Chris O’Donnell Dishes On His Health And Fitness Struggle



Chris O’Donnell had no idea he was in for a major wake-up call when he teamed up with John Hancock and Vitality to encourage consumers to make small steps to achieving healthier lives. The “NCIS: Los Angeles” star dished on his big revelation while chatting with following his visit to John Hancock Vitality Village in New York City last week. Keep reading to see what he told us about the biggest challenge to his health and fitness, how he juggles his busy work schedule with his family life, his thoughts on his kids’ pursuing careers in entertainment and more!

Chris O’Donnell on his struggle to make healthy lifestyle choices in his everyday life: “It’s funny. I struggle with it based on the number of hours I work at my job. I’m filming 14 hours a day, and I have five kids at home. So I’m always trying to find time and trying to make healthy choices as far as my diet and what I eat. I’m an active person. I play a lot of beach volleyball. I do yoga and play golf. I’m chasing five kids around on the weekends. But it’s hard to maintain that. Part of being a parent is setting a good example and knowing that you need to take care of yourself because you need to stick around for a while to raise your children.”

On John Hancock’s Vitality Age Calculator: “John Hancock wants to reward people who are taking care of themselves and making small steps to improve themselves. They’ve come up with this Vitality Age Calculator. On average, an American is actually five years older than their real age — that’s their Vitality Age. The good news is that you can improve it by making small changes to your diet and lifestyle. So I’ve got some room to improve. I’m 44, but my vitality age was calculated at 49, so I’ve got some work to do in that department.”

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4 thoughts on “Chris O’Donnell Dishes On His Health And Fitness Struggle

  1. BH72

    Chris is an inspiration for every father out there. Not only is he working hard to provide for his family, he’s ensuring that he has time for his wife and kids. Family is important to him and everyone respects him for it. He’s right about one thing, he needs to make sure that he takes care of himself, so he can deal with the pressure of life, so he can keep up with the pace and stay healthy. You can see that it’s something that he thinks about and is trying to work on, seeing he’s made the effort in his already busy life to team up with Vitality and John Hancock. What better example are parents to their children, by choosing to eat healthily and be active.

    1. sindee Post author

      Yeah, he ran the LA marathon a few years back… not sure if he’s still into running… alll you ever see are pics of him coming from or going to Yoga… 🙂

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