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Renée Felice Smith & Barrett Foa’s Favorite Apps



Star Apps: ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’
The tech twosome of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith, chat about bringing the comedy to CBS’s top-rated drama series, working with costars Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J, interacting with high-tech props, and their favorite apps.

On CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles,” the running and gunning are great, but now and then it’s nice to get a little comic relief from the show’s resident techies, Eric Beale and Nell Jones, played by Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith.

Barrett, you have a theatrical background, and Renee has a comedy background. How does that play into your roles on “NCIS: Los Angeles”?
Barrett Foa: Good question. I think that we kind of bring a fun, goofy, comedic vibe to the proceedings, which is a great foil for all the action, the brawn, the blowing up of cars, and the terrorism that’s going on. You have your LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, but you also have your clowns, speaking in theater terms. I am very happy to play into that and foil the brawn. We get to be the brains and a lighter aspect on the show. It’s that workplace-comedy-meets-action-adventure drama that kind of makes the show special and work.
Renée Felice Smith: I have always been the sidekick or comedic relief on any show I’ve done, so I think it helps to brighten our show. We deal with some serious subject matter — crimes of terror — and as humans we need to look at those brighter moments, so that our spirits don’t get damaged too much. For me, that’s what comedy does. It allows you the space and time to digest what’s going on in your life, be it happy, sad, or indifferent. So on the show, I try to insert little bits of light and keep it bright when our world is crashing down. But that’s what we have to do, so the human spirit will press on.

What’s it like working with LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell?

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Renée Felice Smith & Barrett Foa Doing a Reddit/r/IAmA



Two of the stars of the CBS’ drama “NCIS Los Angeles” – Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones) and Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) will be doing a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, 3/25 from 1:00pm – 2:30pm PT.

Basically, /r/IAmA is a place to interview people, but in a new way. “IAmA” is the traditional way of beginning the description of who you are; “AMA” is the traditional way of ending the description; the acronym means “Ask me anything.” The interviewee begins the process by starting a post, describing who they are and what they do. Then, commenters leave questions and can vote on other questions according to which they would like to see answered. The interviewee then goes through and responds to any questions that he/she would like, and in any way that he/she prefers.

Mark your calendars and join the fun !!

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Renée Felice Smith Birthday Card



Please join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Renée Felice Smith – Nell Jones on NCIS Los Angeles – who celebrates her birthday on January 16th.

Thanks again for being so generous with your time during our NCISLAFamilia Meet Up last October !!

Have a great day with lots of love and laughter among your loved ones !!