The Fifth Man Review by Phillydi


The Fifth Man (4X03)
Written by Dave Kalstein
Directed by John Kousakis

Hello! Welcome back this week for a much anticipated episode written by our man Dave Kalstein! Ever since pictures of the team’s real-life mothers surfaced on the internet, fans were charmed by the images of these special moms with their four famous children. There was also some buzz about another female addition being added to the show on recurring bases. Kensi meets a way-ward teenage girl (played by Abbie Cobb) who reminds the agent what it was like to be hurt and vulnerable at such a young age. Looks like things are going to get real interesting.  Despite all the distractions, the team is also investigating the deaths of four people connected to a compromised intel operation.   Yep, just another day at the Mission, folks!

Dave starts the show off with a bang.  Four people dead, one missing.  The team has to find the missing team member who was part of a group, who had never met each other, but were selected to tap into a collective public intelligence to work together on a project – Operation Wide Awake.  There’s more than one suspect that the team is looking for including a young girl that Kensi and Deeks first encounter while searching for the missing team member.  It seems she’s involved with the group but in a very unique way.  Unfortunately, she knows too much and the team has to keep her safe…if they can find her.

The storyline between Kensi and Astrid has to pull at your heartstrings.   Despite Deeks wanting his partner to be cautious, Kensi can see a part of her own hurt reflected in the girl’s eyes and she just can’t look away.   But Kensi’s interaction with Astrid was great to watch.  Even Deeks was impressed!  In our interview with Cobb she feels Astrid is one of the most interesting characters she’s ever played.  “My character is a high functioning autistic teen and that’s what makes her so unique and fun to explore. Her uniqueness and family background bring Kensi and Astrid together… that’s another reason to love the character—she has such a cool story!”  (Check out the second part of our interview with Abbie on Thursday where she talks more about Astrid and her time spent on the set.)

When the team finds out (with Nell’s help) that Operation Wide Awake is a bust, they deduce the director of the project had to kill the group of intel workers to keep the word from getting out. Unfortunately, Astrid doesn’t have much time if the director finds her first.

Since Astrid (hopefully) will become a recurring character… it’s safe to say all ended well.  The last scene in the boathouse with Kensi and Astrid was fun to watch and put a smile on my face.  Abbie Cobb was terrific as Astrid and a great choice to play the autistic teen.  We’re looking forward to her return to the show soon.

Show Highlights

  • Even though we got a sneak preview of the moms in action, it was fun to see them perform in the context of the storyline.  And they did great despite some of their children’s misgivings:  Chris thought Shane Brennan’s invitation was a joke at first. Eric didn’t know they would have dialogue but loved seeing her in makeup.  LL was so nervous for his mom and Daniela was scared that her mother could trip over the wiring! But they were as composed and talented as their kids and proved the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree!
  • Gotta remember the bad sushi move! As long as I don’t have to tell Callen….
  • Since Dave Kalstein is a Sayoc Practitioner, we got to see the team train in the fighting art at the opening of the show.  I think Dave needs to give Deeks hands on training!
  • Hetty and Nell are precious together.  So much respect there.
  • Nice to see ECO in a breast cancer public service announcement.  Way to go Eric!

Best Lines from the Show

Deeks:  You know what they say….what happens in Vegas…..

Kensi:  Will leave you curled up in a little fetal position begging for mercy.

Deeks:  Promise?


Hetty:  This is a chair, Ms. Jones.  Sit in it!


Deeks:  I love a little butter with my cheese.


Deeks:  Just to be clear, I am always in your league!

Kensi:   In your dreams!

Deeks:  All the time.


Bromance Watch

Looks like there is a little bit of bromance continuing between Sam and Deeks.  I think Sam is one up on Deeks this time!  


A good bromance starts with a good upbringing and your mother should know:

Mom 1:  Now that’s what I call two well-mannered young men!

Mom 2:  Someone certainly taught them well!


Densi Watch

  • I think Kensi was really jealous of Deek’s Vegas date
  • Deeks got the last Touché in!  Good for you Deeks!
  • See!  It’s apparent to everyone who sees them:     Mom 3:  What a handsome couple they are!  Where did that brunette get those legs?
  • I love when Kensi tries to throw Deeks off her true feelings.  I mean what girl in her right mind has had enough Deek- time?  I mean really?
  • Deeks finds out a very sensitive piece of information about Kensi’s past.  I wonder how it will affect their relationship in the future…hmmm.  It seemed to shake him up a little.
  • Fern’s back!!!
  • Astrid is quite perceptive…even she knows there is a Densi.  Sweet!


We’ll be back next time with our review for Dead Body Politic (4X04).  Don’t forget to read the second part of our interview with Abbie Cobb on Thursday when she talks more about her recurring role as Astrid!