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Insider here! Happy 2014! Hope it’s a good one so far. If you saw last week’s episode you know that our guys in LA are staying busy and that things are starting to heat up for Kensi in Afghanistan. We’re staying pretty busy on set as well. Since we’ve been back we’ve been racing all over town shooting new episodes and have had some pretty amazing guest stars come lend a hand.

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Insider here! Just coming back from the set and my ears are still ringing. Here’s a tip for anyone going to the set of a procedural crime drama: don’t forget your earplugs! Especially if you’re, say, about to witness a shootout ending in an explosion in a parking garage. Needless to say, this episode will have its fair share of action. Just how we like it.

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Kensi & Deeks
Insider here! Happy New Year from the cast and crew! If you caught our first episode of 2013 you watched the team start the year off with a bang. Several bangs, actually. Rest assured there’ll be more in our next episode. Also, brace yourself for some team turmoil in our next couple of episodes. As familiar faces return to the Ops Center, some will be making waves. And just when everyone was starting to get along, too.

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