Callen’s Corner: 50 Shades of Blue


When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at you, then I’m not so blue…

Lyrics from a well-known song and oh-so-true for many Callen fans out there (including the contributors to this post).

Tuxedo, uniform, checkered shirt, doctor’s outfit, polo shirt, swimming gear or plain shirt – Callen looks great in almost anything!
But there is one thing – or should we say one color – that suits him best.
It’s the one thing that highlights one of his most striking and beloved features – one that is mentioned in many fanfics, one that is reason for a lot of squeeing, one feature even G’s neighbor Elise blogged about: his striking blue eyes.
Surely there is no Callen fan who has not sighed, squeed and swooned over those eyes, especially in a certain lighting up in Ops…

…but before I start rambling about G’s gorgeous blue eyes let’s go back to what this post is supposed to be about – the one color that we love to see G Callen in most.

You all know what I am talking about: Callen wearing blue – light blue, dark blue, greyish blue, purplish blue, caribbean blue, midnight blue, blue check, blue under a jacket, blue under a doctor’s coat and many, many more…

So here we go – feast your eyes on “50 Shades of Blue”!

(We realize these are more than 50  but we thought you – as Callen fans – wouldn’t mind getting a little more G!)

Feel free to squee as much as you like!
(And yes, of course, you will find the Caribbean blue shirt in this collection as well, just keep watching!):


Thanks to Vicki, FanGCallen, Richtsje, justdreaming, Bee, Keviana and sindee for contributing to this post and squeeing with me! It has been a pleasure! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

[1/5/14: Original post; 11/2/15: Repost due to a “certain movie world premiere”… 🙂]

16 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: 50 Shades of Blue

  1. SnoopGirl

    Thank you for sharing all of those gorgeous pictures 🙂

    40, 43, 46, 49 are my faves 🙂


  2. LasiaMsinred

    Thank you for picking out the best pics for us! I love it :)) Blue really suits him,every shade of it.
    Yes, I did squee and swoon when I went trough the album. You really know how to feed a poor fangirl’s imagination 😉

  3. Sandra

    How, oh how should we really choose from all those gorgeous pictures? I prefer Callen in lighter shades of blue (fits a tad better to his blue eyes), like Nr. 19, but all in all, blue is Callen’s (and Chris’) color. Love how the wardrobe department treats us always so nice this way.

  4. Linda

    Yes, blue is definitely his colour. What a great selection of pictures to warm up a cold morning! I think he looks great in any shade of blue – those eyes – but a lighter blue is my favourite. Whatever he wears he still looks gorgeous.

  5. Petra

    Yes, I prefer the lighter shades of blue for him, too.

    But it really is amazing how often he wears blue on the show – the wardrobe department must have a soft spot for us Callen fans 😉

    Greetings from Germany,

  6. blue dogs rock!!!!!

    he looks great in shades of blue!!! thanks for putting it together!!! also like purple one as well!!! he looks amazing!!!

  7. BH72

    *Sigh!*. Thank you ChrisDaisy for such sweet images of Callen in so many shades of BLUE. Even the stethoscope is blue on the Dr Callen image. So many to choose from, but the cornflower blue shirt really brings out his “Striking blue eyes.” The lighting up in Ops definitely brings his blue eyes out as well.

  8. Richtsje

    Fun thing is that looking at all those pictures, the wardrobe crew obviously must know how to please the watchers!
    Thank you #bestcrewintown

  9. Rayanne

    Thank you for these wonderful pictures!! He definitely looks good in blue. I couldn’t choose a favorite but I like the ones with him wearing sunglasses also. What a nice way to end my day looking at all these pictures!

  10. Caroline

    Thank you for all these wonderful pictures. It made my day.
    There is however a shirt that is my all time favorite, though it is not blue.
    He has worn it in several episodes. It is a plaid shirt with black and white blocks/squares.

  11. Linda

    Thanks for the post, it made my day. Callen has always been my favorite on the show, and blue is definitely his color. He definitely knows how to use those blue eyes as well. Many a fangirl has sighed and swooned over those eyes.

  12. tara

    Blue is so Callen (and Chris’s) color. Chris really looks good in light blue. Love the photo, really can’t decide which is my favorite so i’ll just say all of them:)

  13. Linda W

    Thanks very much for all the great pictures of our favourite Special Agent G. Callen. He looks great in anything, but definitely “blue” is the best colour. I like them all, so can’t choose a favourite, but I sure don’t mind looking at all those gorgeous pictures. A great way to start or end a day! ( inbetween too)

  14. Claire

    Thank you for all the wonderful pictures! Light blue definitely suits Callen.
    Just get the biggest screen possible and the show can begin…

    I feel a little sorry for Sam because he usually doesn’t get this kind of attention and as for Deeks – during the five years I have hardly noticed his eyecolour…

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