Shane Brennan teases NCISLA Season Four Finale “the most powerful finale we’ve done”

PRE-FINALE EPISODES | The April 30 episode guest-stars Andrea Roth (Rescue Me) as “a part of Hetty’s past that we’ve hinted at before,” showrunner Shane Brennan previews. “You’ll also see something we haven’t seen before [when] something Callen learns about Hetty leads to a moment that is angry. Callen literally just attacks her. It is quite the confrontational scene.” Then on May 7, when Deeks goes undercover with a beautiful woman (CSI: NY’s Jeananne Goossen), “Of course there is some jealousy for Kensi — especially when Deeks, being the ‘Method’ undercover agent that he is, tries to play it as real as possible! It puts pressure on their relationship and at the same time lights the fuse for the finale.” Speaking of which….

MAY 14 SEASON FINALE | Titled “Descent,” featuring encores from both traitorous CIA vet Isaak Sidorov (Sons of Anarchy’s Timothy V. Murphy) and “The Chameleon” (Highlander’s Christopher Lambert) and necessitating a shuffling of NCIS partners, Brennan touts the hour as “the most powerful finale we’ve done — and we’ve done some pretty powerful ones, so that’s saying something. It’s also the darkest one by a long, long way.” Teasing two possible (and none-too-small) fatalities in the finale, he stresses, “It really ends in a dark, scary place. I’ve warned you!”


Teasing two possible (and none-too-small) fatalities in the finale… share your thoughts about who it might be in the comments…

14 thoughts on “Shane Brennan teases NCISLA Season Four Finale “the most powerful finale we’ve done”

  1. sindee Post author

    I’m going with Michelle as one of the fatalities… not sure about the second… Hetty maybe… but I don’t see that fit into the storyline yet…

  2. B.

    I’m going with Michelle and….I have no idea.

    But I am predicting that Hetty will do her usual resigning like she has every year before the season is over.

  3. Cintia

    Hola !!!!!!!!!! para mi no muere ninguno de los protagosnistas!!!!!!!! y en cuanto a deeks llendo encubierto con esa informante, y cuando dicen que lo va hacer lo más real posible, lo de agente encubierto!!!! y lleva la relación con kensi a un punto de fuerte presión!!! para mí pasa algo con la mujer, en el proceso y ella termina hecha pelotaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! y al final los dos se separan!!!!!!! kensi pide estar con callen!!!!!!! y alejarse de deeks!!! quieren apostar

  4. skippy2105

    I think it will be Callen and Kensi. Brennan said “possible fatalities”, so I guess no one of the team dies but it might be close.
    Michelle I don’t think so. We had two murdered wives in other CBS shows already (H50 and NCIS) so I doubt that they will copy that tragedy to the LA team. And I think it would change Sams character and therefor the dynamic of the team totally because Sam is the only one with a stable family (which made him the solid rock for the team). Also I think Janvier is meaner than Sidorov.

  5. trytofindme

    Could it be that someone gets to Eric or Nell rather than one of the agents?
    Could it be that Michelle gets made by Sidorov when Sidorov offers the services of his favourite hitwoman to Khaled and recognises the picture of Sam that Khaled gives her? I’m not saying that she dies but at least maybe gets a bullet hole and goes off grid for a bit, making Sam worry.
    Hetty shouldn’t resign this year as she has resigned every other season so that has become a little bit predictable. Maybe Hetty and Granger get back to being agents on the street rather than managers.
    I would like it if Deeks killed the Chameleon while saving Sam but that is just my preference.

  6. Carrie

    hmmm two possible deaths… Maybe the head of the LAPD? causing then lapd to terminate the liason position and forcing Deeks to join NCIS? Though I don’t know if I want him to become an Agent…

    I really think as predictable as it would be, that Michelle is going to be killed off… or MAYBE!! everyone is going to make it look as though she dies!

    And I think the Chameleon is going to finally be put to rest… I hope!


  7. Richtsje

    I simply love to see the Chameleon back, never mind. Since Callen and Kensi are going eastwards, they might run into him. I would not be surprised that the Chameleon dies, leaving Callen hurt. Or else we’d see Sam very-very hurt if his Michelle would die. Thát, I could not handle I guess…

    Well, we’ll have to wait a few weeks, although it’s coming far too quick now, the seasons Finale…

    1. skippy2105

      Yep, I also would like it to have the Chameleon back, but for long. It would be great, if Callen had a long time enemy which pops up from time to time.
      I still think Callen is one of the two mentioned by Brennan. The other (Kensi) I am not so sure anymore cause the bts pictures from the set. (spoilers, I know)

  8. Keviana Elliot

    Here are my guesses:

    1) Michelle and Sam’s daughter are killed. (But it was a clever plan to move them to safety. It was fake.)

    2) Michelle and Deeks. (Obviously, at least one fake.)

    3) Sam’s daughter and Nate. (Noooo, don’t take Nate!!!)

    Okay. Done guessing. I mean, the only way Shane could make it truly dark for my world is if Chameleon took revenge on the ones Callen loves. Oh, wait…

  9. Richtsje

    Even worse. Sam might get shot. I mean, just heard that LLCoolJ will be on tour and shooting a movie, he could be off for some extra time…

    Haha, Keviana. I suddenly have got that awkward feeling that I understand who you’re talking about 🙂 Oops…

  10. Domingo

    I am so pleased the Chameleon is back, I like the idea of a Callen Nemesis making an occasional appearance.

    Breenan as usaul throwing out season end teasers, two possible deaths…. Michelle possibly…If that happens Callen is abroad and not there for Sam, Or Sam, that will cause problems for Callen, could send him on a revenge trip.

    Could be Callen, but he has already done his death defying bit.

    Kensie, abroad with Callen, then a Deek freak out.

    Deeks could Kensie handle that?

    So a good speculation Summer ahead.

    Wouldn’t suprise me if Hetty resigns again, it has become part of the LA tradition, and especialy if she looses and agent, and in particular Callen

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