Deeks Appreciation Week – The Ultimate Deeks Quiz


How well do you know Deeks?
Try to answer the following questions and find out how you did later.
(Hint: it’s out of 25 points)

1. In 2×07 ‘Anonymous’, Deeks had a nickname for both Kensi and Hetty. They were:
A) Know-it-all & Cinderella’s stepsister
B) Lady MacGyver & evil stepmother
C) Kiki & fairy godmother

2. How many of Deeks’ aliases have been lawyers?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3

3. When did Hetty stand up for the detective with this particular quote: “He may not be NCIS, but Mr. Deeks is one of my team. If anything should happen to him, I would take it most personally.”
A) 2×17 ‘Personal’
B) 3×10 ‘The Debt’
C) 4×09 ‘The Gold Standard’

4. In 5×05 ‘Unwritten Rule’, what healthy food did Sam give to Deeks?
A) Bran muffin
B) Carrot sticks
C) Granola bar

5. Which of the following is not one of Deeks’ previous jobs?
A) Lifeguard
B) Exotic dancer
C) Flipping burgers

6. What childhood toy does he love?
A) Lego
B) Trains
C) Colouring books

7. What vehicle did Deeks buy that broke Hetty’s rule?
A) Dune buggy
B) Convertible
C) Motorcycle

8. Match the following aliases to their descriptions: Sven, Jason Wyler, Christopher Stone, Gary Clay, and Colter.
A) MMA fighter
B) Not one of Deeks’ aliases
C) Data entry systems analyst
D) Business owner
E) Interior decorator

9. What reason does he give for using a Beretta 92FS?
A) Because it has a manual safety
B) That’s the one the LAPD gave him
C) He prefers the size and weight of it

10. Which of these animals has not startled Deeks in the desert?
A) Meerkat
B) Feral pig
C) Snake

11. What is the land of Deeks’ forefathers?
A) Denmark
B) Norway
C) Netherlands

12. He doesn’t always need to go to Hetty’s closet for the right clothes to portray an alias – sometimes he uses his own. For which of the following does he not use his own clothes?
A) Vagrant
B) Surfer
C) Janitor

13. What is his eye colour?
A) Blue
B) Brown
C) Hazel

14. When he realized that Hetty was watching while she was out of the office, what did Deeks do?
A) Make faces at the security cameras
B) Slam his laptop closed
C) Began shielding his mouth when he talked

15. Has Deeks ever driven Kensi’s vehicle with Kensi in the passenger seat?
A) Yes
B) Maybe?
C) No

16. Match the quote to the speaker: Det. Danny Williams, Lt. Bates, and Sam.
A) “It’s not about your hair. It’s about what it says about you as a person.”
B) “You got a haircut like my neighbor’s Schnauzer.”
C) “Get a shave and a haircut.”

17. When does the box first appear?
The box
A) 4×11 ‘Drive’
B) 4×18 ‘Red’
C) 5×21 ‘Three Hearts’

18. What is Deeks’ father’s name?
A) Charlie Mitchell
B) Max Gentry
C) Gordon John Brandel

19: Deeks is played by which of the following actors?
A) Barrett Foa
B) Chris O’Donnell
C) Eric Christian Olsen

Help with brainstorming came from ChrisDaisy, Richtsje, sindee, Mary, and Vicki.

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  1. Kerstin

    Hi, great quiz. I enjoyed it. 20 points! Just one comment: The answer to question 17 is not correct. Episode 4×18 is when Kensi gave Deeks the box, but it first appeared a few episodes before that (I think 4×14) when the box shows up on Kensi’s desk, and Deeks tries to snoop by writing down the sender’s address.

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