The Dragon and the Fairy (3×18) transcript

[A young man is running in the streets. He’s panting and looks terrified. He met a mother with a baby]

MAN: [speaking Vietnamese] Uh, help. Please.

WOMAN: I’m sorry. I don’t…

MAN: Vietnamese.

[He’s begging]

WOMAN: Uh, I’m sorry.

[She hurries away. Guy, still panting, starts running again. He crosses a road without watching the cars; one of them has to stop, tires squealing, horn honking]

DRIVER: Whoa! Watch it, man!

[The boy heads towards a gate. Vietnamese Consulate. He shakes it, grunts; a guard rushes out from the building and pulls out his gun]


[The man is panting heavily, he starts climbing the gate]

GUARD: Get off the gate!

MAN: [speaking Vietnamese]: help!

GUARD: I said, get down. [He repeats “get down” in Vietnamese, aiming at the man at the top of the gate]

MAN: [shouting in Vietnamese]: I’ve nowhere else to go!

GUARD: [In Vietnamese] get down!

[Behind the gate, tires squeal, a black SUV stops and there are gunshots. The man is hit, he groans and falls down from the gate. Engine of the car revs, tires squeal again, it’s gone! The young man lies on his back, bleeding…]

——————– ZAPPING ——————-

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