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The Chosen One (4×14) Review by Phillydi

NCIS: LOS ANGELES - The Chosen One

The Chosen One (4×14)
Written by:  Gil Grant & Cheo Hodari Coker
Directed by:  Paul Kaufman

We finally get a Callen-centric episode this week written by Gil Grant and Cheo Hodari Coker (Collateral 4×08) and Paul Kaufman is behind the camera for his first NCISLA assignment. I have really gotten a kick out of all the tweets from Callen fans ever since the trailer was released.  Men in glasses certainly have their charm, don’t they ladies? All kidding aside, things get very serious in this episode as Callen goes undercover to foil a foreign terrorist attack of mass destruction on domestic soil, bringing back the terror of 9-11.

A Chechnya terrorist group is the new threat and the team has to find out where they transported a truck load of explosives… which also happens (coincidentally), to be the type used during the Oklahoma City bombing.  Several events in the LA area could be the catalyst for a new terrorist jihad and Hetty orders a stake out.  (Deeks:  The ol’ stake out shake out?  I like it.)  After finding new evidence that there are more terrorists entering the country, Callen decides to go undercover as one of them to disrupt their activity.  Love the airport switch… very smooth.  Callen’s in!  But he’s also in a whole lot of trouble when he realizes he is going to be used as a suicide bomber….the chosen one.  Corin Nemec was very convincing as a Chechen terrorist and I enjoyed his performance, especially in the boathouse with Kensi.  Their discussion of human rights was chilling.  I also enjoyed watching the team rescue Callen in the warehouse.  Sam’s Navy SEAL training in explosives came in mighty handy just as Callen was about to step off that platform. (Be still, be very still, G.).  Of course Sam saves the day with the snip of the correct wire leading to the detonator.

Unfortunately, this episode seemed to be more about fish than terrorist threats but it does bring home the point that with the right contacts, monetary support and zealous crusaders, another 9-11 could happen at any time. I only hope that the real federal agents are out there protecting American soil against these jihadists or it won’t be easy task falling asleep tonight.

Highlights From the Show

–         Deeks has an epiphany! Doppelganger Aquarium!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Great idea!  I love his choice for all the fishes especially Sam’s.  (Sam check it…armored catfish…that’s you.  That’s a tough fish…doesn’t take crap from any other fish!)

–         Deeks picked the perfect fish doppelganger as far as Nell was concerned.  Still not sure that’s going to make Eric give up his quest for true love, though.

–         Hetty’s choice of a guppy turns out to be an enlighten choice as guppies, although usually peaceful have been known to nip at larger fish.  (You guys can swim, but you can’t hide.)

Best Lines From the Show

Eric:  When Nell and I put our awesome code breaking lips… heads together…

Nell:  It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Deeks:  Really?


Sam:  Don’t screw this up, fish boy!  (Deeks can deliver my pizza anyday!)

NCIS: LOS ANGELES - The Chosen One


Bromance Moments

This week the bromance is all between Callen and Hetty.  Hetty always has great instincts and it’s rare to see her so outwardly concerned about Callen going undercover.  (I’m not mothering you, Mr. Callen.)  But Callen is pretty bull-headed and won’t give in.

Densi Moments

–  Ok, Deeks is dating and no response from Kensi… mmmm.

–  He’s liking that new Kensi nickname, isn’t he?


Kensi:  I like my fish

Deeks:  Your fish likes my fish


Deeks: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my fish.

Kensi:  Yeah.  You been thinking like burial or cremation or just plain ol’ flush down the toilet?

Deeks:  It’s a gold fish.  I don’t think it’s me.  It’s too common.  I need a fish that truly reflects my essence.

Kensi:  What about a canned sardine.  Smelly, oily, cheap?

Deeks:  See… you say things like that and I know you don’t mean them.  You’re like the girl in elementary school who hits you in the arm because she really like you.

Kensi:  You know you’re right. Pow!

(Really, Kensi?  Did Deeks deserve that?  Or does Kensi have another agenda?)


Hope you come back next time for my review of Kill House (4×12), written by Dave Kalstein. Will we get to find out what’s in the box Kensi is holding… why are the episodes being shown out of order?  Inquiring minds want to know… maybe we find out next week…