Decidedly Deeks: Fifty Shades Of Plaid

When Merrie and I were rewatching Season 2, we kept on pointing out that Deeks was wearing plaid. When I was asked to have a topic for Decidedly Deeks my first thought was to look into how much plaid Deeks wears.
NCISLA Season 1 Deeks Plaid
We start off with Season 1 Episode 20 “Fame”. He tells Kensi

“Don’t worry, Fern. I’ll be back.”

50 shades of plaid season 2
Then there is Season 2 Episode 9 “Absolution” (one of my favorites) where Deeks says


picstitch (8)

Marty Deeks: Why do bad guys always have such awesome houses?
Sam Hanna: What’s the matter, Deeks? Not feeling your loft?
Marty Deeks: This guy’s got his own Hobbit Shire.
[Season 2 Episode 20 “The Job”]

picstitch (9)

Believe it or not I actually have taken a chair and dragged it all over the carpet to make tracks so it look like I vacuumed… but I was also 15 and my Mom was coming home from work in five minutes.

DEEKS: And then she put her darks in with my whites and now all my clothes are purple, so I look like Barney the dinosaur. I mean, what husband can put up with this? This marriage is doomed.
KENSI: No, no, this marriage is doomed because you are OCD.
DEEKS: What do you mean, because I like to clean? At least I’m not the one that took a desk chair and dragged it over the carpet to make tracks so it looks like I vacuumed. I mean, honestly, who does that?
[Season 3 Episode 22 “Neighborhood Watch”]

picstitch (10)
You know your kids have watched NCIS: LA when you get a package and they scream

“What’s in the BOX!!!!”
[Season 4 Episode 14 “Killhouse”]

Note: While working on this I realized that he doesn’t wear plaid that often but there is at least one character who does in every episode. Maybe that will be a summer project for me.

So which one is your favorite?

Season 1
Episode 20: Fame

Season 2
Episode 9: Absolution
Episode 12: Overwatch
Episode 13: Archangel
Episode 14: Lockup
Episode 16: Empty Quiver
Episode 18: Harm’s Way
Episode 20: The Job
Episode 22: Plan B

Season 3
Episode 11: Higher Power
Episode 22: Neighborhood Watch

Season 4
Episode 1: End Game
Episode 10: Free Ride
Episode 14: Kill House
Episode 24: Descent

Thanks to B for setting up this post with the help of Merrie, Richtsje, Bee, ChrisDaisy, Vicki and sindee.

[1/30/14: Original post; 11/2/15: Repost due to a “certain movie world premiere”… 🙂]

9 thoughts on “Decidedly Deeks: Fifty Shades Of Plaid

  1. Callen37

    OMG you have no idea how much that has just helped me! I’ve been talking with a friend about a Deeks/Sam scene which I am hunting for, all the information I have is that Deeks wears plaid. (Which I love him in) so have been trying to find it. Thank you for this, the list at the end helps so much.

  2. Fenix

    All episodes is famous.
    Best one for my is Episode 22: Neighborhood Watch

    BTW writers, “What’s in the BOX!!!!” (seriously, what?)

  3. Bee.Eh.Vee

    When you go through them, count how many different ones there are. I challenge the NCIS:LA team to a plaid-off.

  4. BH72

    The green/blue one in Plan B and the red one in The Job are my favourites on Deeks. Wouldn’t it be a hoot for all the team to turn up wearing plaid in an episode. Are you reading this John Kousakis?

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