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Parley (4×23) Review by Phillydi

Parley3Parley (4X23)

WRITTEN BY: Cheo Hodari Coker

DIRECTED BY: John P. Kousakis

In last week’s episode, we started to see the softening of Kensi’s feelings towards Deek’s attentions.  Their mating ritual has gone from circling the wagons to Kensi finally giving into Deek’s playful yet sexually charged shenanigans.  For a Densi shipper and fanfic writer like me, it warms my heart and gives me hope that if Kensi and Deeks can someday become a couple, we may also one day achieve world peace.  Ok, I know I’m being cheeky, but if you had told me at the beginning of the season, that the show would have even gotten this far with the prospect of a Densi relationship, I would have been highly skeptical.  Not that we are anywhere near making little ninja babies yet but at least it looks like the final two episodes will hold some special moments for Densi lovers out there.  Yes, it is good to be a Densi fanfic writer these days!

Parley was written by Cheo Hodari Coker who has been pretty active this year, penning his third offering of the season.  Glad to see John Kousakis back directing, I loved his work on The Fifth Man earlier in the year.  Of course, I always enjoy seeing Deeks go undercover and not as a janitor!  This time the trained agent uses his method undercover skills to befriend a woman who may have information on a former international arms dealer (Waaldt).  Kensi will try and stay as professional and impartial as she can but where matters of the heart are concern, all bets are off.  This is where it starts getting good.  Max Gentry is back!

Gentry meets up with Monica Davis who works for the arms dealer and may have information on her boss that NCIS can use.  Deeks has been sent undercover by Granger to find out what it is.  We knew this day was going to come eventually ever since we caught Granger and Hetty whispering about Deeks future with NCIS and wanting to test his ability in the field.

Davis turns out to be a bit of a thrill seeker and a thief.  Gentry asked her to do some snooping on her boss and she winds up stealing a cachet of diamonds instead!  Even Gentry is put off by her wild behavior.  Now Deeks isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into although the theft will lead the team eventually to an even bigger break through. Back at the Mission, Kensi is pacing the floor and still not happy even after they receive communication from Deeks that’s there’s been ‘complications’.  She’s going on surveillance.  As much as Kensi tries to keep it professional, the jealousy is obvious when she hears Deeks talking to Davis…and then being seduced by her! Wow!

The team finally figures out that the arms dealer is funding terrorist activity with blood diamonds.  Their next step is to find out what the diamonds are being used for. Back with Davis, Deeks finds out he’s gotten himself involved with a loose cannon, as she tries to extort her boss for money to get the stolen diamonds back. Got to go along with Kensi here….not the smartest Barbie in the toy box but she may be not as delusional as Kensi thinks! Although you have to like her choice in until…. you find out she’s using Gentry to make off with the diamonds herself.

No surprise that as we get closer to the season finale, Sidorov is involved with Waaldt and the diamonds are a means to an end.  The stakes have just been raised and we’ve gone from arms dealing to nuclear weapons sales in one shuffle of the cards.  The team decides to use Davis to get closer to Sidorov.

Deeks always finds it hard to face the aftermath of what he had to do while undercover, especially as Max Gentry.  His debriefing with Davis shows how much he regrets having to be someone he’s not in order to take advantage of the situation….. which is probably why he’s such a good cop.  He has a job to do….yet it doesn’t mean he has to like it. Max Gentry is so different from Deeks and it’s a persona that he doesn’t take to willingly.  That’s why it hurts so much after he removes the leather jacket and has to pick up the pieces that Gentry left behind.  It’s a wonderful character trait of Deeks that his conscious is affected so much by this alter ego.  Deeks gives her a chance to go free if she is willing to work with NCIS to help catch Sidorov.  No surprise she takes his offer.  But what did she whisper to Deeks that has Kensi so concerned?  That’s what I want to know!


Kensi’s talk with Davis is also setting us up for the season finale as well.  Davis can feel the connection between the partners just like everyone before them who sees Densi  in action together.  Is being Deeks’ partner really enough?  Kensi finds herself defending Deeks’ actions and his integrity….and wondering if everyone else has been right all along about her feelings for her partner.  Did she finally figure it out?  No, she has always known instinctively how she feels about Deeks, but to be able to express it is another thing all together. Is she getting closer to being able to do just that?  We may find out next week if we’re lucky!  Nice scene and well played by Daniela Ruah.

Besides moving the Sidorov storyline along, this was a wonderful Densi-centric episode to showcase the enduring respect and yes, love that the partners have for each other.  I appreciate that the ending was typical Densi…so much more is said between the lines than the actual words spoken between the two of them. And how about that little matchmaker Hetty!?  It looks like she may be giving her blessing to a possible union of the pair?  Now how did she know about sunshine and gun powder?  Do you really have to ask?

Show Highlights:

– Thank you to Cheo Hokari Coker for bring back the Deeks that I love and adore so much!!  It was getting hard to watch the class clown routine episode after episode.  To see an introspective and serious Deeks is a treat that we have gone too long without.  Eric Christian Olsen gets to show off his acting chops in this one with a number of wonderfully acted scenes where he gets to shine by bring out a different part of Deek’s personality.  Two big thumbs up for ECO!

– Love Eric’s new call to Ops…I think he should do it with that accent all the time!

– Well you know Kensi is upset if she is hoovering down donuts!  All of the surveillance in the car was a treat to watch.

Best Lines from the Show

Callen:  If I’m going to pay someone to hurt me, it better be a dominatrix.

Kensi:  Oh, do tell.

Callen:  That was a joke!

Sam:  I have noticed some unexplained bruising from the past.

Callen:  Thank you.

Sam:  Yo man, I don’t judge.  Whatever you want to do in your spare time is your business.  As long as you don’t ask me to spank you, we’re all good.


Sam:  G…you lost your pants!  Even Deeks doesn’t lose his pants.

Callen:  We’re lucky Deeks wears pants.

(As much as I hate the usual Deeks’ bashing, I have to admit I had a bit of a giggle over this one!)


Bromance Highlights

Sam:  We can’t go to a club dressed like this?

Callen:  Why not? The club’s not even open yet.

Sam:  We still don’t want to walk in there looking like a couple of hobos.

Callen:  Hobos? What is the 1939?

Sam:  No, we got to look the part.

Callen:  What?  Did Hetty get you a new suit or something?  You got a new suit?

Sam:  I’m due.

Callen: I’m due!  Why didn’t she get me a new suit?

Sam: Maybe she wanted to surprise you.

Callen:  Hetty!  Am I getting a new suit?

Hetty:  Not until you return the pants from the last one.


Callen:  Do you remember before we were partners?
Sam: Yeah.

Callen: I miss those days.

Callen:  No origami today?

Sam:  No and stop littering my dash!

(Lots of Bromance going on here!)


Densi Highlights

Deeks:  Are you there God? it’s me, Margaret.

Kensi:  Judy Bloom, really?

Deeks:  I got a softer side.

Kensi:  Yeah, it’s called your head.

Deeks:  I missed you too.


Kensi:  I’m just sitting here, covering your ass.  I’m not sure what’s she doing with it.


Kensi;  Look at that….she speaks Deeks!  A match made in heaven!

(Kensi is on a role!!…jealous much?)

Davis: I’ll get you a sexy little speedo.

Kensi:  I’d pay to see that.

Deeks:  People would pay to see that.

Davis:  I know I would.

Kensi:  Tell her not to waste her money.  It’s too a small a return on her investment!

(Even Deeks finds that funny…but Kensi’s making it hard for him to stay in character!)


Kensi:  Stay here.

Deeks: Why am I staying here?

Kensi: Maybe because if she sees you she is going to run again like most women….

Deeks:  Except for you, you don’t run from me.

Kensi:  Maybe that’s because I’m carrying a gun.  Now make yourself useful and back me up.

Deeks: I’ll just be here…holding your purse

(Ah, Kensi, we know the real reason you don’t run.)


Kensi:  Sorry honey, he’s with me.  And his real name is Marty Deeks and he’s a cop and he’s my partner.  Who’s the bitch now?   (Oooh…Kensi is claiming her man and wants him back!)


Thanks go out to Greg Ellis for joining us for a chat about his role as Pieter Smit in this week’s episode.  Check out what he has to say about his career and working with the cast while on set.  It’s great having him in our interview corner.  Next week Massi Furlan joins the caravan of bad guys in the season closer and this one time stand-up comedian had me laughing about all the fun he had on set with LL Cool J and the gang.  Don’t miss our interview with Massi!

Well, where has the year gone?  We’re almost at an end of the season and next week’s episode will lead to an explosive finale.  Who will live and who will die?  Say it ain’t so Mr. Brennan! It’s going to be a long summer folks….see you here next week at NCISLA Magazine, for our final review of the season….Descent!

Exclusive Review

Interview with Greg Ellis

greg Ellis1Greg Ellis is a multi-talented actor, singer, songwriter and voice over artist and this week brings his talents to NCIS Los Angeles, playing Pieter Smit in the episode, Parley.  Born in Lancashire, England, Greg is an experience theatre actor who has performed in London’s West End in productions such New Starlight Express  and Miss Saigon and also starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters including Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Titanic and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Greg has also had recurring roles in a number of hit television series including, 24, and Touch and has guest starred in a variety of dramatic shows as well.  As you can see Greg is a man of many talents which includes 3 Top 20 singles in Europe!  We’re looking forward to his appearance on NCIS Los Angeles and welcome him to the NCISLAFamilia.  Let’s find out more about Greg….

You have been quite busy throughout your career, working in film and theater as an actor, singer, songwriter and voice over artist.  Is there any one area that you gravitate towards?  What medium do you prefer the most?

I usually enjoy what I am doing at that particular time in my life. My sons (6 and 8) enjoy it best when I do cartoon voice overs. I like TV and film.

Growing up in Lancashire, England what pulled you towards the performing arts and how did you get started in the business?

My mother was in a local drama group and then 2 people in my hometown, jean and Clive Morris, started a drama group for kids. I joined that when I was 8 years old and got the bug. I left for London when I was 16 and never looked back.

Can you tell us about the character you play in your upcoming guest appearance on NCISLA?  Who from the cast did you work with? 

I play Pieter Smit. He’s South African, deadly with a firearm and not to be messed with. I worked mostly with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. My character goes head to head with them both.  We had a lovely time working together. Very relaxed, low key, genuinely lovely blokes. They have good chemistry on set.  John Peter Kousakis directed the episode. Aside from being a top notch director he’s a very dashing fellow indeed. I must also mention Eric Pot who is the most jovial 1st AD I have ever worked with. Always a chipper attitude and a smile wider than the Suez Canal.

What was your experience like on the NCISLA set and can you share any fun stories?

The cast and crew were first rate. Fun, professional, friendly and talented. One of the most fun experiences was the read through. Not many shows do it but I feel it’s very rewarding and fun for the cast and crew and writers/producers to get together and read/hear the words out loud. We giggled a lot.

Tell us about your St. Jude’s fundraiser.  How much have you raised? 

@greg ellis

@greg ellis

It is an annual triathlon in Miami that is a fundraiser for St. Jude’s children’s hospital. Over 3500 people take part. I do two per year, one in Miami and one in Malibu, CA around September for Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. In Miami a few weeks back I placed 1st in my division but more importantly, with the help of friends and family, I was able to raise over $19,000 to be the number one fundraiser.  I hope to make it to $20,000. LL Cool J was kind enough to retweet to his 3.5 million followers. Donate if you can here!

What’s up next for Greg Ellis?  Tell us about your next project. I leave for New Mexico next week to work on the AMC show Longmire. I play Jordan helms – an activist for an environmentalist group. I have never worked in New Mexico and I hear that Santa Fe is beautiful.

Thanks to the entire NCISLAFamilia for making me feel so welcome. I hope to be back one day…

We hope so too, Greg.  Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.  You can follow Greg on Twitter: @ellisgreg or check out his web site:


Diane Interview

NCISLA “Parley” Sneak Peek [VIDEO]


“Parley” – Deeks goes undercover to obtain information about an infamous arms dealer looking to get back in the business, but the woman he befriends leads the operation in a dangerous directon. Meanwhile, Kensi confronts new emotions as she runs surveillance on Deeks and his female source, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, May 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Isn’t that Abdul Habassa (guy from “Lockup” and “Harm’s Way) that’s on the screen at the beginning ??