Callen’s Corner: Callen and Paris

WARNING: This particular write-up may contain too much drama and be entirely too deep on something entirely too small. You were warned…



Callen and Paris.

NCISLA’s Team Leader and an Agent chick from NCISRED.

A possible “thing”? Possible flirtation? Possible competition?


Honey, say it ain’t so! It’s a bad dream! Ahhh! <- Saw a lot of this on Twitter the other day. Along with hash tags proclaiming #TeamCallenVSParis.

Apparently, #TeamCallen as a whole does NOT like to share their man. Shane Brennan take note. (And quit laughing! This is serious business!)

The fangirls were not impressed and together made it clear that they were not a fan of any suggested pairings of “Caris, Pallen, G-P, Parillen, GP2, Caris2 hahaha” (Thanks @apeal12). A few seemed willing to watch the show and then react, but weren’t holding their breath. Even my good friend in South Texas asked me about it on the phone, “Are we going to have to stop watching?” I might’ve been willing to shed a tear at that point. After all, the fangirls survived last summer with Callen in jail having shot a criminal on live tv! Would something like this shake #TeamCallen across dividing lines?

The good news is, @KimRaver (actress who plays Paris) Tweeted this calming comment into the mix: “Maybe give Paris time, hopefully we can learn more ’bout ur Callen;)”

That’s the point where I laughed nervously.
It appears Brennan might be teasing us again. Or Kalstein. Whoever.

This may all be a tease, Team Callen. A set-up.

What happens if we get to the end of the episodes with NCISRED and we blush over it being nothing at all?

I don’t know about y’all, but I will probably throw a tissue box at the tv. Hard. Very hard. Maybe aim for the base so I don’t actually break anything.

Who knows how this will play out? Good news is we only have to speculate for another day or so.



My sister and I had a discussion about this whole thing yesterday. She is decidedly #TeamDeeks, but she is more than willing to discuss Callen with me when I need some intelligent-family-NCISLA conversation. I was airing my thoughts to her and she finally interrupted me. What she said was genius. So genius, that I made her hang up the phone right then and text me what she’d said. It sums up the feeling of the show so well:

“Sam is meant to be married, Kensi and Deeks are meant to date, and Callen is meant to be amazingly single.” -My 17-year-old Sister

Yes, us fans fantasize, dream, and even write about it being other ways, but this is the truth of our show and of our G Callen.

G Callen.
Amazingly single.
Amazingly hott.
Amazingly available.
Amazingly untouchable.

If we take away the teases of the past few weeks, the argument can be made that there will never be a serious relationship for Callen on the show. And that’s okay. It would keep intact the “feeling” of our fearless leader being free and “un-taken”, which, if we’re completely honest, is what draws every fan to him. (Besides how well he can shoot and fight and strategize, because that’s pretty cool, too.)

So there.

11 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Callen and Paris

  1. B.

    Just remember ‘Uncle’ Shane (as he is called in my house) likes to mess with us by saying something to get everyone talking.

    I’m not panicking. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen this before. Lost, Alias, Grey’s, Star Wars. They announce something and people either love it or hate it. There are debates, polls, questions, arguments and teams.

    This is what we need to do: Give Paris a chance. (Yeah, I went there)

    We don’t know what will happen. Something might or it could be just be nothing. “Chemistry” could be just a simple glance while the other one is not looking, or it could be a “If you’re ever in LA I’ll take you out to dinner”

    Like Gibbs in NCIS, G Callen is the lone wolf. Mom dead. Sister dead. Dad? Who knows. The people he works with is his family.

    Now, being a HUGE #TeamCallen fan that everyone knows that I am, do I want him to have a girlfriend? After thinking about this I just want him to be HAPPY. Doesn’t mean when/if that happens I’m going to like her, I just want him to be happy.

    Who knows, Callen may already have someone. Remember we didn’t know until Season 3 that Sam was married.


  2. Dutchie

    Can’t believe people are freaking out so much over this. I’m a complete Callen-fan, and all I want for him is to be happy! I mean, ‘amazingly single’? That’s just sad, like we don’t think he deserves to finally have some romance with someone who won’t try to use him for her own purposes (think: Tracy). I’ve been waiting for him to find a little romance for four years. He’s earned it guys!

  3. Merrily17

    I just don’t undrestand the big deal… Sure I’m a Callen fan. I love the character and his gloomy, angsty, image, but I also feel this makes him very one dimensional. The rest of the team have many facets of their personalities we’ve discovered, yet Callen remains staunchly a ‘Lone Wolf’???

    I mean do I love Kensi and Deeks and the tension between them??? Sure I do, but I love them more for their witty banter and jokes… Do I think Nell and Eric belong together… sure I do, but I love them more for their innocence. I love Sam and Michele for their wisdom, not their marriage… And I love G for his Loyalty.. will that change because he’s involved with someone… NO! It will probably make him a better character, more multi dimensional instead of just angsty and gloomy.

  4. sindee

    well, it’s not that I don’t like Callen with anyone… in fact I loved him with Tracy… I just don’t see Callen with *her*… I gotta admit I don’t know Kim Raver… though I’m pretty sure I’ll like her character… I just don’t “see it”… of course I want “our Callen” to be happy but honestly I think he needs to “find himself” first before he can be happy with a woman…

  5. April

    Hello, I’m @apeal12.

    I’ll wait and see if Callen has chemical with Paris.

    I think Callen had chemistry with Lauren Hunter, she is much more beautiful than Paris.

    Just hope he does not stand alone forever.

  6. sonyaalec

    Have we forgotten, leaving aside Tracey, of Callen’s off hand flirting with “Agent Giodarno in Season 1?

    OK, so that run in only lasted 1 episode but she still left a mark on him. I would say that she did leave some form of an impression on him 🙂

    At the end, we want to see *our* man Callen happy- just like everyone else has stated – but the “involvement” of Paris & Callen maybe as innocent as that of Agent Giodarno. Only time will tell…but Callen did concede to Hetty in an episode in Season 3 that he would rather find out about him and his family before he considered settling down (so Sindee may well and truly be on the mark…

  7. Jeanette

    Ok, I was kind of hesitant that the NCIS franchise was planting a seed for yet another spin off. But I gotta say, last night’s episode sold me. I love the chemistry from the great ensemble of the Red Team. Finally a female team leader. I love that Callen didn’t deny Sam’s statement about Paris being an attractive woman but just kept quiet. Callen certainly seems attracted to the blonde team leader which I hope the writers and directors will explore if the possible spin off does get pick up. The punch she gave Roy was a good one though. Any Kensi and Deeks scenes are always great to watch.
    To say the least, I was surprise to see Saleem in the episode. I thought the guy was dead when Gibbs shot him back in season 7 when they rescued Ziva from Somalia.
    Cannot wait for part 2 next week……

    …….until then!

  8. yet another fangirl

    Hey! If you like Callen as much as you say you do, why can’t you be happy for him if he finds a woman he likes?
    Besides, if you trust him, you’ll trust him to have good taste.
    When they do have that beer together, just try to keep an open mind, okay?
    Also, this whole relationship thing could be a cause of character development. It also opens up risk. These are two things that CBS procedurals could do with. Maybe they should consult the writers of the Good Wife? I don’t know.
    Either way, only good things can come of Paris and Callen meeting again.

  9. trytofindme

    I think there is a little chemistry for Callen and Paris. I realise as well that Callen likes to occasionally get his flirt on with females but I also think that there is a higher chance of Callen dating an air hostess than an agent. Why? Season one Callen said to Sam, if they have their own handcuffs he is out of there.

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