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Red (4×18) Review by Phillydi


Red:  Part One (4×18)

Written by:  Shane Brennan

Directed by:  Tony Wharmby

I was truly surprised by the results of our NCIS Red poll on NCISLA Magazine.  We asked our readers if you were looking forward to the new spin off from Shane Brennan and company and I expected the poll to reveal a resounding YES vote. But the majority of you said MAYBE and NO! I’m not sure why there is such resistance to NCIS Red but I have to admit I was feeling the same peculiar way. I know people hate change but how do you build on perfection? Can Brennan strike pay dirt a third time in a row?   There are so many questions up to the airing of this show and so much riding on these crossover episodes.  I decided to go into the new show with an open mind.  Will this mobile NCIS team will grab my viewer loyalty and make me a fan of the new franchise?  Let’s find out….

We begin with a dead Marine in Idaho and a dead arms dealer from Indonesia.   Rachmed Santoso is found dead in Griffith Park and recent chatter from the Talaban indicates an attack on American soil is inevitable.  Just another day in NCISLA-land.  In order to introduce the Red team to the story, Callen and Sam are sent to Idaho to investigate why the same murder weapon that killed the Marine matches the one used to kill Santoso.  I usually enjoy seeing Callen and Sam away from their natural element and the warm California climate which serves as the show’s backdrop.  But in this case the hostile environments of Romania and Afghanistan seem to be a much more inviting place to investigate than the boonies of Idaho.  When you add Granger, a lot of snow and uncomfortable living quarters…then you have two very unhappy NCIS agents.  Actually, Sam and Callen look a bit shell shocked as they are introduced to the Red team.  Is it the less than optimal working conditions or the attractive agents inside?  Welcome to the Red Team, boys!

After Eric pulls an all-nighter, the Op Tech finds Santoso’s last known address which Deeks and Kensi rush to investigate.  Santoso wasn’t living alone and they find enough ammo to start a war. Back at the Idaho ranch, the Red Team doesn’t have much evidence to go on in the death of the Marine….except a missing cell phone owned by Corporal Tyler.  The killer is searching for it too and he goes after the team with a runaway truck.  Sorry to see Danny being taken out so soon.  I was really enjoying his character the most up to this point.

Upon reviewing the contents of the cell phone, they find a possible lead in a video Tyler shot at the airport in Chicago.  Was he killed because he inadvertently filmed a possible terrorist as he was traveling through the airport?  Robert Spears is identified from the footage and Hetty and the team has branded the terrorist cell as Afghani military members that were operating out of Santoso’s apartment.  All of the suspected terrorists are qualified pilots with enough explosives to start a war and it looks like we have a possible 9-11 all over again.

Great action footage was shot at the airport with both teams going after the terrorist group.  Unfortunately, Spears gets away to live another day.  The search continues in part two for Spears.  In order to prevent a second attack, it’s imperative for both teams to find him and take him down.

Back at the Mission, Hetty wants to know why Granger is involved in this case and what he knows in regards to Spears.  She’s had her suspicions from the start regarding his involvement but he’s not ready to spill the beans just yet.  Instead, he is more interested in who Hetty has planned to replace Danny in the Red Team.  Enter Roy Haines.  There’s obviously a past between Paris and Roy.  (Well, that wasn’t so bad was it, Roy?)  There’s got to be a great story behind these two that I can’t wait to find out more about.  I have a feeling Callen can’t wait to find out the whole story either.

Will Roy and Paris play nice?  Will Callen and Paris share more insights into each other’s first name?  Will Granger reveal why he is involved in this case?…. And will we ever find out what’s in that damn box?  Stay tuned….

Show Highlights:

Ah yes, the box!  If nothing else, I was looking forward to the return guest appearance of the notorious Box.  Would the opening of the cardboard container be worth playing all the reindeer games?   Why is Deeks so resistant to opening the box?  Does he fear what’s inside?  I think he’s not sure what Kensi is up to….because he knows this could get him into a lot of trouble. Deeks is stunned when Kensi reveals that it is his belated birthday present.  But Deeks hesitates.  He doesn’t want to open the box because he knows that the best things in life are in the anticipation leading up to the event.  But the man is definitely scared and I don’t blame him…too much riding on what’s inside, don’t you think?

All the other romancing in this episode is coming from the Callen and Paris camp.  We get to find out a bit about Paris’ exotic background and Callen seems appropriately embarrassed by her reveal….actually they both do.  Kind of a sweet scene.



Best Lines from the Show:

Deeks:  There’s a box on my desk.

Callen:  Mind like a steel trap.

Sam:  More like a mouse trap.


Callen:  It’s an unusual name.  Paris?

Paris:  This coming from a guy who’s name is a letter in the alphabet?

Callen:  I can call you by your initial.

Paris:  No, thank you.

Callen:  Actually it has a certain ring to it…..a tinkle?


Deeks:  Those (shoes) are very neatly placed.  So we are looking for a killer with OCD?

Bromance Moments:

Callen:  If you snore…I’m gonna shoot you.

I loved hearing Callen admit that he doesn’t miss working alone since he started working with the big fellow!  It’s good to have a partner.

Densi Moments:

Deeks: No…This is not what it looks like.

Kensi:  It looks like a man holding a box.

Deeks:  An innocent man.  I have witnesses.  Listen it was addressed to you and I was taking it back to you. But which obviously looks like I took it but I didn’t take it…it was put there accidentally maybe on purpose and now I’m stuck holding your box.  Wow!


Deeks is very curious about the Red team and even asks how to get assigned to the team?  This is a bit foreboding.  Why do you want to know, Deeks?  Could this be a harbinger of things to come for the Detective?


So far…so good.  Let’s bring it on home next week!  What do you think of the new spin off? Has the first part of this possible new series piqued your interest? Will you come back for part two? I promise you we will return for the conclusion of our review with a definitive decision on whether or not we give the new show two thumbs up or down. Join us back here again on NCISLA Magazine after next week’s conclusion of Red and be sure to leave your comments. We want to know if you think there is a future for this new NCIS franchise.

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