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NCIS: Red Exclusive Scoop

With all the buzz about the new shows on the networks in the past few days I tried to get some info about the fate of the NCISLA Spin-Off NCIS:Red this morning.

Some websites state it’s not been picked up (e.g. while others indicate there are still one or two shows to be announced by CBS (e.g.

My personal opinion was that CBS holds back about NCIS:Red until their Upfronts on May 14th in New York to make it a “big announcement”…

This could have worked but someone underestimated the power of the internet so here’s what I found when I googled “CBS NCIS RED”fall2013

“NCIS Red: Fall 2013 CBS Pilot” and a – if only one paragraph long yet – website is enough confirmation for me…

What do you think ?? ūüėČ

Will you watch NCIS:Red when it gets picked up ??

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Ask Matt: NCIS’ “Red” Team

Question: Are you as I stumped as I am about what makes the NCIS Red Team unique? In last week’s episode of NCIS: LA, there was a moment when they were trying to tell a Mexican gunman to put his weapon down and none of them could speak Spanish. Which is odd given they are suppose to be a very mobile unit that goes anywhere, you would think they would be well versed in multiple languages.

Read the whole question plus the answer on

Special Shout-Out to NCISLA Crew



Today we want to send SPECIAL THANKS to the fabulous crew that stands behind the cameras of this great show “NCIS Los Angeles” that we all love to watch week by week…



Not only did they build this amazing “Idaho-Snow-Surrounding” but they also worked at least two over-nighters (filming starts afternoon or evening and lasts til morning) to bring these crossover episodes to our screens.



Please join us in the comment section with your own words of: THANKS A LOT GUYS AND GALS !! We really appreciate your hard work !!

Callen’s Corner: Callen and Paris

WARNING: This particular write-up may contain too much drama and be entirely too deep on something entirely too small. You were warned…



Callen and Paris.

NCISLA’s Team Leader and an Agent chick from NCISRED.

A possible “thing”? Possible flirtation? Possible competition?


Honey, say it ain’t so! It’s a bad dream! Ahhh! <- Saw a lot of this on Twitter the other day. Along with hash tags proclaiming #TeamCallenVSParis.

Apparently, #TeamCallen as a whole does NOT like to share their man. Shane Brennan take note. (And quit laughing! This is serious business!)

The fangirls were not impressed and¬†together made it clear that they were not a fan of any suggested pairings of “Caris, Pallen, G-P, Parillen, GP2, Caris2 hahaha” (Thanks @apeal12). A few seemed willing to watch the show and then react, but weren’t holding their breath. Even my good friend in South Texas asked me about it on the phone, “Are we going to have to stop watching?” I might’ve been willing to shed a tear at that point. After all, the fangirls survived¬†last summer with Callen in jail having shot a criminal on live tv! Would something like this shake #TeamCallen across dividing lines?

The good news is, @KimRaver (actress who¬†plays Paris)¬†Tweeted¬†this¬†calming comment into the mix: “Maybe¬†give Paris time, hopefully we can learn more ’bout ur Callen;)”

That’s the point where I laughed nervously.
It appears Brennan might be teasing us again. Or Kalstein. Whoever.

This may all be a tease, Team Callen. A set-up.

What happens if we get to the end of the episodes with NCISRED and we blush over it being nothing at all?

I don’t know about y’all, but I will probably throw¬†a tissue box at the tv.¬†Hard. Very hard. Maybe aim for the base so I don’t actually break anything.

Who knows how this will play out? Good news is we only have to speculate for another day or so.



My sister and I had a discussion about this whole thing yesterday. She is decidedly #TeamDeeks, but she is more than willing to discuss Callen with me when I need some intelligent-family-NCISLA conversation. I was airing my thoughts to her and she finally interrupted me. What she said was genius. So genius, that I made her hang up the phone right then and text me what she’d said. It sums up the feeling of the show so well:

“Sam is meant to be married, Kensi and Deeks are meant to date, and Callen is meant to be amazingly single.” -My 17-year-old Sister

Yes, us fans fantasize, dream, and even write about it being other ways, but this is the truth of our show and of our G Callen.

G Callen.
Amazingly single.
Amazingly hott.
Amazingly available.
Amazingly untouchable.

If we take away the teases of the past few weeks, the argument can be made that there will never be a serious relationship for Callen on the show. And that’s okay. It would keep intact the “feeling” of our fearless leader being free and “un-taken”, which, if we’re completely honest, is what draws every fan to him. (Besides how well he can shoot and fight and strategize, because that’s pretty cool, too.)

So there.