What will become of our favorite Villains?

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CBS press office posted this picture on Twitter featuring our favorite two villains having a good time at the table read for season five’s opening episode Ascension.   Christopher Lambert (left) and Tim Murphy have played two of the longest running nemesis on the series with recurring roles over the course of the last two years.  Lambert first stared as the Chameleon (Janvier) in the season three episode Crimeleon.  He returned in the season finale, Sans Voir and again in the first episode of season four, Endgame. Tim Murphy made a splash as the evil Sidorov this past season in Rude Awakenings and Wanted before returning in the controversial season finale, Decent.

Now these two archenemies will return once again in the season five opener to face the wrath of the NCIS Los Angeles team.  Fans have been looking forward to the conclusion of last season’s cliffhanger as they watched Sidorov sadistically torture our heroes, Sam and Deeks and wonder what the outcome will be for the tormented agents.  But what will happen to our villains?  Will this be the end for the nasty twosome?  As the closing credits role, will the world be safe again from their kind?  The two have certainly kept us guessing as to their next moves over the last two seasons but can they escape the revenge of G Callen and company one more time?  Probably not, but it might be fun to see them get away to cause havoc once again in future episodes.  Sherlock has his Moriarty, Harry Potter his Voldemort and Batman his Joker.  It’s the ultimate battle between good and evil!

Would you like to see Sidorov or Janvier return?  Or are you looking forward to some new heavies to stir the pot?  Let us know what you think!

8 thoughts on “What will become of our favorite Villains?

  1. BH72

    I think if they both survive, they will be creating an uncertainty over the team if they will be safe the next time they meet. Each time G Callen meets up with Janvier, what he does or tries to do to Callen and those he cares about, gets worse and worse. Probably, because what happens to Janvier gets worse and worse. First the bullet to the side of his mouth, from Callen. Then he’s loses his arm, thanks to Callen convincing the Iranians, the intel from Atley, who Janvier kidnapped was incorrect. Each time they meet, the air between these two foes becomes more intense. Janvier will always be Callen’s nemesis. These two opponents play chess, and we all know chess can go on forever.
    Siderov would be Sam’s nemesis. The villain he worries will take what is most precious from him; Michelle. Bringing these two villains to the table was cleverly put together for a shocker of a season finale. One would love for them to be killed off, just so you knew the team were safe. But we all thought Janvier was out of the picture, once he was handed back to the Iranians. Callen probably thought he was never going to see him again. Yet Janvier wants Callen to end his life! Callen said he wouldn’t. Janvier replied that he would seduce him into it. It would be very tempting for Callen to end Janvier after this betrayal of Sam’s identity to Siderov. However, there might be more satisfaction if Callen allows another enemy take him and end his life in torture once again. Never to return. Callen would be safe knowing he didn’t give Janvier what he wanted.

  2. Tess

    Janvier is a series long bad guy. There was a great line in “End Game” that the terrorist who threatened Hetty was “her Janvier” – someone who she battled with for years. I could see Janvier popping up over and over in the next few seasons.

    Sidorov, on the other hand, probably is done with this storyline. The torturing of Sam and Deeks moves him into someone who has to go and probably has to go in the season opener.

  3. Gayle

    Janvier is a wonderful on-going foe to Callen, so I wouldn’t mind seeing that continue or resurface again in the future.

    As for Siderov, I want to see Kensi blatantly take him out. Slowly or with a single shot, I don’t care. You don’t torture our guys and get away with it!

  4. Carrie

    I think Sidderov needs to be gone… Janvier needs to be a series long nemesis. Like Wo-Fat and McGarrett!!

  5. trytofindme

    Irony thought.
    Siderov goes to kill Callen so Janvier shots Siderov first. The mental torture for Callen knowing that Janvier saved his life. That he now owes the Chameleon a favour, might send Callen a little lone wolf maybe.

    1. SnoopGirl

      Now that would be mental torture for Callen!
      For the drama of the show I want Janvier to stay but for Callen’s sanity I want Janvier to leave.
      I love both villians but I have to say Janvier would be the better choice for the show overall.

  6. Bradley Adams

    Season four was great fun and Sidorov’s storyline was really good. I thought I’d be bored of him after he lived through 4×17 but I really enjoyed the finale. However, I don’t want him to survive past the season premiere. It would be dragging on TOO much. But they do need to wrap it up well.

    I would like to see Janvier survive past the premiere and be a fugitive, rather than being captive by NCIS or the Iranians. I want Vaziri to die because the Iran storyline has stemmed from Sans Voir and now it is boring. I have lost interest and no longer see the point of them. I would like Janvier to recur and pop up every so often because he’s such a great villain. Christopher Lambert portrays him brilliantly and his obsession with Callen is enthralling TV.

  7. I Feel Possessed

    I agree with all the posters responses. Siderov is most likely to be dealt with – probably killed – due to his torture of Sam, Deeks and his attack on Michelle.
    Janvier is much more of a calculated, intelligent villain and I would like to see him come back again in series 5 (maybe not for a third finale in a row though), as he poses an emotional and psychological enemy for Callen.

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