It does seem like it’s a pretty big break in trust, but if it’s not part of a sting and it is real, then we know are guys will find a way to make it good again.

  3. Anne

    I do not know what to make of it, but NCISLA have got great partnership, Callen n Sam are my fave. Im hoping their partnership not to much damage but judging by this and what LL saying 🙁 not gonna be gr8 for the moment anyway

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