Callen’s Corner: Distractionist


G Callen is a distractionist.*

You see it in the way he goes about his life.
How he interacts with his team.
How he deals with Hetty.


Dis-trac-tion-ist (adjective) – [meanings] One’s ability to create either a false or true front meant to distract from the issue or situation that really matters; akin to throwing a rock to make a person look in a direction, away from what’s actually happening; similar to playing hard-to-get, yet without letting on what true motives are; in extreme cases, fronting a front in front of a façade in front of a façade.

We see it every time Callen is working the case with his Team, yet is secretly concerned with what is going on behind the scenes, say, with Hetty, or Hunter, rest her soul, or Granger.

The point of these distractionist moments is to keep everyone snowed. Unknowing. Until he get the answers he wants.


Considering who G Callen’s boss is, and the feisty legend that she is, maybe he learned this practice from her. Perhaps? We all know he didn’t learn distractionistism^ from Sam Hanna. Or, Kensi Blye. Ooooooor, maybe it was something he was taught by Gibbs.


There may not be a better distractionist in the world than Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I’m sure he could’ve been responsible for teaching Callen and thing or two…

Seeing Gibbs mentor Callen in any way doesn’t seem so bad to me. In fact… I’d love to go back to that time in Moscow. To that op. In the winter snow. Bad guys. Danger. Guns. Gibbs and Callen, speaking Russian… Mmmhmm. That’s the stuff good daydreams are made of.



My favorite Callen distractionist moment?

The time that Callen was deciding what he thought of Walton Flynn, using his own facts, while everyone else was telling him what to think. (See Season 1, Episode 4, “Search and Destroy.”)

In the end, Callen and Flynn had a moment, and Callen made a judgment call he could live with. It was amazing. None of his team saw it coming, either.


Your turn.

What are your favorite Callen distractionist moments?


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*This term was first tweeted by @TeamCallen.
^This term was first introduced by me, Keviana Elliot, and I dare you to say it three times, fast, without laughing.


13 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Distractionist

  1. justdreaming-83

    Hmmmm. Can’t think of a specific incident, not without episode surfing (and it is tempting to do just that, every time I read one of these posts.) But I do love his stonewalling with Hetty. Sometimes he’s miffed at her, sometimes, cheeky, and sometimes there’s that just a hint of that famous smirk. Of course, she sees right through him. But if she did teach him that skill, she should be very proud of him… he is an excellent distractionist.

      1. Keviana Elliot

        The Nate scene is from “Paper Soldiers”, Episode 14 of Season 4. A classic.

        Did we discuss Callen being a brat? Uh-huh.

  2. Phillydi

    I loved when Callen distracted Nate from doing his psych eval this past season by getting him to share his tips for finding a woman and Nate fell for it! Classic.

    1. Keviana Elliot

      Oh, the big eyes and not-knowing fake! Great moment of epic proportions!

      Way to go, woman. Now I’m giggling uncontrollably!

  3. Eileen

    “Seeing Gibbs mentor Callen in any way doesn’t seem so bad to me. In fact… I’d love to go back to that time in Moscow. To that op. In the winter snow. Bad guys. Danger. Guns. Gibbs and Callen, speaking Russian… Mmmhmm. That’s the stuff good daydreams are made of.”
    YES MA’AM!! THIS needs to happen!!!!

    Best Callen distractionist moments?? *snort* FOR ME…THE SHIRT or anytime he wears blue.

    BUT yeah, it’s the Nate moment;poor thing didn’t even know what was happening till it was waaay too late. Nate needs to return forever.

  4. justdreaming-83

    Okay. One just popped into my head while reading the other comments. It’s when Callen and Sam are undercover as Highway Patrolmen. They are getting off their bikes and Sam is trying to tell G he misses riding with him in the car… where they can actually communicate. Instead of actually admitting that HE also misses it, Callen just dives right into bantering. Of course, he proved Sam’s point. (And we all know, even though it’s in his DNA to ride off into the sunset, all “lone wolf,” G’s need to have a partner has grown.) Anyway, I just thought this was one of those times where Callen avoided talking about emotions by using his well-sharpened “distractionist’s” skills.

  5. LasiaMsinRed

    Thank you so much for writing this article and made me rewatch “Search & Destroy”. Shame on me,I forgot how significant that episode is for a Callengirl. (not to mention the tootsie pop moment 😉 ).

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