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Shane Brennan teases NCISLA Season Four Finale “the most powerful finale we’ve done”

PRE-FINALE EPISODES | The April 30 episode guest-stars Andrea Roth (Rescue Me) as “a part of Hetty’s past that we’ve hinted at before,” showrunner Shane Brennan previews. “You’ll also see something we haven’t seen before [when] something Callen learns about Hetty leads to a moment that is angry. Callen literally just attacks her. It is quite the confrontational scene.” Then on May 7, when Deeks goes undercover with a beautiful woman (CSI: NY’s Jeananne Goossen), “Of course there is some jealousy for Kensi — especially when Deeks, being the ‘Method’ undercover agent that he is, tries to play it as real as possible! It puts pressure on their relationship and at the same time lights the fuse for the finale.” Speaking of which….

MAY 14 SEASON FINALE | Titled “Descent,” featuring encores from both traitorous CIA vet Isaak Sidorov (Sons of Anarchy’s Timothy V. Murphy) and “The Chameleon” (Highlander’s Christopher Lambert) and necessitating a shuffling of NCIS partners, Brennan touts the hour as “the most powerful finale we’ve done — and we’ve done some pretty powerful ones, so that’s saying something. It’s also the darkest one by a long, long way.” Teasing two possible (and none-too-small) fatalities in the finale, he stresses, “It really ends in a dark, scary place. I’ve warned you!”


Teasing two possible (and none-too-small) fatalities in the finale… share your thoughts about who it might be in the comments…

Raven & the Swans Promo Video [new NCISLA April 30th]

Henrietta Lange built the perfect NCIS team…

…but an agent from her past…

KENSI: Who is this woman ?

SAM: Hetty’s trying to protect her.

…could devide them all.

HETTY: Oh, bugger.

CALLEN: How many have you recruited ?
HETTY: I suggest you stand down.
CALLEN: How many ?
HETTY: A lot.

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Uh oh… now there’s some tension between Callen & Hetty… what do you think ??