NCIS Los Angeles “Praesidium” Guest Star Cuyle Carvin Interview

Welcome to our first NCIS Los Angeles Guest Star interview of the season! 🙂

We had the chance to get in touch with Cuyle Carvin who will appear as ‘Beckett’ in the third episode of the sixth season of NCIS Los Angeles “Praesidium”, written by Erin Broadhurst and directed by Dennis Smith.

Read about his time on NCISLA and how he is also a cartoon character in a children’s coloring book…

CuyleYou are in the business for quite some time now… What drew you into acting originally ? What keeps you going ?
I’m not sure I can pinpoint any one reason for deciding to become an actor. I was never into theater, I’m still not. I didn’t grow up wanting to be an actor, in fact, I really didn’t have any interest in looking at it as a profession until my senior year of college. In retrospect, I can say that my favorite movie, BRAVEHEART, probably had the biggest influence. When I saw that in a theater, I remember it was the first time a movie was more than just a movie to me. The passion of the characters and the story transcended anything I had ever seen before. I wanted to have influence over people just the way that BRAVEHEART influenced me. And I think that’s still what keeps me going. Of course there’s the creative and financial aspects that have to be fulfilled, but I really want to be a part of something bigger than myself. Film and TV have such an enormous impact on cultures around the world, they can literally change perspectives and lives. On top of that, I really want to be able to use the influence that this industry can provide individuals to do good for others, that’s probably my main goal at this point.

In this week’s NCISLA episode “Praesidium” you are playing ‘Beckett’. What can you tell us about your character ? Who did you work with on screen ? Any stories you can share… without giving any of the storyline away ?
All I can really say is that I’m a hired mercenary. I’m put to task to help the NCIS team. I had the wonderful experience of working with Linda Hunt and Rocky Carroll. I don’t have any great anecdotes but I had a great conversation with Linda off screen about our love for New England. We’re both from the east coast and we both miss it so much.

Did you participate in the table read for the episode ? What was that experience like ?
I was part of the table read. It was their first table read of the new season so it was quite busy. It was the biggest table read I’ve been a part of so far. We had about 15 cast members, the director, writer and EP’s of the episode and show present. Plus there were roughly 30-40 members in an audience watching us read. The stars of the show were very generous and nice, each coming up to introduce themselves to me – as if I didn’t know right. I did NCIS a couple of years ago as well and between working on both shows, the cast and crew of both shows, from the personnel at casting all the way up to the studio have been some of my favorite people to work with.

C.C. in white shirt & tieWas it difficult to mix with the main stars of the show ? Are there any differences in the working style and acting methods of the main cast ? What is it like to be a guest star on NCISLA ?
Each actor definitely has their own thing going on, as all do across the industry. I didn’t get the opportunity to work with most of the main cast so I can’t comment on that, but, Rocky and Linda are obviously some of the most talented people in Hollywood. As with any great actor and talent, they made everything seem so easy. What I really appreciated about them is that they were welcoming. It’s not easy being a celebrity, not that I can attest, but I can only imagine it’s gotta be tough sometimes to be a recognized actor. People consistently walking up to you asking for pictures, autographs, handshakes, etc. whenever you leave your house. Plus you have new guest cast in every episode that you have to deal with, new directors to work with. I’ve been on other shows where some of the regulars just had had enough meeting new guest cast and such that come through a revolving door. They weren’t rude but were just over going out of their way to make chit chat with everyone who comes along, and I don’t blame them. But as I mentioned, everyone involved on the NCIS shows have been excellent across the board.

Tell us a bit about The Cuyle Carvin Coloring Book – a book about the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits for children. How did the idea come up to do some charity work on this topic especially for children?
Cartoon Cuyle and his live counterpartSo a friend of mine, Fred Grandinetti is a huge Popeye fan, author and illustrator. He produces an award winning children’s show in Boston called Drawing with Fred. I had been a part of a few children centric charities when we met and we came up with the idea to make the coloring book which we could hand out to schools, hospitals and charity events. Fred wrote the story of the book, Dave Hudon did the illustration. I basically gave feedback until we all came up with the final version of the book. It’s basically a coloring book that encourages children to get outside, exercise and eat right. We all think it’s incredibly important to help kids make healthier decisions, especially when they’re so young, in hopes that they’ll continue with a healthy lifestyle as they grow up.

Working on a TV show is known for having some grueling schedules and long days, what’s your go-to healthy snack to stay on-track during those busy times?
If I’m not filming then you can definitely find me stuffing my face at the crafty table. I mostly go for the fresh fruits, nuts and salads. I’m a sucker for Starburst though. Usually the catering have some great choices for meals too. I’m a vegetarian as well and they always have a ton of options.

What’s up next for you?
I was on HAWAII FIVE 0 on October 3. I just wrapped up a Hallmark Movie of the Week, MR. FICTION, which should air later this fall, but I don’t have air dates. I filmed an episode of HBO’s new show THE BRINK which starts later this year as well. Some good things are happening and all I can do is keep working hard to help maintain the progress.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, I really appreciate the support.

We say ‘Thank you, Cuyle’ for taking the time to answer our questions !!

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