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Endgame (4×01) review by @mokibobolink for @tvequals

In the NCIS:Los Angeles season 4 premiere, called “Endgame,” Callen, Hetty and the rest of the team deal with the aftermath of the shooting that sent Callen to prison. They also pull off a caper of epic proportions.

Oh NCISLA, how you led us on a long and winding journey with lots of twists and turns. Did I suspect that Callen shooting Janvier (aka The Chameleon) was all part of some big ruse? Sure I did. This is television after all. But I wasn’t positive that it was a set-up and that’s completely due to how well everyone played their parts; not only the actors themselves, but also their characters. Everyone did such a good job at acting like Callen was a man who had fallen apart, that I definitely believed it for a while.

Plus, that would’ve been such an awesome story. Callen seemed like he’d reached the end of his rope and was taking out his anger about the whole situation on everyone. He was barely talking to Sam, had completely lost communication with the rest of the team and was only barely speaking to Hetty. As much as I didn’t want the shooting to be real, the other part of me was so caught up in what was happening to him that I wasn’t concentrating too hard on the facts.

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