NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Finale Synopsis

We’ve come a long way since the Season Six premiere on September 29, 2014… today CBS announced the Season Six Finale storyline…

NCIS: LOS ANGELES (10:00-11:00 PM)

“Chernoff, K.” – An ongoing case leads Callen (Chris O’Donnell), Sam (LL COOL J), Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) to Moscow, where the team must assume multiple undercover identities to locate their suspects. Also, Callen uncovers new information regarding his father.

13 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Finale Synopsis

  1. Tara

    Sounds like a good episode, can’t wait to see what the actors will have to do as their characters must assume multiple identities to find suspects. I wonder if that will include some Russian accents?? I’m also looking forward to seeing what Callen uncovers about his father.

    1. BH72

      Perhaps it’s the name of the person behind Hetty’s kidnapping, the mole and Arkady’s problems? Or an alias for Callen’s father? Anything is possible.

  2. BH72

    Curious to know if this is what we’ve all been waiting all season for. A few earlier episodes have been left open: Hetty’s almost abduction by Matthias Draeger to Russia, the mole and from what’s been hinted at with Beacon, someone is after Arkady. Going back to the Third Choir episode, Arkady told Callen and Sam that he had problems of his own. I can see all these tiny loose ends being tied together into a neat bow with a huge season finale. Although, I am still wondering how Deeks’ problem with the Internal Affairs woman ties in with all of this. Can’t wait.

    1. Fenix

      Exactly my words, too many open ends.
      Hetty is still without consequences, for her brainless Afghanistan & Kensi & own agenda action!
      Is Deeks agent, or still detective?
      What’s in the box?

  3. Rhodanos

    Deeks’ problems probably won’t be mentioned again this season. Like I already said in another comment section what one usually expects or predicts that will happen probably won’t or way different.

    It sounds to me like starting with the Arkady / Russian thing in Beacon they gonna build up a short story arc to the season final (ongoing case) that might come to a head in the final and to an end with episode one of season 7. Because when they all go to Moscow, the entire team including Deeks, to assume undercover identities there just isn’t room enough to address the whole IA business. Or it will be addressed in the yet untitled penultimate episode. We don’t know anything about that episode yet. No info on title or plot. As far as I know at least. So if they gonna do something Deeks related this season (like they promised!) that one is the only episode left where they can do it. And whatever it is that is going on with Deeks it needs to at least be the main focus of an entire episode. That isn’t something they can just resolve in passing.

    (I tried to post this earlier but it didn’t show again. In case it does appear I apologize for double post. You can delete one of them should this happen.)

  4. CaptainNewf

    Who is Chernoff? Good question… the spymaster behind Mattias, the mole, Arkady’s problems,etc would be my guess. Callen’s father as mentioned by Arkady is Alexander Nikita Reznikov, a KGB major (remember the scene with the old 8mm movie of ” Moya Semya” (in cyrllic and translated as My Family) sentenced to the gulag for crimes against the state (i.e helping folks escape). He could be still alive as Hetty mentioned there is no record of his death, but very old, and his chances of surviving a long gulag sentence are slim – but might have been paroled or pardoned during the Gorbachev reign or in 1991 when the USSR collapsed. Hope Callen does get some closure. Writers have a lot of freedom here to develop a good story line. Moscow should be interesting since Callen is the only one who speaks Russian; in Romania he did all the talking for the team.

    Unless there is a quick one show resolution of IA it will be continued till next season. My guess on that is something to do with Ray; did he violate his relocation agreement and come back to LA? Possibly, and if so Deeks is involved and Kensi knows. She knows he lied to Hetty, and I have a feeling she knows what he lied about. He may not have had any choice in his opinion… someone a lot wiser than me once told me about bureaucracies – “Remember, the agency is not your enemy but it is also not your friend. Challenge or threaten it and you are all alone.”

  5. skippy

    Wow that’s gonna be an interesting episode since Callen is the only one in the team who speaks russian.
    I am curious. Who is this guy is and what is the connection to Callen or Callen’s father (if there is any connection). But maybe the person is Callen’s new love interest. We will see.
    I am extremely keen to see this one cause some of the cast and crew teased and praised it to no end. The question is will it be better than “Rage”?
    Well we will wait and see and leave our comments after watching it. The chorus of praise were often enough a misleading statements IMO.
    Thank you for sharing this sindee.

    1. DixieBelle

      Didn’t SB say at the beginning of Yisrael season there was a mystery woman named Kate?? I may be wrong. Either way I’m glad it’s going to be a teamed centered episode of sorts, and not just one or two of them together. Like the end of season 3 and beginning of season 4 when they all go to save Hetty.

  6. Sol

    Ok, I must say that I’m not very enthusiastic about this last episode synopsis, (but the multiple undercover identities sound interesting).
    I think it’ll be all about Callen and I’m not a big fan of Callen centric episodes. I’m also afraid that there will be no Deeks M. episode in season six. I begin to be disappointed. And Ray? And the investigation of the Internal Affairs? Yes, I know that Callen is the main character, but Deeks is important too, and we know very little about him. It could be interesting too to explore his past.
    I still have hope, but it’s a very little hope. We’ll see.

  7. I Feel Possessed

    As a Callen fan this synopsis is full of intrigue for me. The whole team are travelling to Moscow and going undercover which should be fun. Who is Chernoff, K? Shane Brennan did indeed tease about another Callen romantic relationship (with a Katie)…I guess a little more may be revealed when the press release shows the guest cast. I think it’ll link into who paid Mattias to abduct Hetty (the same people Arkady was scared off), the reason why Arkady felt the need to fake his own death (next episode – I hope they don’t kill him off for real!) Who was the mole working for?

    I think the Deeks IA investigation will be an arc for S7 (I can’t see how they could do that justice if it was squeezed in the next 3 episodes). But I look forward to finding out more on our other mystery man!

    Might be worthwhile checking the Shane Brennan interview from start of season. How do these teasers stack up now?

    1. dixiebelle

      I really don’t trust SB teasers at all. My theory for what its worth is this. I think Joelle is the only romantic relationship Callen has this season. I think she knows Arkady somehow and we will find out in the upcoming episode. How Callen reacts to that I don’t know. (Hopefully he ends it, but I digress) I think Katie knows Callen’s father maybe she is related to Callen somehow. (i.e. the picture in Reznikov, N showed a girl or woman with his father) I say this because SB just said it was a relationship he didn’t say what kind so, it could be anything. Also, I thought that either SB or JPK said indeed Joelle was the love interest for Callen. I may be completely wrong and my whole theory will be blown to bits and probably so at the season finale.
      Well played SB, well played. 🙂

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