Callen’s Corner: @CallensGirl Interview

Keviana: When I think of die-hard Callen fans, I think of you, @CallensGirl. Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with us!

@CallensGirl: Thank you for thinking of me! I am honored!

As far as Callen fans go, on a scale of 1-10, where do you rank yourself? Have you always been at this level of adoration?

11! I have loved Callen since I found out he was one of Gibb’s boys. I think my level of adoration has grown with him as his character has developed.

Here’s the big question: what is so special about Callen that keeps you a fan?

His heart. He has this beautiful loyal heart! It makes him good at what he does. He may not have “family” by blood, but the team is his family and he takes that just as serious as he takes his job.

I love how you put that. What has been your favorite Callen adventure so far? 

Well even though the first few seasons were by far the most heart wrenching for Callen, I really have to say that I loved his pursuit of the truth about his family and the ties to the Comescu family. I particularly liked his involvement once the Comescu came out at the end of the second season. I am a big fan of @craigryoung so it was fun to watch the stand down in season three with Dracul Comescu and Callen.

g8You gave me this as your “Favorite Callen Photo.”

I have so many favorites, but I have to say this photo is my FAVORITE favorite. It always makes me smile =)

Speaking of favorites… Do you have a favorite Sam and G moment?

SO MANY! But my favorite is when they are on the stake out and Callen is eating the tootsie pops and Sam is making the origami of all the different animals.

Tell us how your life has been affected by G Callen being in it for the last 4.2 years. 

I most admire his strength and I think what truly touches my heart about Callen is his orphan heart. I identify with it and I am also drawn to it. As much as I want to give him a family I admire his strength for the lack of it. He reminds me to not take my family for granted and not just my birth family, but the family we meet along the way. A lot of us feel alone, even if we have family. He secludes himself at times, I do as well. So I get that. He validates my feelings with his reasons for why he does these things. He remains just as strong with people as he is alone.

That was beautifully awesome. So, for me, personally, I’ve developed a little bit more boldness over the years from watching G Callen face danger and not flinch. Has watching Callen helped develop any personality traits in you?

I think watching Callen has given me a deeper strength when I do stand alone. He knows how to stand strong and be who he is and that is enough for him. I like to think he has helped me to develop that same level of strength in who I am.

What one bit of wisdom would you like to leave all of Team Callen with? 

Callen loves first. If you have watched all the seasons you can see this. Everything that he does comes from the loss of his family and the love he has for his team family. He is all about Familia, which is why I think Chris O’Donnell plays that well. He is about family too. While the actor may not have gone through a lot of what Callen has gone through, I think he has done him a lot of justice to make Callen an incredibly deep and passionate character while all the while keeping him strong and at times, very dangerous!


You can catch up with @CallensGirl on Twitter. Be sure and thank her for joining us!

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