5 thoughts on “Decidely Deeks Developments

  1. Carrie

    hmm I wonder what the Hetty decision is… a termination of the Liaison Program to force Deeks to become an agent?

    Great post!


  2. Evi

    Great article!
    I am really curious as to how from the edge they will drive Deeks. Even though the spoilers keep coming, we still can’t figure out what they have in mind for Densi. It was extremely interesting to see this other side of Deeks in the premier. Edgy, silent, depressive, barely smiling with a strong will to just disappear.

    I always wanted to see the darker side of him, but not this. His condition just breaks my heart and it is only the beginning.

  3. Laura

    I have never understood why they do this. Why do they end or break something the fans like? So don’t make them a pair, but don’t split them up either. It was working. Are they going to send one of them to New Orleans?

  4. Tanya Bullo

    I’m in Australia so we haven’t got the new season 5 as yet (hopefully soon!) From the spoilers, pictures and youtube videos it looks like it’s going to be another amazing season. I love Deeks he’s my favourite character on the show. The show definately got a lot better since the arrival of Deeks. To see Deeks in pain and hurting is really hard to see. I just hope the others in the team (Callen & Sam especially) don’t just think that because he’s Deeks he can just have a laugh and forget about what happened to him. A bit of compassion and concern from everyone for Deeks is important. As for Densi I have a feeling they will get together this season, which would make all of us Kensi/Deeks fans happy (me included haha). I would like to see more Deeks and Callen interaction though. I think these two have a fair bit in common. Perhaps Deeks goes back to LAPD for a little while and while working a case he gets in trouble and NCIS team goes in to help/rescue him. Anyway I can’t wait for more spoilers for the new season!

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