Burned (1×23) goof

In ep 1×06 “Keepin’t It Real” Callen & Sam were partners for “three years – next month”… then in ep 1×23 “Burned” they picked the meeting place “five years ago” ?? … not very likely… current episode 3×14 “Partners” does fit in the timeline again… 🙂

Thanks to a fan over on FB for pointing that out…

4 thoughts on “Burned (1×23) goof

  1. sindee

    Why would they arrange a safe place when they weren't partners at the time ??
    Also in “Partners” Sam says “We breached a safe house, what, six hours after meeting each other for the first time?” so they did meet only five years ago and not before IMO…

  2. Cashkend

    They met at the office (like Kensi met us years later) and the whole team picks the meeting point! Remember Hetty knows it, that's not just a partner choice…

    They met before beiing partner cause Sam didn't knew Kristin and the boy – he was in Afghanistan – but knew G and Nate and Hetty! ^^

  3. Shonaille

    The breaching a safe house thing, was that their first mission as partners for NCIS or something else?
    I need to re-watch this ep because in the same episode they alluded to Sam and G knowing each other longer than 5 years too…

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