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Eric Christian Olsen On The London Bridges Show

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Come join us on Friday, March 14, 2014, where we will discuss fatherhood in Hollywood. I’m proud to be able to have one of the stars of NCIS:Los Angeles and a good friend of mine on tonight’s show. You’ve seen him on Not Another Teen Movie, The Thing, Beerfest, Pearl Harbor, The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez to name a few.

Prism Award Nom for NCIS Los Angeles, LL Cool J and Eric Christian Olsen

From the official press release:
In the area of Drama Multi – Episode Storylines, nods went to Dexter (Showtime) , Elementary (CBS), Homeland (Showtime), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC), Nashville (ABC), NCIS : Los Angeles (CBS), Parenthood (NBC), and Shameless (Showtime), as well as two separate story arcs for Grey’s Anatomy (ABC). Homeland , 2 SVU (twice), Grey’s (twice), Parenthood (four times) and Shameless are all past winners, while Nashville took home last year’s EIC President’s Award. This is Elementary ’s second consecutive nomination.
Performance nominations for multi – episode stories went to Jennifer Carpenter ( Dexter ), Justin Chambers , James Remar and Chandra Wilson ( all Grey’s Anatomy ), Mariska Hargitay ( SVU ) , Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller ( Elementary ), LL Cool J and Eric Christian Olsen ( NCIS: LA ), and Hayden Panettiere ( Nashville ) . Chambers, Liu and Panettiere are past nominees. Hargitay previously earned an award for SVU , while Wilson took home the award for the TV movie Accidental Friendship .

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Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen in TV Guide

tvgm_eco_drNCIS: LA Stars Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah Drop Intel on Deeks and Kensi

It may not be safe to entrust Eric Christian Olsen with spoilers. “I’m off to go get killed,” he says, picking himself up from a shaded picnic table and heading back out into a Southern California winter heat wave. In the parched hills above Santa Clarita, sets for an Afghan army base and village have been constructed, making NCIS: Los Angeles suddenly seem like NCIS: Afghanistan. “This,” he repeats, “is the scene where Deeks dies.”

He’s joshing, of course, since the only fatality for Olsen’s character this season is more along the lines of “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight,” if you can stand an ’80s-­music reference. His Deeks and Daniela Ruah’s Kensi have long provided the implicit romance that complements the bromance of LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell on the smash series. In November, the two finally hooked up, however briefly, shocking fans who expected an endless variation on the unconsummated flirtation common to coworkers on TV procedurals. But no sooner had the pairing known to shippers as Densi become an actual thing than Kensi was sent to Afghanistan, where, in the upcoming episode I’m observing, her partner and putative beau has come looking for her.

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Eric Christian Olsen Talks Torture and Teases NCIS Los Angeles Season Five



NCIS: Los Angeles season 4 ended with the tragic scene of Deeks and Sam being tortured by Isaak Sidorov after Marcel Janvier betrayed them. Their search for the missing nukes was interrupted with not only their lives at risk, but with Quinn’s life literally hanging on the edge.

Deeks went from a high moment in his life when he finally kissed Kensi to the lowest possible when he was being tortured. I caught up with Eric Christian Olsen at the CBS Annual Summer Stars event to ask him about the events of the finale and how those events will play out into the upcoming season….

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