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Inside Scoop ***NEW***

Insider here! Back to field some more questions. There’s one whose answer I’ve been trying to figure out for quite a while. Way back in July, Ebenister asked for a list of all the songs used in our episode entitled “Fame”. Here you go, Ebenister. Happy listening.

“Brighter” by Jez Pike
“Took The Night” by Chelley
“Licky” (Herve Radio Edit) by Larry Tee
“Up In The Club” by Fulford
“Medicine Man” (JK Remix) by Caged Baby
“Shades of California” (Quadra Beat) by Salme Dahlstrom
“Gucci Sweatshirt” by Lazer Sword

Next up, Invisible357 asks what kind of backpacks Kensi and Deeks are wearing in their scene riding dirtbikes through the desert. They’re both wearing the Oakley AP Backpack 3.0. It’s really cool. I’m looking at one as I write this and its got tons of compartments, plenty metal buckles and handles, padded backing and straps, and best of all it looks cool when it gets all worn and dirty.

Speaking of Kensi and Deeks, NCISLArocks asks if the two will ever “get together”. First off, I love the name. And if by “get together” you mean “become romantically involved”, I honestly don’t know the answer to that one. If there is one, it’s hidden deep in the minds of our writers. I can, however, tell you there will be some pretty intense (romantic?) moments in the episodes to come. If this sounds cagey, then good. I don’t want to spoil what’s coming for anyone, but it’s BIG. If you want to know what I’m talking about, you’ll have to tune in so KEEP COMING BACK!


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