Decidedly Deeks: Spiraling out of the Comfort Zone


“Spiral” & Deeks: Clowning, Cocky, and…Competent?

Let’s review the events of “Spiral” once more, but this time with a focus on Deeks. While this was episode was filled with some classic Deeks moments, there were some surprises along the way.

One-Two Punch

Deeks started the episode with the first half of his combo, showing off, by channeling his energy into taking on some stand-in bad guys and rocking a sleeveless tee. When Kensi studiously ignored his antics in favour of some calmness, he moved on to the second part of his classic move: pestering her. She puts an end to this as well.

As always, Kensi doesn’t break a sweat while Deeks tries to figure out why the world’s upside down.

Suspect Take-Down


Launching in three…two…

Having the high ground is important. And the team likes to take down their criminals in style. Jumping off of a parked van and launching yourself into a person carrying a loaded weapon is certainly making a statement…that you’re a jungle cat.

Scaling Buildings

"It's a terrible idea, let's do that." But it looks SO COOL !!

“Look Mommy, it’s Spiderman!”

Seriously, what is with this guy and climbing out of windows? Sure, it was justified here and during 3×10 “The Debt”, but cracking a window at these heights is a dangerous habit to have. Then again, with these experiences, he’d make a great window washer (future alias, perhaps?).

Disarming Bombs

Sam has previously demonstrated his ability to disable explosives, and did so earlier. But with Sam out hunting with Callen and cell phone reception requiring one to imitate a monkey, Kensi and Deeks were on their own in a room full of hostages that was primed to blow. But, surprise, Deeks had been sent to a course on what to do (which he apparently failed). With a diagram in hand and Kensi encouraging him to trust his training, each bomb was successfully disarmed. This feat, achieved under the stressful conditions of having a walking mountain mere steps away holding the detonator, should be submitted as a re-test, therefore giving him a pass in the course.

Just think of it as an extreme version of a pass/fail exam.

Team Work

Where does one find a card that says “Thank you for not blowing us all up, now let’s go take down a bad guy”. Does Hallmark have a section for that?

As someone who came to this team used to working undercover and mostly alone, Deeks is now quite happy to have his partner at his side – especially when attempting to neutralize a terrorist wearing a suicide vest holding a dead man’s switch. Although, in this case, while they would consider the end a success, the elevator technician would probably not agree.


With news that all is good, Deeks can get back to the important things in life; hanging out with friends, relaxing, and drowning out any protests from Kensi.

Enjoying the calm after the storm…or is it the calm before the next storm?

To Recap

What did you think of Deeks’ new skill? Is it in character or not? Do you think he and Sam will debate the best techniques for disarming bombs over drinks? Detonate your thoughts in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Decidedly Deeks: Spiraling out of the Comfort Zone

  1. Richtsje

    The Deeks-man was great in this episode. Fearless in fact. I mean – that building & those heights, yuk!
    In one way or another he always does things you might not really expect. I loved him pondering over the colors of the wires, then of course cutting the right one.

  2. justdreaming-83

    Deeks was certainly a shining star in “Spiral.” And, as in several previous episodes, deserves a great deal of the credit for saving the day. He may goof around when it comes to covering his feelings, flirting with his partner, or just lightening the mood in whatever tense situation they find themselves in. But when it comes down to “show time,” he has repeatedly proven that he can get it done.

  3. Mary

    I think that this is perfectly in character for Deeks. We’ve seen on at least one occasion previously where he was trying to come up with a way he could contribute more to the team (learning a foreign language that time), so I could see him volunteering for that training. What isn’t in character is that he failed the class not because he didn’t get it, but because he just didn’t care. You don’t pass the bar exam with that kind of attitude and I don’t think he would have done that here, either. On a semi-relatd point, I’d love to see clips of Deeks at Quantico – I don’t think they’d know what exactly to do with him, not being a typical agent. LOL.

  4. Debbie

    Thanks for the Deeks forcused recap.
    Yeah – our man certainly shone in that ep – and do I love it to see him going from goofy to highly focused pro in the blink of an eye.

    Yeah, those ” mad skills”…

    Um, more of that, and more of Deeks the “unexpected” ; ))

    And while we are at it – would love to see him partnered up with Callen and those 2 getting in a situation where they have to lean on each others skills to make it out.

    And though the character of Deeks is well integrated into the team by now (and rightly so,) and there is a whole lot of mutual respect and much less friction, I woud love to see the writers explore the Deeks-Callen combo for once, might be interesting.

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