Prism Award Nom for NCIS Los Angeles, LL Cool J and Eric Christian Olsen

From the official press release:
In the area of Drama Multi – Episode Storylines, nods went to Dexter (Showtime) , Elementary (CBS), Homeland (Showtime), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC), Nashville (ABC), NCIS : Los Angeles (CBS), Parenthood (NBC), and Shameless (Showtime), as well as two separate story arcs for Grey’s Anatomy (ABC). Homeland , 2 SVU (twice), Grey’s (twice), Parenthood (four times) and Shameless are all past winners, while Nashville took home last year’s EIC President’s Award. This is Elementary ’s second consecutive nomination.
Performance nominations for multi – episode stories went to Jennifer Carpenter ( Dexter ), Justin Chambers , James Remar and Chandra Wilson ( all Grey’s Anatomy ), Mariska Hargitay ( SVU ) , Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller ( Elementary ), LL Cool J and Eric Christian Olsen ( NCIS: LA ), and Hayden Panettiere ( Nashville ) . Chambers, Liu and Panettiere are past nominees. Hargitay previously earned an award for SVU , while Wilson took home the award for the TV movie Accidental Friendship .

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4 thoughts on “Prism Award Nom for NCIS Los Angeles, LL Cool J and Eric Christian Olsen

  1. Wendi Pugh

    Such a well-deserved nomination. That storyline was so well written and fantastic acting by Eric Olsen and LLCoolJ. Congrats to all….

  2. Jan

    Well deserved. That hospital scene is still one of my all time favorites, and the best Deeks/Sam scene ever. Both actors had some great scenes in Ascension and Impact. It’s a shame that only one if either of them will get recognized for it.

  3. jsm

    I noticed that there were pairs of actors nominated so maybe they both win. Sadly, I am not as aware of how these awards work as I should be.

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